Things to do in Basilicata: Basilicata is a region full of attractions, activities and things to see.
During your stay you’ll want to choose the best things to do based on the type of holiday you have in mind: If you’re traveling with children you will look for attractions for children and kid-friendly things to do, if you’re a lover of photography you would like to see the sights of Basilicata. You could be in Basilicata on vacation and, therefore, seek beaches and beach clubs and maybe nice events, or be traveling to discover museums and archaeological sites and be interested in tours in Basilicata

In order to help you to enjoy Basilicata we made a collection of the most amazing, cool, adventorous, fun, romantic, exciting things to do in Basilicata. In this section you can find all this, ie, the best things to do in Basilicata.

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