Are you fond of local tourism? Discover the attractions and uniqueness of marvelous villages in Italy worth visiting during a holiday.

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Do you know which are the most picturesque villages in Italy worth visiting during the spring holidays? The territories of our peninsula are rich in authentic treasures, including charming villages rich in history, culture, art, and delicious food and wine traditions. Magnificent villages in Italy worth visiting at any time of year are nestled like precious gems in spectacular landscapes.

Enchanting villages in Italy worth visiting are known for their extraordinary beauty and constitute resources of enormous value to indigenous communities, offering numerous opportunities for local tourism. You will be captivated by the picturesque historical centers adorned with precious buildings. Strolling through boulevards, you can admire particular architectural perspectives. Every season lends itself well to an excursion or a stay in these delightful villages, from which you can contemplate unspoiled nature and charming views.

The emergence of municipalities in the Middle Ages played a relevant role in shaping the cultural identity and skyline of the towns. Among the many attractions, you will be able to appreciate the multitude of castles and villages, which preserve their traditions and peculiarities intact. The historical centers of the villages of Italy worth visiting conceal precious treasures, ancient castles, and extraordinary artistic and architectural masterpieces.

The beauty of these jewels will take you on a fascinating journey back in time to an ancient past and will captivate you. Our up-to-date guide will give you an overview of the most enchanting villages in Italy worth visiting throughout the year.

Villages in Italy worth visiting

Villages in Italy worth visiting

There are many villages in Italy worth visiting: in many cases, they have been repopulated thanks to the perseverance of associations working to preserve the local cultural heritage. By visiting these centers, it is possible to savor and regain possession of a lifestyle on a more human scale, far from the frenetic pace of the cities. 

These magnificent locations are enhanced by a skillful combination of authenticity, protection of the environment, and a propensity for agricultural activities. Italian villages worth visiting are embellished with historic buildings, which evoke the splendor of an ancient past. Moreover, they are often encircled by majestic defensive walls and fortifications dating back to medieval times. 

These delightful villages, resembling depictions from a fairytale book, are scattered in every corner of Italy and allow travelers, who are fond of small local realities, to admire suggestive views delineated by romantic alleys, hard-working artisans' workshops, and marvelous panoramas. As you continue reading our guide, you will find a review of the most beautiful villages in Italy worth visiting, which we at Visit Italy recommend for a splendid weekend or a long-lasting stay, enjoying a human dimension at a slower pace. Let's embark on this exciting journey to discover the enchanting villages in Italy worth visiting every season.

20. The beautiful villages in Italy worth visiting: Lombardy

Travellers who decide to explore Lombardy, a region rich in beauty and countless historical and artistic treasures, will also be able to admire its marvelous landscapes and some of the enchanting old villages in Italy worth visiting. These picturesque localities are nestled like precious gems in beautiful natural settings. Most of them rise close to the Alpine arc and in the renowned hilly area of the Oltrepò Pavese. If you wish to enjoy a fantastic weekend or a day trip to one of these characteristic villages, Lombardy is a highly recommended destination for lovers of proximity tourism.

Among the wonders of Lombardy, we find Soncino, a fairy-tale village on the banks of the Oglio River, set in the fertile rural landscape of the province of Cremona. It is distinguished by its imposing city walls, surrounded by a dense water network of canals and irrigation ditches, which guard the jewels of the Renaissance period, and the majestic military architecture of its splendid fortress dating back to 1473. Its main attractions are its ancient cloisters, churches decorated with valuable frescoes preserving artistic jewels, and historical palaces, including the former Meroni spinning mill and the elegant Azzanelli palace with its façade decorated with terracotta tiles, the municipal buildings, the Palazzo del Podestà, the Civic Tower, the New Palace, the Tower of the Hours and the House of the Printers. Art history enthusiasts will have the opportunity to contemplate the magnificent church of Pieve di Santa Maria Assunta, embellished with works of great charm, the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie and San Giacomo.

Continuing our itinerary at the discovery of the villages in Italy worth visiting, we arrive at Bellano, the fishing hamlet overlooking the marvelous Lake Como. It is located between the rocky walls of the spectacular Grigne. Walking along its shores, we can admire luxurious villas and lush gardens. Natural environment enthusiasts will have the opportunity to enjoy a unique experience, walking along the footbridges near the Orrido, a spectacular canyon carved by the action of the waters of the Pioverna torrent. The picturesque village of Cassinetta di Lugagnano is another pearl of the Lombardy region. Its location, overlooking the banks of the Naviglio Grande and in the heart of the Ticino Park, makes it a popular destination for cycling enthusiasts, not least because of the numerous routes that wind along the charming watercourse. The town consists of two centers, Cassinetta and Lugagnano, which can be reached by crossing the bridge built in 1862, connecting the two banks of the Naviglio. Nearby, the traveler can also contemplate the statue dedicated to Saint Charles Borromeo. You will be mesmerised by the ancient noble palaces. Religious buildings are worth visiting, such as the churches of Sant'Antonio Abate and Santa Maria Nascente, as well as the picturesque Pazza Biraga mill.

By visiting the enchanting village of Castelponzone, a tiny hamlet near Scandolara Ravara, you will feel like taking a wonderful trip back in time. The artistic and cultural attractions of this village are the ancient walls, the ropemakers' museum, where you can appreciate the valuable artifacts of local craftsmanship, and the churches of San Giovita and San Faustino, dating back to the 18th century. The elegant villa with Doric columns is another precious gem of this fascinating rural world. Our tour through wonderful villages in Italy worth visiting continues by visiting Gradella, whose history is related to the noble Brescian Maggi family. What makes this village so special and poetic is the garish colors of the houses, decorated with red brick pilasters, and the communicating courtyards. Renowned painters have chosen this charming location as their home. There are other picturesque villages in Italy worth visiting we suggest to you, such as the fascinating Cornello del Tasso and Pomponesco, Golferenzo, Careno, and Mandello del Lario.

19. The most enchanting villages of Piedmont

The most enchanting villages of Piedmont

The territory of Piedmont is dotted with some of the charming villages in Italy worth visiting, perfect for relaxing. The wide range of landscapes includes mountainous areas, hills of the Langhe, and picturesque villages steeped in history, beauty, and ancient traditions. In Alta Val Chisone, close to France, there is the mountain village of Usseaux at 1,200 m, surrounded by the majestic arch of the Cottian Alps. This pleasant locality is characterized by cobbled alleys, fountains from which crystal-clear water flows, and ancient washhouses. The presence of colorful trompe l'œil murals depicting rural scenes and characters from the world of fairy tales adds to the beauty of this open-air museum, comprising five hamlets, Usseaux, Pourrières, Laux, Balboutet, and Fraisse. Nature and outdoor sports enthusiasts will have the opportunity to explore the Gran Bosco di Salbertrandd dell'Orsiera Rocciavrè Nature Parks, established to protect endemic flora and fauna.

Strolling through its alleys, you can admire ancient buildings dating back to the 18th century. The cozy atmosphere of this Alpine village is highlighted by the style of the houses, based on stone and wood. Our tour through villages in Italy worth visiting takes us to Chianale, a delightful hamlet of Pontechianale, which is known as the stone village and is located in Alta Val Varaita, in the Cuneo region. The Varaita torrent represents the watershed that divides the center into two parts. The houses are made of slate, with a wooden frame and a stone roof. The most emblematic monuments are the 14th-century Church of Sant'Antonio, embellished inside with fine sculptures, and the Museum of textile craftsmanship. We point out a curiosity: Casa Martinet is the legacy of the Calvinist temple.

