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Places and tours of Basilicata

Places and tours of Basilicata

Listing places and itineraries in Basilicata inevitably leads us to distinguish from the artificial beauties, of great historical and cultural value, and the natural beauties that this region can offer thanks to the variety of its landscapes.

The Basilicata region offers evidence of any era from the ancient settlements of the park of Murgia materana, some of which date back to the Palaeolithic from which came to life the Sassi of Matera, famous throughout the world, which lasted until the Baroque period, which house an impressive number of houses and monuments and rock churches.

Very important are also the testimonies of the Magna Graecia that we find, for example, in the archaeological park of Metaponto.

From the point of view of naturalistic tourism we remember the Pollino National Park, one of the most beautiful natural parks in Italy, the lakes of Monticchio, the landscape of Val d'Agri and the maritime beauty of the Tyrrhenian coast.

Stories and traditions of Basilicata

Stories and traditions of  Basilicata

Lucana's history is rich and important. This region was the cradle of settlements of the Palaeolithic era and, later, has seen various historical phases through its territory: the colonization of Magna Graecia, the Roman conquest, and the subsequent Byzantine, Lombard and Norman dominions, then follow the events of the Kingdom of Naples and finally the Kingdom of Italy and the Italian Republic.

Each of these phases has given rise to particular traditions that have evolved with the territory: this is the case, for example, of the May of Accettura, an ancient arboreal ritual of pagan origin with the aim of bringing to their lands the fertile spirit of nature, which over the years has assumed a religious significance and is still celebrated.