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Festival di Sanremo is undoubtedly one of the most awaited events on Italian television. Let's discover together the 2022 edition.

Sanremo, in Liguria, is the city of flowers. Still, above all, it is the city of the "festival of the Italian song" that takes place every year in the prestigious setting of the Ariston Theater. Festival di Sanremo (Sanremo Music Festival) is not only a music competition: it is the most important annual event of music and costume on Italian television, which attracts enormous media interest.

Its 72nd edition will be broadcast live from Tuesday 1st to Saturday 5th February 2022 on RAI 1 (Italian national broadcasting TV), RaiPlay (RAI's video streaming platform), and radio channel Radio2. For months beforehand, the public has been looking for rumours about who will tread the prestigious stage. Here we will discover the presenters, the singers in competition and the guests announced for this edition, and then we will take a step back in time to retrace the highlights of a kermesse that has made the history of the song of the Belpaese. "Sanremo" (this is how the festival is called) is the event that consecrates the career of its hosts and is an incredible opportunity for any singer at any time in their musical life. This event has given celebrities to famous artists and songs that all Italians - and not only - have hummed many times in their lives. Sanremo has always remained a fixed point, a certainty, an opportunity, a dream despite the ups and downs of a changing world.

I love him. I couldn't do Sanremo without him. And he, every time I say that he insults me and says, "See, you make me feel guilty, and then I have to come."


Sanremo Music Festival 2022: the presenters and the artists in the competition

The success of a song contest like this depends on many aspects, including the choice of the presenters. For the third consecutive year, the anchorman and artistic director of the Sanremo Music Festival will be Amadeus. Given the success of last year, it seems that the winning team with Fiorello has been reconfirmed. The histrionic showman is a great friend of the host, and together they are unbeatable. As "Ama" himself says, when there is "Fiore" on stage, you never know what can happen! As for the co-presenters, there is still no news, but the most likely candidates seem to be the host Alessia Marcuzzi and the singer-songwriter Tommaso Paradiso. The latest rumours even mention the beautiful actor Can Yaman, who became famous in Italy thanks to the TV series Daydreamer.

Here is the second fundamental ingredient: the artists in the competition. There will be 22 Big of Italian music plus the three winners of the Sanremo Giovani area (an event where young singers participate to be selected for the Sanremo Music Festival the following year). Among the most famous names we find legends of the Italian song as Gianni Morandi, Massimo Ranieri, Donatella Rettore and Iva Zanicchi, but also the best artists of the moment as Blanco, Mahmood, Rkomi, Aka 7even and Sangiovanni.

These are the 25 artists who will participate in the competition with the songs they will perform at the festival. As per regulations, the pieces must be composed by Italian authors, have lyrics in Italian or a regional Italian language and be unpublished (i.e. never performed in public before the competition under penalty of disqualification).

1. Achille Lauro - "Domenica"

2. Aka 7even - "Perfetta così"

3. Ana Mena - "Duecentomila ore"

4. Dargen D'Amico - "Dove si balla"

5. Ditonellapiaga con Donatella Rettore - "Chimica"

6. Elisa - "O forse sei tu"

7. Emma - "Ogni volta è così"

8. Fabrizio Moro - "Sei tu"

9. Gianni Morandi - "Apri tutte le porte"

10. Giovanni Truppi - "Tuo padre, mia madre, Lucia"

11. Giusy Ferreri - "Miele"

12. Highsnob e Hu - "Abbi cura di te"

13. Irama - "Ovunque sarai"

14. Iva Zanicchi - "Voglio amarti"

15. La Rappresentante di Lista - "Ciao ciao"

16. Le Vibrazioni - "Tantissimo"

17. Mahmood e Blanco - "Brividi"

18. Massimo Ranieri - "Lettera al di là del mare"

19. Matteo Romano - "Virale"

20. Michele Bravi - "Inverno dei fiori"

21. Noemi - "Ti amo non lo so dire"

22. Rkomi - "Insuperabile"

23. Sangiovanni - "Farfalle"

24. Tananai - "Sesso occasionale"

25. Yuman - “Ora e qui”

We're going to see some great things.

The fact that 13 million people followed the festival makes this effort even more extraordinary, immense. Making it happen was an incredible event. I congratulate all the singers. I would never have been able to do the festival if I hadn't had Rosario Fiorello on stage, the greatest showman we have and who brought joy. I'm 58 years old; I've done street parties and festivals, but being in front of nothing is something I don't wish for those who do my job.


Sanremo Music Festival 2021: Måneskin win the edition that challenges the pandemic

The 2021 edition was probably the most difficult ever, made during the pandemic; the organizers realized a festival without an audience in the hall for the first time. Sanremo 2021 ended with the victory of rock on stage: the triumph of Måneskin at their first time at the Ariston Theatre, with their song "Zitti e buoni". With their energetic, transgressive rock style and looks that crown a perfect artistic image, they not only won an atypical and complicated edition of the festival but are continuing to win many awards and competitions at an international level. 