Located in the area of the Western Langhe, between Castiglione delle Lanze and Barbaresco, the village of Neive, in the province of Cuneo, is cloaked in an atmosphere full of charm.  The historic center, which stands out on the hillside, is embellished by stone-paved alleyways and elegant buildings with decorated terracotta façades, including the Casaforte dei Conti di Ceres, the Palazzo dei Conti di Castelborgo and the Palazzo della Contessa Demaria. It is surrounded by an enchanting natural scenery of rolling hills and vineyards, from which renowned local wines such as Dolcetto d'Alba, Barbera, Moscato d'Asti, and Barbaresco originate. Strolling towards Piazza Italia, you can admire the elegant Town Hall building, embellished with arched decorations, the Clock Tower, the 18th-century Church of the Arciconfraternita di San Michele, and the Church of S Pietro e Paolo. The village of Candelo, not far from Biella, is a popular destination because it preserves intact the ricetto, a fortified structure dating back to the Middle Ages, used to store foodstuffs and as a place of refuge. It boasts a very ancient history, dating back to between 1200 and 1300. From this point, it is possible to enjoy the wonderful natural scenery of the Baragge reserve. Tourist attractions include the Ecomuseum of Agriculture and the Museum of the Natural and Historical Landscape of Viticulture.

Remaining in the province of Cuneo, we find the enchanting village of Ostana, a pretty jewel of the Po valley, made up of scattered hamlets overlooking the peaks of Monviso. It is an ideal Occitan microcosm for strolling through its hamlets, Villo, home to the Town Hall and the Upper Po Valley Ethnographic Museum, Champanho, Marquét, Miribrart, and La Ruà. Miribrart is a very atmospheric hamlet from which you can admire views of rare beauty against the backdrop of deep cliffs. Among the main attractions of these magical villages in Italy worth visiting are the Church of San Bernardo, adorned with beautiful medieval frescoes, the alpine architecture of the hamlet of Sant'Antonio, the cliffs of Rocciarè, the nature itinerary of the enchanted forest and the suggestive Samicoulaou barme, as well as the sheep-tracks, along which you can enjoy views of Monviso, the Matterhorn and Monte Rosa. Among the events organized throughout the year, the bread festival at La Ruà, the Occitan language literary prize held in June, and the Languedoc literary prize in September are very engaging.

18. Villages in the Aosta Valley

Villages in the Aosta Valley

If you are a history enthusiast, you will find a wonderful medieval castle in Fénis, one of the most delightful villages in Italy worth visiting, in the Aosta Valley. This village is located close to the border with France, which influences its language and traditions. Its origins are very ancient and date back to the period of the ancient Romans. The lush nature of the surrounding area offers scenery of great naturalistic value. You can discover the enchanting landscapes of the Clavalité Valley, the Cogne Valley, and the Champorcher Valley by visiting this area. If you love hiking in unspoiled mountain environments, you could take the opportunity to explore the areas around Punta Tarvisa. The quintessential symbol of this charming resort is the fairytale castle of Fénis, rightfully considered a monument of national interest. It was the administrative seat of the Challant Fénis family. It houses a valuable fresco depicting St George and the dragon, artistic masterpieces, and armory rooms. In the past, it was an attractive location for film productions.

Other attractions in this picturesque village include the medieval aristocratic residences, including the Chenoz stronghold of Challant, the house of the Ramein family and the De Tille nobles, the church of San Maurizio, built in the 15th century according to the canons of Valle d'Aosta architecture, and the museum dedicated to traditional local handicrafts. The beautiful Ayas Valley offers numerous opportunities besides the renowned ski slopes. The picturesque village of Antagnod, on the slopes of Mount Zerbion, has entered the palmarès of the most beautiful villages in Italy worth visiting. Its historic center is embellished by traditional wooden mountain huts. The Maison Challant, by Merlet, the religious building of Saint Martin de Tours, which houses a precious inlaid wooden altar, is worth a visit. Villa Rivetti, the current municipal headquarters, hosted Giuseppe Saragat during his summer holidays. We recommend excursions to the Quintino Sella and Grand Tournalin refuges, the Blue Lake, Lake Saler, Lake delle Rane, and Conterney, from where it is possible to see Mount Cervino and Mount Rosa.

The village of Arnad is another jewel of the Aosta Valley, located on the banks of the Dora Baltea River, from which you will glimpse the splendid natural scenery of the Alpine arc and chestnut groves. It's one of the villages in Italy worth visiting, whose architectural peculiarity is the medieval style of the houses. At the beginning of the village is the fertility stone, linked to some Celtic rituals. Historical monuments include the Romanesque-style Echalod bridge, the Château Valleise, the Château Supérieur, the Château de Ville, the Sanctuary of Notre-Dame-des-Neiges in Machaby, and the Church of St. Martin, adorned with magnificent frescoes depicting Herod's banquet and St. George and the dragon, built between the 10th and 12th centuries. Situated on the slopes of the Matterhorn and Mont Blanc, the charming village of Gressan stands at 626 m, not far from Aosta and Pila. The many monuments in the area include the Torre de la Plantaz, the Maison de Saint Anselme, the Tour de la Villa Castle, and the Romanesque-style church of Sainte-Marie-Madeleine de Vill. We also suggest the 16th-century villa of Ronc and the Tour de Villa Castle.

Lovers of nature and unspoiled environments can explore the Côte de Gargantua natural reserve, which protects native flora and fauna. A legendary rocky outcrop rises in its interior. Tourist attractions of remarkable architectural, cultural, and artistic interest include the Romanesque Church of Sainte-Marie- Magdeleine de Villa, embellished with an elegant apse and beautiful paintings by Giacomino d'Ivrea, the Parish of Saint Jean de Chevrot, the Chapallin oratory and religious chapels, including those of Gorret, Charémoz, and Plan David, and the Torre de la Plantà. It is possible to take exciting nature trails, such as the one leading to the San Grato hermitage or the Alpe Grivel.

17. Villages Trentino-South Tyrol

Villages Trentino-South Tyrol

Among villages in Italy worth visiting, we find, near Bolzano, the charming village of Castelrotto, which rises at the slopes of Alpe di Siusi. It is one of the pearls of northern Italy, from where you can enjoy the marvelous natural scenery of the Sciliar Catinaccio Nature Park. The historical center will mesmerize you with the splendor of the polychrome decorations of the buildings. Treat yourself to a pleasant holiday discovering the wonders of this mountain village. This corner of Central Europe offers a wide range of attractions, such as the Church of Saints Peter and Paul, which towers over Kraus Square with its majestic bell tower, a 19th-century altar, and a painting attributed to the painter Melchior Paul von Deschwanden. We also recommend the ruins of the Castelvecchio fortress and the Church of St Valentine. You will also find the South Tyrolean Costume Museum and the museum exhibition on the Kastelruther Spatzen folk group. Sports enthusiasts will enjoy the Running Park Alpe Siusi, perfect for jogging and excursions to the surrounding peaks and the Sciliar massif.

If you decide to visit Trentino Alto Adige, Caldaro is a magnificent village to add to your travel itinerary through villages in Italy worth visiting. The mix of Mediterranean culture and the Nordic world will enchant you. This picturesque town is located in an area with a wine-growing vocation and is characterized by an architectural style that combines elements of Gothic culture and the Renaissance world. It is famous for its crenelated towers, sandstone, and the details of elegant portals. There are numerous monuments and historical buildings to visit, such as the Parish Church of St. Mary of the Assumption, the archaeological remains of St. Peter's Basilica dating back to the 5th century, the Kampan mansion, built in the 16th century, and the 17th-century Ringberg Castle.

You can also venture into unspoiled natural environments, such as the Rastenbachklamm Gorge, following an exciting trail through forests and waterfalls. Not far from the town center is the picturesque Lake Kaltern, set in a bucolic landscape of palm, olive, and laurel trees. On its shores, a relevant biotope, which protects the local biodiversity, extends. Taking advantage of the funicular railway, you can reach the Mendola Pass. In the area between Caldaro and Appiano, you can enjoy the spectacular phenomenon of ice holes. In the heart of the Vinschgau Valley lies the magnificent village of Naturno, characterized by a very ancient history. Highlights include the early Christian Church of St. Prokulus, adorned with beautiful medieval frescoes, and Juval Castle, a museum dedicated to the history and techniques of speck processing. The majestic Naturno Castle and the St. Catherine's Monastery are also worth mentioning.

