In Liguria there is a small, authentic village just waiting to be discovered: it is Varigotti, also known as Saracen hamlet. Explore it with us.

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Varigotti is the epitome of the seaside vacation with the flavor of the past: slow rhythms, families of habitual, a sense of relaxation and peace that only places on a human scale can give us back.

It is a small village in Liguria perfect for those seeking a simple, relaxing holiday, marked by the rhythms of the sea.

Varigotti is in fact a simple and authentic place, where bathing establishments, reminiscent of retrò Italian holidays, alternate with enchanting free beaches and wild coves

A place that enchants every summer every kind of tourist, Italian and foreign. 

Varigotti Saracen Hamlet


Varigotti, also known as the Saracen Hamlet of Liguria, is a hamlet in the municipality of Finale Ligure and has experienced varied dominations over the centuries. Apart from the Saracen one, it certainly still shows traces of the Roman and Longobard ones.

It is assumed that, later, the Saracens mixed with the local population, as remains of Arab settlements have been found in Varigotti. Besides, one of the most beautiful and important beaches is actually called Baia dei Saraceni!

What to see in Varigotti

Beach Houses, Varigotti

So many to start with, the first thing to see in Varigotti are the wonderful little houses on the beach: with their several colors they really create a unique and special landscape and atmosphere.

Another place of interest is certainly the Church of San Lorenzo, located on a rise that can be reached after walking along the famous Strada degli Ulivi, which, as the name suggests, is a street full of typical vegetation of olive trees, allowing for a walk under the banner of nature and good air.

If greenery is your thing, there is the possibility of organizing fabulous hikes in Varigotti, starting with the route known as Il sentiero del Pellegrino (The Pilgrim's Path), accessible even to non-professionals, leading to nearby Noli.

Beaches of Varigotti

As mentioned above, the typical tourist in Varigotti is a lover of tranquillity, who likes to enjoy the quiet and the small joys that a day at the sea can give. And the beaches are precisely the real pride of the relaxing Ligurian resort.

Besides the aforementioned Baia dei Saraceni, surrounded by striking rocks and always clear water, there are many other places to take a dip and enjoy some sun. To begin, we have Varigotti beach, stretching right in front of the village in the direction of Finale Ligure. Here it is possible to find both free access points and real equipped lidos with all amenities.

For those not fearing crowds, on the other hand, there is the beautiful Malpasso beach, larger than the Bay of Saracens and with an entrance fee to gain access.

How not to mention then, the magical cove of Punta Crena, rather difficult to reach because of its location among the rocks. In fact, the recommended access remains by sea, and the advice for those who venture here is to snorkel in its beautiful waters.

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