Discover with us Rotondella, a hidden gem full of charm between the hills and the sea of ​​Basilicata known as the balcony of the Ionian Sea.

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Rotondella is a small and charming hilltop village in the province of Matera, in the heart of Italy, full of beauties to be discovered by strolling through its streets.

The origin of the name Rotondella, pleasant and captivating, can probably be traced back to the term "Rotunda Maris" which named it in the late Middle Ages and indicates two specific characteristics of the village:

- its round and spiral shape, on top of a hill almost 600m high;

- its proximity to the sea, in particular to the Ionian Sea, providing visitors with a splendid view.

This last factor is very suggestive and it is no coincidence that Rotondella is also known as the balcony of the Ionian Sea: in fact, from the overlook of the town you can enjoy a breathtaking panorama where the green of the hills and the blue of the sea mix each other, creating beautiful views on the Gulf of Taranto and on the coast side embracing Apulia, Basilicata and Calabria.

Can't wait to leave, right? Come with us to discover what to see in Rotondella and the unmissable places to visit to organize your walk in this enchanting village!

Rotondella: what to see during your walk in the village

Despite its small size, Rotondella is a village full of charm and places to see that will immediately capture your attention; we are sure that you will not resist to the temptation to snap hundreds of photos and selfies!

In the historic center of Rotondella there are numerous historic buildings worthy of attention, in particular the so-called barons palaces that are named after some of the families who have left traces in the history of these places, such as the Rondinelli from the 16th century and the Bitonte from the 17th century.

The palaces of these two families are the most evocative to visit in Rotondella: in fact, Palazzo Rondinelli still has its tower intact, known as Torre Sanseverino - built by Ferrante Sanseverino, Prince of Salerno - or also as Torre del Carcere and today hosts the historical archive of the town's library; as for Palazzo Bitonte, a visit to the "Lamie of Bitonte" is truly unmissable, concerning corridors with large balconies located under the floor of the building and from which you can enjoy a beautiful 360-degree panorama.

Walking through Rotondella it's impossible to miss the curiosity and emotions about the beauty of the murals of the historic center, which embellish the facades of buildings and walls giving the village the vivacity of art, full of meanings, and the beauty of what represent real tourist attractions that capture the attention of the most curious and lovers of street art.

For those who are above all interested in sacred art, instead, it is absolutely necessary to visit the main church of Rotondella dedicated to Santa Maria delle Grazie, a building dating back to the years between the end of the 16th century and the beginning of the 17th century which houses many wooden statues, especially those depicting Holy Mary and St. Anthony, patron saint of the city.

Outside of the inhabited area of ​​Rotondella it is possible to go on excursions in the numerous surrounding natural areas, especially along the course of the Sinni river and at its mouth at the Bosco Pantano di Policoro, a natural area which represents an ideal place above all for bird watching.

Discover what to see around Rotondella: book your tour to Matera

After a beautiful and pleasant walk through the streets of Rotondella, discovering truly unique and evocative places and the fascinating identity of this territory, do you still want to explore Basilicata and its beauties?

The best choice is certainly to travel along the Ionian coast and then head towards Matera, the provincial capital and unmissable destination for tourists for its charm, history and culture, easily reachable by car (about 90 km drive to just over one hour journey) first along Strada Statale Ionica 106 and then Strada Provinciale 3.

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The village of Rotondella is truly a magical place to discover and explore, an authentic hidden gem in a fantastic region like Basilicata that will capture the curiosity and affection of every tourist with its beauties.

It's possibile to feel the great wonder of Rotondella especially for its geographical location and its appearance. In fact, its high position on the hills of Basilicata combined with its proximity to the sea make this village an unmissable destination for living dream experiences and enjoying a unique panorama. Have you ever thought of touching the clouds with a finger while admiring the sea on the horizon? All of this is possible in Rotondella!

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