Hiking and trekking enthusiasts have a myriad of trails at their disposal in the Texel Group Nature Park, like the areas around Tramontana and Sun Mountains, the High Merano Path, and the Waalweg paths. Egna, known in German as Neumarkt, is one of the marvelous villages in Italy worth visiting. It is located on the so-called South Tyrolean wine route between Bolzano and Trento. If you walk through Via Andreas Hofer, you will be enchanted by the picturesque corners and views of the enchanting patrician palaces, which conceal lush gardens. You will have the opportunity to experience the atmosphere of a bourgeois residence in the 19th century, visiting the Museum of Popular Culture, designed thanks to Mrs. Anna Grandi Müller. Other buildings of interest include Palazzo Zenobio, decorated in the Baroque style, the Church of San Niccolò, and the old workshops.

16. Villages worth visiting in Veneto

Travelling through the province of Treviso, you will have the opportunity to discover the marvellous hamlet of Cison di Valmarino, the pearl of the Marca trevigiana, which has many surprises in store for those who love nature and natural environments. It's one of the most beautiful villages in Italy worth visiting. Near the magnificent historic centre stands the 13th-century Brandolini Castle, also known as Castelbrando. If you like hiking and wish to venture out on the numerous trekking trails in the area, one of the most attractive attractions is the Via dei Mulini, which branches off through the lush forest vegetation. The area also offers other very suggestive corners, such as the Santa Maria Lake, the Rujo torrent, whose riverbed runs through areas with numerous mills, and the hills dedicated to wine production. The historical centre is in the setting of Piazza Roma, a stage of beauty where the Town Hall and the Loggia are located. Among the most interesting attractions are the churches of Santa Maria Assunta di Cison, which houses precious statues, and San Giovanni Battista.

On the slopes of the pre-Alpine mountain chain between the provinces of Belluno and Treviso lies the charming village of Follina, one of the villages in Italy worth visiting, permeated with spirituality. We recommend you start your visit with the masterpieces of the historic centre, including the Castelletto Brandolini, a magnificent historic Venetian villa, and the Palazzo Barberis Rusca. The Abbey of Santa Maria, the symbol par excellence of this charming locality, preserves treasures of inestimable value. We also recommend the frescoes in the Church of Saints Peter and Paul, located in the hamlet of Valmareno, and the fountains of Santa Scolastica. The cloister of the abbey, bordered by an elegant colonnade, is a quiet corner to be discovered. Trekking enthusiasts can take advantage of the dense network of trails in the surrounding area, including the Pianezze loop. This picturesque hamlet is also a favourite destination for the jet-set and pop stars, including Robbie Williams.

Our itinerary through the beautiful villages in Italy worth visiting leads us to Marostica, a magical village in Vicenza. This jewel at the foot of the Asiago plateau is rich in treasures and picturesque views. Once through the entrance of the walled gate, you will arrive in Piazza del Castello, dominated by the ancient manor house dating back to the 14th century. An amusing curiosity: at the centre of the square there is a full-scale chessboard, where an exciting chess game with living pawns takes place every two years. In the town square Doglione Palace, the hub of administrative activities since the time of the Serenissima rises. Not far away, you can also enjoy the masterpieces of the Church of Sant'Antonio Abate, which houses a splendid altarpiece by the painters Jacopo and Figlio da Ponte, and the cloister decorated with 15th-century statues of the convent named after Sant'Antonio Abate.

Among other villages in Italy worth visiting in Veneto, we suggest Galzignano Terme, Recoaro Terme, Arquà Petrarca, Soave, and Refrontolo.

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15. Villages Friuli Venezia Giulia

Situated close to the border with Slovenia, Muggia, one of the most picturesque villages in Italy worth visiting, lies on a beautiful bay, in the province of aristocratic Trieste. Passing through the Porta di Levante (eastern gate), you will reach the old town area, which revolves around Piazza Marconi. You can admire the 13th-century Town Hall building, decorated with the coats of arms of the noble families and the lions of the Republic of Venice, and the Muggia Cathedral dedicated to Saints Paul and John, with its elegant Gothic-Venetian façade. Also nearby is the Gothic-Franciscan Church of San Francesco and the Mandracchio, the picturesque inner harbor. The 14th-century Muggia Castle looms majestically over the town center a short distance away. It can be visited by taking part in guided tours (booking required) or during the Open Castles event. If you are a history buff, the archaeological site of the old town will lead you to discover the origins of this magnificent village. Exploring the park, you can contemplate the beautiful Byzantine frescoes of the Church of Santa Maria Assunta, created during the 14th and 15th centuries. 

Continuing our overview of marvelous villages in Italy worth visiting, we arrive at Spilimbergo, a gem near Pordenone. Its center consists of the pretty hamlets of Barbeano, Gaio, Gradisca, Baseglia, Taurino, Istrago, and Vacile. It is a charming locality known as the City of Mosaics. Art lovers will be enchanted by its marvelous treasures, including the Castle, the Cathedral, and the magnificent Churches. Its charming historical center is a treasure trove of masterpieces. Along Corso Roma, the main thoroughfare, are historical buildings built during the Middle Ages and Renaissance, including Palazzo Monaco, Palazzo Stella, and Palazzo di Sopra, which houses the Town Hall. Major attractions include the 14th-century Western Tower, adorned with a precious fresco, and Eastern Tower and Palazzo Ercole, decorated with mythological frescoes. Moreover, there are Palazzo Troilo, the Painted Palace, the majestic Spilimbergo Manor, the Church of the Ancona, and the 13th-century Romanesque cathedral with its sumptuous portal designed by Zanone da Campione.

Another step on our tour in search of the enchanting villages in Italy worth visiting is Fagagna, a picturesque town in the province of Udine. Its town center consists of seven hamlets. In addition to its fine monuments and palaces, it is well-known for the Quadris nature oasis, where beautiful storks nest. The historical buildings and places of ìgreat importance are located around the central Piazza Unità d'Italia, the seat of the Town Hall. Walking along the picturesque Via Cecconaia, you can contemplate the historic Palazzo della Comunità and the hill where the enchanting castle of Rodoaldo, Patriarch of Aquileia, once stood. We recommend adding to your tourist itinerary a visit to the 14th-century Church of San Leonardo and the charming 13th-century parish church dedicated to Santa Maria Assunta. Its masterpieces include a precious 18th-century altar by Torretti, the baptismal font designed and sculpted by Pilacorte, and the marvelous organ by Comelli. In the surrounding area, you will also find the military fort, the Brunelde, a prestigious 14th-century building, and the Museum of rural civilization. If you are fascinated by legends, Vallalta Castle is a place to discover.

The enchanting village of Cordovado, located in a beautiful rural setting, lies on the banks of the Livenza and Tagliamento rivers. The setting of Ippolito Nievo's novel The Confessions of an Italian contributed to its fame. One of the symbols of this pretty village is the medieval castle. The mighty walls conceal a romantic park that can be visited. Its lush gardens are rich in rose bushes, peonies, and fragrant azaleas. Some of the most emblematic and sumptuous buildings are Palazzo Bozza Marrubini, embellished with refined frescoes, Palazzo Agricola, Villa Freschi Piccolomini, Palazzo Beccaris Nonis, and Palazzo Cecchini. The town is also rich in religious buildings, including the 14th-century Church of San Girolamo and its towers and the Romanesque Cathedral of Sant'Andrea with its Renaissance frescoes, the Baroque Sanctuary dedicated to the Madonna delle Grazie. The Ippolito Nievo Literary Park is a relaxing spot dotted with lakes, water features, and lush vegetation.

Among villages in Italy worth visiting, Polcenigo is very enchanting.

