Discover what to see and do in Civitacamporomano, Molise, a long-depopulated ancient village that is finding new life thanks to street art. 

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Civitacampomarano, a small village in the vicinity of Campobasso, has managed to make a name for itself thanks to its desire to resist and be reborn through art. In fact, the now famous Cvtà Street Fest festival, currently in its sixth year, is held here.

The origin of the village is not certain, but it is presumably traced back to around the 10th century. The remains found, given their very varied nature (some even dating back to prehistoric times!) suggest an agglomeration of several villages.

A quaint and fascinating place, where we find typical medieval architecture and narrow streets in which time seems to stand still. Indeed, the village has a very long history, rooted in distant eras, made up of clashes and epic battles, but also of events that marked the evolution of man and modern civilization, such as the foundation of schools, offices and hospitals.

One of Civitacampomarano's prides is the imposing Angevin Castle, recently restored, along with the many churches to visit and having been the birthplace of illustrious figures such as historian Vincenzo Cuoco and patriot Gabriele Pepe.

What to do and see in Civitacampomarano

civitacampomarano Angevin Castle

The aforementioned Angevin Castle is the town's most important monument and dates back, as the name would presage, to one of the most prosperous times in antiquity for Civitacampomarano, Angevin rule. In fact, the original structure is supposed to date back to the 13th century: experts can easily recognize architectural elements from that period. The castle was declared a National Monument in the late 1970s.

In Civitacampomarano it is possible to visit the birthplace of Vincenzo Cuoco, an 18th-century writer and politician who was deeply connected to the Kingdom of Naples: in fact, we remember his famous Historical Essay on the Neapolitan Revolution of 1799. Today the house has become a cozy B&B, perfect for those who wish to take advantage of a visit to Civitacampomarano for a "literary" stay!

CVTà Street Fest: the murals of Civitacampomarano

murals of Civitacampomarano

What has made Civitacampomarano famous in recent years is certainly the CVTà Street Fest, an event entirely dedicated to the art of murals that has been returning to cheer the small town for several years now and is held in the summer, towards the end of June. The festival is the brainchild of world-famous street artist Alice Pasquini.

In the small village of Civitacampomarano, having just under 300 inhabitants, art draws people from all over the globe. The energy permeating every creative process is transformed into lifeblood, and everyone participates in this festival setting the summers of the Molise village ablaze.

In fact, even the townspeople are protagonists of the CVTà Street Fest: ancient stories are told as traditions come to life and traditional foods are prepared and shared. A beautiful event, which for the past few years has made Civitacampomarano a must for art lovers.

How to get to Civitacampomarano

How to get to Civitacampomarano

This little street art paradise is not exactly the easiest to get to, but once you get there the effort will be amply repaid. The area in which it is located, called Biferno Valley, is around 50 kilometers from both Termoli and Campobasso, and it is essential to have a car in order to travel to Civitacampomarano.

The drive takes about an hour, and the last stretch of the Fondo Valle del Biferno state road is quite impassable, so care must be taken. The uniqueness of these places in the Molise hinterland, however, is really all to be discovered, and small gems are hidden even in the surroundings of Civitacampomarano. A prime example is the lake of Guardialfiera which, under special climatic conditions, brings to light an ancient bridge of Roman origin!

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