14. Villages Liguria

Villages Liguria

The romantic village of Tellaro, located in eastern Liguria, is one of the gems of the Golfo dei Poeti. It stands on a cliff overlooking the spectacular bay of La Spezia. This location is picturesque and unique as it can be reached by following impervious paths from the surrounding villages or following a panoramic path from Lerici. Romantic alleys, fairy-tale dwellings in multicolored hues, history, nature, and authentic traditions welcome you in this magical landscape setting suspended in time. Thanks to its many wonders, it has enchanted artists, painters, and poets. You can choose from a wide range of things to do and see strolling through villages in Italy worth visiting. The 16th-century church of St Anthony is one of the most famous attractions.  Other inviting attractions are the small squares of the Marina, the Oratory in Santa Maria in Selà, and the Stella Maris Church. If you wish to exercise and practice sports while enjoying spectacular views, we recommend the itinerary from Lerici to Tellaro and the path leading to Montemarcello.

One of the wonders of the Riviera dei Fiori is the picturesque village of Taggia, whose fame is related to its centuries-old vineyards and slate. The monumental Ponte Antico will welcome you at the entrance to the village. The village is divided into two nuclei: Taggio is the cozy historical center in the hinterland of the valley crossed by the Argentino torrent, while Arma di Taggia is an inviting seaside destination. Strolling along the central Via Soleri, you will see ancient historical buildings, including the Palazzo Curgo and the Palazzo Asdente Carrega and the noble Spinola and Lercari residences, votive shrines, tower houses, and picturesque buttresses. Tourist attractions include the Church of Saints Sebastian and Falco, the Church of Our Lady of Canneto decorated by Brea and Cambiaso, and the late Gothic complex of San Domenico, which includes the church, convent, and cloister and contains masterpieces by Canavesio and Parmigianino. Walking through the Gate of the Colletto, you will arrive at Via San Dalmazio. Nearby there are the Convento dei Cappuccini and Piazza della Santa Trinità. 

Liguria is sprinkled with enchanting natural spots and some of the most enchanting villages in Italy worth visiting. The delightful medieval hamlet of Zuccarello was the capital of the Marquisate. Ancient walls, picturesque alleys, and medieval architecture welcome you to this enchanting location. One of the most attractive sights is the Soprana Gate, which connected the majestic castle to the defensive walls. Nearby is the statue of Ilaria del Carretto, daughter of Marquis Carlo I del Carretto. Other characteristic sights are the rupestrian bridge over the Neva River and the Church of San Bartolomeo, which preserves magnificent frescoes. Other places of interest include enchanting arcades along the village streets, beudi, the waterways used by oil mills and mills, the Oratory of Santa Maria Nascente, the Quinzio Delfino theatre, and the Church of the Madonna of the Snow.

Another destination on our journey to discover the villages in Italy worth visiting during your holiday is Borgio Verezzi, a pretty village in the Savona area located between Finale Ligure and Pietra Ligure. It consists of four hamlets, Poggio, Roccaro, Crosa, and Piazza, where there are characteristic stone mountain dwellings. When visiting Borgata Crosa, take the opportunity to admire the Phoenician Mill, the 17th-century Church of San Martino Vescovo, and the sanctuary dedicated to Marina Regina. Piazza Sant'Agostino is the living room softened by pink stone and the stage for the Theatre Festival. In the old town, you will find the parish church of San Pietro Apostolo in neoclassical style and the 16th-century Torrione. The other religious buildings are the Romanesque-Gothic Sanctuary of the Madonna del Buon Consiglio. One of the most evocative itineraries is that of the murals depicting ancient trades, traditions, and the most famous local characters. 

Among other villages in Italy worth visiting in Liguria, we suggest Manarola, Camogli, and Varigotti.

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13. Villages Emilia Romagna

Amidst the fertile countryside of the Po Valley, we reach Gualtieri, one of the villages in Italy worth visiting. It's a Renaissance village whose urban layout was projected by the architectural designs of the Bentivoglio family. You will be enchanted by the aristocratic atmosphere of the porticoes and square and the water features of the gardens in Piazza Cavallotti. Here you will find the splendid Palazzo Bentivoglio and the museum housing the exhibition of the works of Antonio Ligabue and the Church of Santa Maria della Neve. If you wish to relax and immerse yourself in the naturalistic setting of the rural landscape, you could take a walk in the Caldarèn wooded area or a bicycle ride through the poplar groves, where ancient farmhouses can be found.

Located in the hills of Romagna, Montegridolfo is a treasure trove of precious masterpieces. Medieval buildings, fortified walls, and stone houses will welcome you and let you savor the charm of the Middle Ages. The marvelous view from the hill ranges from the Romagna coast to the Marche Riviera and is enriched by the vegetation of vineyards, laurel trees, and olive groves. 

Emilia Romagna will welcome you with its magnificent landscapes, dotted with castles, noble palaces, and some of the most enchanting villages in Italy worth visiting. Torrechiara is a famous village for its 15th-century castle, built at the behest of the Count of San Secondo, which towers among the vineyard-covered hills in the Parma Valley. Its interior is embellished with a cycle of splendid frescoes by Benedetto Bembo and Cesare Baglione. The splendid rooms include the Camera d'Oro, the Sala del Pergolato, the Sala di Giove and the Salone degli Acrobati. It has been chosen as the location for famous film productions, including Richard Donner's Ladyhawke, Bertolucci's films, and TV series by Cinzia Th Torrini and Tom Fontana. Torrechiara also offers other enticing opportunities for the traveler, such as the Church of Santa Maria della Neve and the Church of San Lorenzo in Romanesque-Baroque style and the museum dedicated to the Renaissance epic Faustino Tanara.

The hinterland of the province of Rimini is an area that will enchant you with its spectacular landscapes and magical villages in Italy worth visiting with a millennial history. Santarcangelo di Romagna is a very romantic destination, visiting which you will rediscover the charm of other eras. If you head towards the magnificent old town, you will find Tonino Guerra's polychrome fountain. The elegant city lounge of Piazza Ganganelli hosts prestigious festivals and lovely antique markets. The main symbolic sites include the Ganganelli Arch built in homage to Pope Clement XIV, the Municipal Palace and the Parish Church of San Michel Arcangelo, the Malatesta Fortress built on commission by Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta, the Civic Tower, the mysterious underground caves. The Collegiate Church, built during the 18th century, houses masterpieces by Guido Cagnacci and the Giotto school of the Rimini area. The Mutonia Park hosts sculptures and innovative art installations. Other alluring attractions are the Museum dedicated to the works of Tonino Guerra and the Ethnographic Museum on the rural world and farming civilisation of Romagna.

12. Villages worth visiting in the Marche region

Nestled in the mountains of Le Marche, Arcevia is one of the enchanting villages in Italy worth visiting. It will surprise you with its treasures. If you are passionate about history and slow tourism, it is the perfect destination for you. You will find fairy-tale medieval castles, marvelous natural scenery, including the Gola Rossa and Frasassi Natural Park, where the Valadier Temple stands, and a splendid historic center. Near Piazza Garibaldi are the 14th-century Palazzo dei Priori and the Teatro Misa designed by Giuseppe Ferroni, with its precious ceiling decorated in neoclassical style. Strolling through the streets of the town, you can also catch a glimpse of ancient buildings, such as Palazzo Mannelli Pianetti. A very evocative place is the Giacomo Leopardi Garden, which preserves rare species of flora and fauna. Among the main religious buildings are the Church of San Francesco and the Church of San Medardo, embellished with artistic masterpieces by Ercole Ramazzani and Luca Signorelli and the Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament, and the Baroque-style Church of Sant'Agata.

Situated in the Alto Metauro valley, the beautiful  Mercatello, one of the villages in Italy worth visiting, overlooks a gentle and colorful hillside landscape where farmhouses with an ancient flavor stand. One of the peculiar features is the mixture of cultural, artistic, and architectural styles. Walking along the Romanesque bridge, one can reach the old town center, where the Town Hall, Monte di Pietà, and Palazzo Gasperini stand. Other picturesque corners to add to your itinerary are the churches, including the Pieve Collegiata, the one dedicated to San Francesco, adorned with precious Umbrian-Marchigiano frescoes, paintings by Pandolfi and the Polyptych of the Rimini School of painters, and the church of San Sebastiano.

Another pearl of the Marches is the village of Macerata Feltria, a jewel of Montefeltro. This pearl of the villages in Italy worth visiting is set among the hills in a splendid natural setting in the province of Pesaro Urbino. The 19th-century Church of San Michele Arcangelo preserves a valuable wooden crucifix made by Carlo di Camerino in the 14th century. In the upper part of the town, there are architectural structures and buildings from the Longobard era. Among the numerous historical buildings of great value, we would like to mention the Palace of the Podestà, which houses the archaeological museum displaying artifacts from the Pitinum Pisaurense excavations, and the Civic Tower. The Church of San Giuseppe houses splendid paintings of the Baroque school. Other places of interest are Palazzo Evangelisti, decorated with a sumptuous sandstone portal, the 16th-century convent of the Clarisse, the 19th-century Palazzo Gentili Belli, and the medieval Church of San Cassiano in Pitino.

Situated on high ground, close to Pesaro and Urbino, Mondavio was encircled by majestic walls. The impressive medieval fortress, consisting of an octagonal fortified tower, was designed by architect Francesco Giorgio Martini on behalf of Giovanni della Rovere. Other attractions include the Apollo Theatre, built in the 18th century, Palazzo Giorgi Pierfranceschi, the cloister of the Church of San Francesco, the portrait of the Madonna and Child by Olivuccio di Ciccarello, the Castle of Sant'Andrea di Suasa and the Church of Santa Maria delle Querce.

Among other villages in Italy worth visiting in the Marche region, we suggest Gradara, Castel Trosino, Moresco, and Frontino.

11. Villages Molise

Our overview of the villages in Italy worth visiting during a weekend or festive season takes us to Oratino, a picturesque village in Molise. Perched on a rocky buttress overlooking the Biferno valley, it is embraced by wild and rugged nature. One of its most fascinating corners is Palazzo Giordano, designed by the order of Duke Giordano. The fortress located adjacent to the village was the set of the movie Don't Move by Sergio Castellitto, whose cast also included Penelope Cruz. Also worth a visit are the Church of Santa Maria Assunta, whose nave is embellished with a fresco depicting the Assumption by Ciriaco Brunetti, and the Church of the Madonna di Loreto, where you will be pleasantly surprised by the play of perspectives.

Moving on to the province of Campobasso, we find  Sepino, a gem nestled in an evocative natural setting in the charming Tammaro Valley. It is one of the villages in Italy worth visiting. You will be delighted by a combination of nature, history, art, and archaeology. Its origins date back to the flourishing Samnite civilization, and the majestic town wall creates an evocative atmosphere. Among its treasures are the theatre of the ancient city, the forum, and the Grifo fountain. In the main square stands the Church of Santa Cristina from 1100. The interior includes a charming grotto, a wooden choir, bronze busts, and ancient parchments of considerable historical value. Other significant sites include the Church of San Lorenzo and the former religious building of Santo Stefano, which has now been turned into a theatre, the Convent of the Trinità and the religious buildings of the Purgatorio and Santa Maria Assunta, the archaeological park of the ancient Roman city and the Samnite village.

Located on the foothills of the Matese, Monteroduni is a jewel whose roots date back to the Neolithic period. This milestone of the villages in Italy worth visiting overlooks the Volturno and Venafro plains and it is encircled by a lush forest. Places of interest include the Pignatelli Castle dating back to the Longobard domination, the church of San Biagio and Nicola, and San Michel Arcangelo.

In the spectacular setting of the Abruzzo, Lazio, and Molise National Park lies the tiny medieval village of Castel San Vincenzo, perched on a spur from which you can see the turquoise-hued lake of the same name and surrounded by centuries-old forests. This picturesque locality, nestling in the province of Isernia, offers a wide range of attractions, including the 8th century A.D. Abbey of San Vincenzo al Volturno, the Hall of the Prophets, the Zingara Bridge, the Cathedral and the churches of San Francesco, Santa Chiara, and Santa Maria Assunta.

Among other villages in Italy worth visiting in Molise, we suggest Civitacampomarano.

10. Villages Basilicata

Among villages in Italy worth visiting, Acerenza, a splendid Lucanian village in the province of Potenza, is characterized by multiple sites of artistic, historical, and architectural interest. Its historical center is embellished by buildings enriched with stone portals, charming alleys, and elegant fountains. One of the main attractions of this wonderful town is the Romanesque-Gothic Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta and San Canio Vescovo, decorated with paintings by Giovanni Todisco of Abriola, inside which is a bust of Flavius Claudius Julianus. The rooms of the castle host a museum exhibition of sacred art. You should also visit Palazzo Gala and Palazzo Loguercio Polosa and the Ethnographic Museum dedicated to the traditions of the rural world.

Another popular destination and one of the villages in Italy worth visiting is Guardia Perticara, located in the province of Potenza. It will mesmerize you with stone architecture, secret corners, and charming alleys.  Archaeological findings tell a story that dates back to the Iron Age and also refers to the ancient civilisation of the Enotrians. Strolling through its medieval historical centre, it is possible to discern traces of Angevin, Saracen, and Greek influences. One of the distinctive features of this village is the extensive use of stone in the portals and facades of historical buildings. As you reach the top of the hill, you can see the splendid panorama of the Sauro Valley. Among the marvelous buildings, we suggest you visit the Church of Santa Maria di Sauro, over which an evocative legend hovers, the Mother Church dedicated to San Nicolò, the Basilian caves, the Amendola forest, and the site of the ancient city of Turri. The beauty of the place has made it a popular destination for film productions, including Rocco Papaleo's Basilicata Coast to Coast and Francesco Rosi's film.

One of the most enchanting villages in Italy worth visiting is Irsina, of the Greco-Roman foundation. The historical center is situated on a prominent spur and is chiseled with cave houses. Among the many places of interest, there is the Romanesque-Baroque Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, which houses a precious baptismal font and a statue depicting Saint Euphemia, the Church of San Francesco, decorated with Umbrian-Senese frescoes, the Archaeological Museum containing the findings of Michele Janora, the Church of the Carmine with its 17th-century paintings and the Church of the Madonna della Pietà with its sumptuous carved marble portal.

At the slopes of the Pollino mountains lies the picturesque village of Viggianello, which enchants the traveller with the wonders of its historic centre and with the triumph of nature and biodiversity. Let yourself be won over by its marvellous landscape views and precious historical-artistic masterpieces of the villages in Italy worth visiting. The historical centre, where traces of monastic cells are still visible, shows the cultural stratifications stemming from the Norman and Byzantine cultures. Among the best sights to explore are the frescoes in the Church of St Nicholas, the chapel dedicated to the devotion to St Sebastian, and the Gothic-style Church of St Catherine of Alexandria, decorated with 17th-century paintings and frescoes by Alfonso Metallo. In addition, we can contemplate the Church of Santa Maria della Grotta the Norman-Swabian castle, towering over the town, Palazzo De Filpo and Palazzo Caporale, the sumptuous Palazzo Marino-Siniscalchi, the Marcaldo fountain, the Acquaro and Gioia fountains.

Among other villages in Italy worth visiting in Basilicata, we suggest Castelmezzano.

9. The best villages worth visiting in Apulia

The magnificent landscapes of Apulia offer wonderful views and perspectives and some of the most enchanting villages in Italy worth visiting. This region is usually popular for its coastline and crystal-clear sea. You will be pleasantly surprised by the splendor of Alberona, a gem located between the Daunia mountain ranges at the foot of Mount Stillo. In Piazza del Popolo stands the Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary. If you are wondering what to see when visiting Alberona, some of the attractions are the tower of the Grand Prior of the 14th century by order of the Templars and the numerous fountains.There are also the neo-Gothic Church of San Rocco and the Museum Antiquarium, the woodland museum dedicated to rural civilization, the Calabrian Arch, the Church of San Giuseppe, the Muta Fountain, and the Arch of a Thousand.

Our review of the villages in Italy worth visiting arrives at Roseto Valfortore, a hamlet located in the province of Foggia, at the foot of the Daunia mountain range, nestled in a landscape dominated by wilderness. Visiting this locality, one gets a taste of Apulia's agricultural tradition. The historical center is a treasure chest of beauty, rendered harmonious and elegant by precious columns, decorated portals, and bas-reliefs. Near the central square is the Arch of the Earth, the Church of Santa Maria dell'Assunta, built at the behest of Bartholomew III of Capua, and a museum dedicated to ancient art. Some marvelous landscape elements are the old watermills. In the area surrounding the forest is the Petruscelli forest, ideal for cycling enthusiasts.

If you love art, culture, and unspoiled surroundings, Monte Sant'Angelo, one of the villages in Italy worth visiting, is the perfect destination. Perched on a rocky spur in the beautiful Gargano area of Puglia, this delightful village exerts a strong appeal thanks to the Sanctuary of San Michele Arcangelo, built during Roman and Byzantine rule. The caves of San Michele, which preserve ancient engravings in the Runic language, are one of the places of worship most venerated by the faithful of the Christian religion. Are you wondering what to see in Monte Sant'Angelo? The old town center is rich in attractions, including beautiful churches and magnificent historical buildings. Among the many sights, we find the cave of the apparition, which houses a valuable votive statue by Andrea Sansovino, and precious bronze doors. carrying out our exploration of the village, we arrive at the fascinating castle characterized by a stratification of architectural styles. Inside you will be enchanted by the splendor of the Treasure Room. Other places of interest to visit are the ancient Pulsano Abbey, the Temple of Sant'Apollinare, and the Baptistery of San Giovanni. One of the most picturesque neighborhoods of the town is Rione Junno. If you wish to make excursions in contact with nature, you can regenerate yourself by walking through the lush Umbrian Forest.

In the heart of Salento, Presicce Acquarica, one of the villages in Italy worth visiting, will mesmerise you with its thousand-year-old traditions and Baroque masterpieces. Should you wish to treat yourself to a holiday discovering the picturesque villages of Italy to visit with friends or family, you can combine relaxation in the sun along the beaches lapped by the turquoise sea, history and food, and wine. There are numerous itineraries on offer, including those dedicated to underground oil mills. Other attractions include the Baroque Church of Sant'Andrea Apostolo, located in Piazza Villani, which houses valuable wooden statues and magnificent paintings. In the central People Square, there is the Ducal Palace, where you can visit the museum exhibition on the history of rural civilisation and the Baroque Arditi Chapel.

Among other villages in Italy worth visiting in Apulia, we suggest Vico del Gargano, Noicattaro, Conversano, Locorotondo, and Martina Franca.

8. Villages worth visiting in Calabria

Villages worth visiting in Calabria

In the majestic natural scenery of Pollino Park, we arrive at Alieta, a delightful village of medieval origin set in a spectacular mountain landscape. Following the network of paths that branch out in the territory, it is possible to reach the summit of Mount Giacola, from which one can see the marvelous coastal panorama of the Gulf of Policastro. Among its architectural jewels, the Renaissance palace, the Chapel of San Vito Martire, the archaeological site of Mount Calimaro, the 16th-century Church of Saint Mary of the Visit, decorated with splendid frescoes, which houses a 17th-century Neapolitan organ, and the picturesque kisses alley stand out. The surrounding landscape, dominated by beech forests and imposing turkey oak groves, is fascinating. Trekking enthusiasts have the opportunity to take adventurous routes to the surrounding villages in Italy worth visiting.

Another place to discover is the village of Badolato, also known as the village of Angels and the village of artists, in the province of Catanzaro. It stands on a hill from which the wonders of the Ionian coast can be seen and consists of two hamlets, Badolato Marina, and Badolato Superiore. In addition to the historical, artistic, and cultural masterpieces of the historical center, it is a popular seaside destination. Nearby are also other villages in Italy worth visiting with many tourist opportunities, including Sant'Andrea Apostolo dello Ionio, San Sostene Marina, Soverato, Isca, and Santa Caterina dello Ionio. The historical center of the picturesque Badolato Alto is enveloped in a fairytale atmosphere. The main attractions are the bell tower, located in Corso Umberto, the wonderful church of Santa Caterina d'Alessandria, the Byzantine-style Church of the Immacolata, and the Franciscan convent of Saint Mary of the Angels.

The characteristic medieval centre of Fiumefreddo Bruzio, one of the villages in Italy worth visiting, stands on a promontory from which one can contemplate the spectacular view of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Its medieval urban fabric is rich in impressive monuments. Highlights include the Chiesa Matrice, which houses precious paintings by Pascaletti and Solimena, and historical buildings, such as Palazzo Gaudiosi, Palazzo del Barone del Bianco, Palazzo Pignatelli and Palazzo Zupi, and the church of Santa Domenica.

Among other villages in Italy worth visiting in Calabria, we suggest Gerace and Saint Severina.

7. Villages worth visiting in Sicily

If you like to discover local traditions and culture, the village of Sutera, a very alluring destination, is one of the villages in Italy worth visiting. It is located on a cliff from which you can enjoy a spectacular view that embraces the Gulf of Agrigento and the plain of Mount Etna. The medieval village consists of the districts Rabato, Giaridniello, and Rabatello and is located close to the famous Via Francigena. If you wish to spend a relaxing holiday in the beautiful scenery, you could take a walk along the alleys among history and tradition. You could visit the Sanctuary of San Paolino, a three-nave church, and the Romanesque Church of Sant'Agata. One typical feature is the Sicilian Baroque style and the particular hue given by the azole blue. In the Rabato district is the Church of Santa Maria del Carmelo. We also recommend visiting the Ethno-anthropological Museum to discover glimpses of daily life in the 19th century.

Our itinerary in search of villages in Italy worth visiting takes us to Buccheri, an enchanting hamlet rich in culture and history, nestled among the Iblei Mountains, where there are Roman, Greek, Byzantine, Norman, and Arab influences and contaminations. There are many relevant religious buildings, such as the Church of Sant'Ambrogio, the Cave of San Nicola, the Gothic Church of Sant'Andrea, the Sanctuary of the Madonna delle Grazie, and the Church of Sant'Antonio, which preserves splendid paintings by Guglielmo Borremans and the Maddalena. Inside you can contemplate the statue of Antonello Gagini.

The enchanting Calascibetta, one of the villages in Italy worth visiting, originated from the nucleus of the fortified castle commissioned by Ruggero d'Altavilla. It is placed in one of Sicily's most famous archaeological areas: the charming alleys give it a fairytale-like appearance. Among the main places of interest, we mention the Byzantine village of Vallone Canalotto, the Capuchin Convent, and the Church of San Francesco.

The village of Castroreale lies not far from Messina in the Peloritani Mountains. The territory is shrouded in legends and rich in history. It boasts various religious buildings, testifying to the deep-rooted faith of the Sicilian people, such as the 15th-century Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta located in Piazza delle Aquile, whose façade is characterized by a marble portal and bell tower. It houses works by Rinaldo Bonanno and Antonello Gagini. We also mention the Church of Sant'Agata, the Church of Candelora, the Convent of the Friars Minor Observant, the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, and the Church of Santissimo Salvatore. We recommend visiting the Tower of Frederick II, the Monte di Pietà and Palazzo Peculio, the Pinacoteca di Saint Mary of the Angels, and the Museo Civico and Planetarium.

Among other villages in Italy worth visiting in Sicily, we suggest Linguaglossa, Sambuca di Sicilia, and Cefalù.

6. Villages in Sardinia

The agro-pastoral village of Lollove, surrounded by romantic hills, retains its medieval layout. The surrounding landscape is characterised by an expanse of olive groves and vineyards. Its mysterious charm has attracted Sardinian intellectuals over the centuries, including Grazia Deledda. In its centre stand granite houses and the Gothic church of Santa Maria Maddalena. It is also a popular destination and one of the villages in Italy worth visiting for its nuraghe archaeological sites. The surrounding natural scenery shows an unspoilt and wild beauty, dotted with pinnacles and towers. To be recommended are the Jacu Piu forest and the Lollove Spring.

The village of Gavoi, in the Ollolai area, is nestled between the Gennargentu mountains, plateaus, and mountain ranges and is rich in archaeological sites, including the janas of Uniai and Talichè. The landscape is dotted with chestnut, walnut, holly, and cherry trees. The historic centre is characterised by granite dwellings. Religious buildings worth visiting are the Churches of Carmel, San Giovanni Battista, the Gothic-Aragonese church of Gavino with its trachyte façade, and Sant'Antioco and the Sanctuary of Sa Itria. If you wish to discover the traditions of these places, visit the Museum of Highland Civilisation. We recommend a visit to the Museum of the Sardinian flower and popular tradition. Sportsmen and nature lovers can go to Gusana Lake, around which there are paths ideal for walks and excursions by bicycle and on horseback.

On the banks of the Flulimi Mannu is the village of Sanluri, one of the villages in Italy worth visiting in the so-called Medio Campidano. The fortified castle of Sanluri, built in the 12th century on the commission of Pietro I di Arborea, currently houses a museum exhibition where you can admire artefacts dating back to the period of Italian Unification and some jewellery and artefacts belonging to the Bonaparte family. Other interesting places to explore include the beautiful religious buildings, such as the Church of Nostra Signora delle Grazie and the Church of San Francesco, which houses an engaging ethnographic museum.

Continuing our itinerary among the villages in Italy worth visiting, we arrive nearby at Monte Calvario, where the traditional mountain village of Lodè is located. One of the most attractive natural sites is the Sos Golleos waterfall, fed by the Rio Mannu. You will find traditional stone dwellings and shepherds' huts. Cultural attractions include nuraghi and domus de janas. There are also numerous religious buildings, including the churches of Sa Itria, Sant'Antonio da Padova, and Santu Juanne.

Among other villages in Italy worth visiting in Sardinia, we suggest Ulassai, Sadali, and Sennori.

5. Villages Umbria

In the bucolic landscape of the Umbrian forests, lies Acquasparta, one of the villages in Italy worth visiting waiting to be discovered. It is set in a natural setting of rare beauty and is not far from the springs of Furapane and Amerino, Fabia, and Sangemini. Trekking enthusiasts and sportsmen can take the opportunity to train along the trails among olive groves and lush forests. The town is also a stop on the Saint Francis Walk. Among the most important buildings are Palazzo Cesi, the Church of Santa Cecilia, and the Accademia dei Lincei of Federico Cesi. In June, the traditional re-enactment of the Renaissance festival takes place.

In the area of the Villalba nature park, the magnificent medieval village of Allerona is nestled on the top of a hill in the province of Terni, overlooking the Peglia and Selva di Meana nature parks. It is one one the villages in Italy worth visiting. You can admire the Gate of the Sun and Moon, the ancient entrances to the medieval castle. The most emblematic buildings are the ancient palaces of Piazza Santa Maria, the Visconti Palace and the Church of Santa Maria della Stella, the Church of the Madonna dell'Acqua and the Castle of Monteleone and the Church of San Michel Arcangelo.

The evocative atmosphere of the medieval village will enchant you. One of its symbols is the Longobard fortress from whose terrace you can see Monte Fumaiolo and La Verna. Some places of great importance are Palazzo Vitelli, the Church of San Michele Arcangelo, and the Church of San Francesco. Walking along the medieval walkway, you can admire the Tiber Valley and the Rocca Langobardic fortress.

The village of Monteleone d'Orvieto, whose origins date back to the Middle Ages, is a gem of the Val di Chiana, protected by walls. It develops along two routes, the Via Dritta and the Via Torta. The landscape you can admire from the terrace includes Mount Amiate and Mount Cetona. Places of interest in this gem, one of the villages in Italy worth visiting, include the Church of the Santissima Annunziata, of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul, embellished with paintings by pupils of Perugino, and the Clock Tower, in Piazza Pietro Bilancini. Among the curiosities, we find the tiny rustic theatre.

Among other villages in Italy worth visiting in Tuscany, we suggest adding Rasiglia to your itinerary.

4. Villages worth visiting in Tuscany

Villages worth visiting in Tuscany

If you decide to spend your holidays in Tuscany, Campiglia Marittima is a delightful village nestled in the beautiful Val Cornia in the province of Livorno. It is the perfect destination for those who like to relax by the sea due to its proximity to the main beaches in the area and for people who desire to discover which are villages in Italy worth visiting. Fitness enthusiasts can work out on numerous hiking trails. Among the most characteristic places, we mention the Rocca, the Pieve di San Giovanni, the San Silvestro Archaeo-mineral Park, and the Palazzo Pretorio. On the hill stands the majestic Rocca di Campiglia, which has a long history dating back to the 11th century. Palazzo Pretorio, the administrative seat where the Captains of the People used to reside, houses the municipal historical archive, the Mineral Museum, and the museum exhibition dedicated to the works of Carlo Guarnieri. Religious buildings include the Church of San Sebastiano, the Parish Church of San Giovanni, and the Church of Sant'Antonio.

Tuscany is a region of colourful hues and beautiful landscapes sprinkled with villages in Italy worth visiting. In the province of Siena lies the medieval village of Cetona. It is a very charming place, set in a picture-postcard landscape. In the oldest part of the village stands the 10th-century fortress. Palazzo Vitelli, the Loggias, and the Church of San Michele Arcangelo rise in the central Garibaldi Square. Palazzo Minutelli is a building of considerable artistic importance, housing the Town Hall. Other attractions are the Civic Museum of Prehistory and the Belvedere Archaeological Park, the Collegiate Church decorated with magnificent frescoes, the Rivellino Tower, Villa La Vagnola, and Villa La Palazzina.

Exploring the wonders of the province of Lucca, we arrive at Castiglione di Garfagnana, a fortified village on the route leading to the San Pellegrino Pass. It is a place rich in history, culture, and artistic masterpieces and among the most marvelous villages in Italy worth visiting. Among the suggestive places that evoke medieval atmospheres are the ancient walls, the Torrione San Pietro, and the Torrione San Michele. And the Corba Church. The Torrione dell'Orologio and the Ponte Levatoio. The Gothic Church of San Michele houses precious treasures, such as the Madonna and Child by Giuliano di Simone. Nearby, we find the Museum of Sacred Art and the Church of San Pietro. The Rocca is one of the most prestigious monuments in this charming hamlet.

One of the most enchanting and coveted Etruscan destinations is the village of Populonia, located in the province of Livorno. It is perched on a hill from which one can admire the panorama that sweeps from the gulf to the promontory of Piombino. Majestic medieval walls surround the historic center. History enthusiasts can visit the extensive archaeological site and the Roman Acropolis, where the medieval tower, the castle, and the Appiani fortress stand.

Among other villages in Italy worth visiting in Tuscany, we suggest Montemerano, Greve in Chianti, Anghiari, San Gimignano, and Monteriggioni.

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3. Villages Lazio

Villages Lazio

Heading to the province of Frosinone, take the opportunity to visit the village of Boville Ernica, nestled between the valleys of the Cosa, Liri, and Sacco rivers. It boasts a history dating back thousands of years to the pre-Roman period. It is one of the villages in Italy worth visiting and a treasure chest of precious treasures, including ancient churches and stoic palaces dating back to the Renaissance. Its historic center is bounded by three city walls and divided into many alleys and small squares. Some attractions are the 12th-century Cathedral of St. Peter Hispano, which houses a mosaic by Giotto, the Convent of St. Francis, the Church of St. Michael and St. Stephen, and Palazzo Filonardi, Palazzo Liberati, Palazzo De Angelis, and Palazzo Simoncelli.

Nestled near the splendid reserve of the Cervia and Navegna Mountains, Collalto Sabino is one of the villages in Italy worth visiting, nestled between the Simbruini Mountains, the Lucretili Mountains, and the Turano Valley. It stands on a hill from where you can admire spectacular views from the peaks of the Gran Sasso d'Italia to Mount Velino to Terminillo. It is an ideal destination for nature lovers as it is an area characterized by the presence of beech and chestnut forests. If you choose Collalto Sabino to spend your vacation there, you will be mesmerized by the labyrinth of stairways and charming alleys. The 18th-century Baronial Castle is the symbol of the town. Among the most attractive monuments and points of interest, you can admire the splendid octagonal fountain located in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, Palazzo Latini and the Church of St. Gregory the Great, the Convent of St. Mary and the medieval Church of St. Lucy, which houses a precious fresco from the 1500s, and the Ecomuseum, which combines the enhancement of the environment and the rich historical, naturalistic. Environmental, artistic, and archaeological. 

Located equidistant between Viterbo and Rome, Ronciglione is a picturesque Etruscan village nestled in an enchanting naturalistic setting of oak and chestnut groves. The monumental cathedral is a treasure chest to be discovered, such as a precious triptych and marble altar. Another notable religious building is the Church of Santa Maria della Provvidenza. The medieval fortress, towering over the town, will welcome you at the entrance to the village. The Town Hall contains valuable evidence of Roman times. In the square in front of it is the Great Fountain made up of sandstone. Attractions worth admiring are the Roman Gate of Vignola, the house of the religious Mariangela Virgili, and the Romanesque-style Church of Sant'Eusebio.

Visiting the province of Latina, we come to Gaeta, one of the villages in Italy worth visiting, among the gems of the Latium coastline famous as the Ulysses Riviera, located on the top of a promontory. The beauties of the historical centre will enchant you with its network of alleys, shops, perched buildings, and the majestic Angevin-Aragonese castle. This charming town is known and appreciated as the city of a hundred churches. The Cathedral of St Erasmus, built according to the dictates of Arab-Norman architecture, is named after the patron saint. The Temple of San Francesco, dating back to 1222, is one of the marvellous religious buildings that adorn the town. The Church of San Giovanni a Mare, or San Giuseppe, is embellished with magnificent frescoes. The Gothic Church of the Santissima Annunziata with the Golden Cave, the Grotta del Turco, and the Saint Trinity Sanctuary near Monte Orlando are fascinating places.

Among other villages in Italy worth visiting in Lazio, we suggest Viterbo and Anagni.

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2. Villages in the Abruzzi region

Villages in the Abruzzi region

In the province of L'Aquila, not far from Sulmona, is the picturesque village of Pettorano sul Gizio, one of the villages in Italy worth visiting. It is a pearl of the Abruzzo region, rich in history and tradition, that will win you over with its architectural masterpieces, such as the Cantelmo Castle, the sumptuous Baroque building of the Castaldina, the Ducal Palace and the splendid church in addition to Porta San Marco and Porta San Nicola. Near the medieval church dedicated to St Dionysius is a spectacular fountain with bronze statues of Amphitrite and Neptune. Among the most interesting sights, you can visit the Duke's Palace, used as the Town Hall, the Baroque Palace of the Castaldina, the Church of St Anthony of Padua, and the Church of St Nicholas. If you like trekking, you can explore the trails that lead into the Monte Genzana and Alto Gizio reserves.

Moving on to the province of Chieti, there is the pretty village of Crecchio, which preserves its medieval urban layout. It stands on a hill near the Arielli River. The majestic castle towers over the landscape. It houses the Archaeological Museum of Byzantine and Medieval Abruzzo. The religious buildings are also very characteristic, such as the 16th-century Church of Santa Maria da Pie, the Baroque Church of the Santissimo Salvatore, and the Sanctuary of Sant'Elisabetta. You can also take evocative itineraries to discover the surrounding natural wonders of the villages in Italy worth visiting.

The enchanting village of Bugnara is located at the foothills of Colle Rotondo, in the province of L'Aquila, from which you can contemplate the splendid panorama of the Peligna Valley. Among its most significant attractions are the 12th-century castle, the Baroque Church of the Santissimo Rosario, adorned with 16th-century frescoes, and the characteristic Church of the Madonna della Neve. Nature lovers will enjoy exploring the National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio, Molise, Majella, and Sirente Velino Park.

One of the villages in Italy worth visiting in the province of Pescara is Abbategio, also known as the town of Spelt and located on a panoramic spur. It is a popular destination for those wishing to relax and discover local traditions. The belvedere in its delightful historic centre allows one to enjoy the wonderful panorama of the Fonte Vecchia valley. The main places of worship include the neoclassical Church of the Madonna of Elcina, the Church of the Madonna del Carmine, and the Church of San Lorenzo Martire. We suggest history enthusiasts visit the Palaeolithic Ecomuseum, characterised by the presence of the Tholos, huts of the agro-pastoral civilisation of the Giumentina Valley. Places of naturalistic importance include the Lejo waterfall in Cusano and the 13th-century San Bartolo hermitage.

Among other villages in Italy worth visiting in the Abruzzi region, we suggest Scanno, Caramanico Terme, and Villetta Barrea.


1. Enchanting villages worth visiting in Campania

Enchanting villages worth visiting in Campania

The picturesque destination of Atrani is one of the villages in Italy worth visiting on the Amalfi Coast, set in a picture-postcard landscape. The historic centre revolves around the characteristic Piazzetta Umberto I, the village's living room. The labyrinth of alleyways and stairways winding from Via dei Dogi offers the opportunity to enjoy very suggestive views. The evening is the best time to discover the magical atmosphere of the place. Highlights include the Church of San Salvatore di Birecto, embellished with a Byzantine portal made of bronze and decorated with copper, silver, and enamel motifs. Other notable attractions are the Church of Santa Maria Maddalena with its majolica dome, the cave of Masaniello and the Grotta dei Santi, adorned with splendid frescoes, the Church of Santa Maria del Bando and the monastery of Santa Rosalia, the Church of Santa Gertrude, the Church of San Michele, the Church of the Carmine and the Church of Santa Maria Immacolata.

Arriving in the province of Avellino, you can discover the wonders of Monteverde, one of the villages in Italy worth visiting. It has become one of the most beautiful villages in Italy because of its natural scenery. The castle of Monteverde, perched on a steep escarpment, is one of the most important fortifications in the Irpinian territory. It is home to the MiGra multimedia museum, which narrates the importance of women's role in the rural world. The town has preserved its medieval appearance intact and is rich in attractions. Among the most interesting monuments are Palazzo Spirito, Palazzo Pelosi, the 14th-century former Baroque cathedral of Santa Maria di Nazareth, the churches of Santa Maria del Carmine, San Rocco, and Sant'Antonio. Some notable natural sights are the lake of San Pietro and the Mezzana forest.

Another popular destination is Savignano Irpino, one of the villages in Italy worth visiting, which stands in a panoramic position from which you can contemplate the wonderful landscapes of the Cervaro Miscano Valley. Strolling through the alleys of the historical centre, you can savour the splendour of the Middle Ages. It is a treasure chest of beauty, culture, ancient history, and artistic masterpieces. The main sights are the Norman castle of Guevara, Palazzo Orsini, the Church of Purgatory, and the Church of St Nicholas and St Anne. We suggest that hiking enthusiasts and naturalists take relaxing walks to discover the unspoilt habitats of Lake Aguglia near Monte Sant'Angelo.

In the evocative naturalistic setting of Partenio Park, in the province of Avellino, lies the village of Summonte. Its historical centre is sprinkled with valuable buildings, such as Palazzo De Cristofaro, Palazzo Montella, and the 15th-century Church of San Nicola di Bari, the interior of which is embellished with beautiful paintings, the Angevin Tower and the Civic Museum and the Sanctuary of Montevergine. One of the most picturesque corners is the arch of Saint Nicola.

Among other villages in Italy worth visiting in Campania, we suggest Padula.

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