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Casino of Sanremo for an exceptional evening organized by RAI, an evening of songs with Cinico Angelini's orchestra. Among 240 compositions sent by as many Italian authors, we will award the most beautiful song of the year. The 20 chosen pieces will be presented to you in two evenings and will be sung by Nilla Pizzi and Achille Togliani with the Fasano vocal duo.

Nunzio Filogamo

A step back in time: the birth of the Sanremo Music Festival

It was the evening of 29th January 1951. In the hall of the Sanremo Casino set up to host events, host Nunzio Filogamo introduced the rules, the orchestra and the three performers of the first Italian Song Festival to a not particularly interested audience. Yes, there were only three: Achille Togliani, Nilla Pizzi and the Fasano duo. On stage was the orchestra, composed of eight elements and, seated to the side, the singers were each waiting for their turn. The songs in the competition were twenty, all strictly unpublished.

Up to that moment, there was no authentic festival of Italian songs that enjoyed good popularity, but only events dedicated to dialectal songs; so how did the idea of creating this festival come about? After World War II, the municipal administration of the city of Sanremo had appointed a commission to study initiatives to revive the city. Among all the proposals, the idea of a song festival came to the right ears: an event conceived to entertain the Casino's clients and, possibly, to attract new ones.

The three evenings were broadcast on Rete Rossa, one of the two channels of the Italian radio system RAI. The first edition winner was the piece "Grazie dei fiori" sung by Nilla Pizzi, then published in a 78 rpm record that sold 36 thousand copies (a success for the time). Today we know that this was only the first page of a long story.

Penso che un sogno così non ritorni mai più Mi dipingevo le mani e la faccia di blu Poi d'improvviso venivo dal vento rapito E incominciavo a volare nel cielo infinito Volare oh, oh Cantare oh, oh Nel blu dipinto di blu Felice di stare lassù…

Domenico Modugno

The most beautiful Sanremo Music Festival songs ever

Hundreds of artists have performed on the Sanremo Music Festival stage over the years, singing thousands of songs. Some have won; others that the jury had ignored have become very famous. Some tacks disappeared soon after; others made history and never left us. Among all these notes and words, there are some that we Italians still sing today after years, sometimes decades. They are pieces that have remained impressed in our hearts and minds and that, in some cases, have crossed national borders, becoming famous in the world as a symbol of our country. An example? First of all "Nel blu dipinto di blu", interpreted by Domenico Modugno and Johnny Dorelli, known as "Volare". In 1958 it won the eighth edition of the festival and became the most successful Sanremo song ever and the most famous Italian song ever. It is not an easy task to say which ones have been the most beautiful in over 70 years of festivals, but here we have chosen 15 that you cannot miss:

1. Andrea Bocelli - “Con te partirò” - 1995

2. Bobby Solo - “Una lacrima sul viso” - 1964

3. Domenico Modugno - “Nel blu dipinto di blu” - 1958

4. Domenico Modugno - “Piove” - 1959

5. Elisa - “Luce (tramonti a nord est)” - 2001

6. Giorgia - “Come saprei” -1995

7. Il Volo - “Grande amore” - 2015

8. Laura Pausini - “La solitudine” - 1993

9. Lucio Battisti - “Un’avventura” - 1969

10. Lucio Dalla - “4/3/1943” - 1971

11. Marco Masini - “L’uomo volante” - 2004

12. Mia Martini - “Almeno tu nell’universo” - 1989

13. Mina - “Le mille bolle blu” - 1961

14. Vasco Rossi - “Vita spericolata” - 1983

15. Zucchero - “Donne” - 1985

Con te partirò, paesi che non ho mai veduto e vissuto con te Adesso si li vivrò Con te partirò, Su navi per mari che io lo so, no, no, non esistono più Con te io li vivrò

Andrea Bocelli

The artists who debuted at Sanremo and became famous in the world

The New Proposals section of the Sanremo Music Festival has many merits: on its stage, there were unknown artists at the time and then became stars of Italian music known worldwide.

Let's start with the most beloved Italian voice of the last 15 years at an international level: Andrea Bocelli. The tenor participated in 1994 in the Sanremo Festival with "Il mare calmo della sera" (which won a record score) and returned the following year with "Con te partirò": this was the first real beginning of his career. "Con te partirò", added to the sales of its bilingual version recorded for the foreign market in duet with Sarah Brightman ("Time to say goodbye"), is the second best selling single in the history of Italian music after "Nel blu dipinto di blu".

In 1984 a very young Eros Ramazzotti participated in the Sanremo Festival in the New Proposals section with "Terra promessa". From here began his success, depopulating in Italy and also in Europe.

In 1993 Laura Pausini started her career taking part in the Newcomers section festival with the song "La solitudine". Subsequently, she reached the record market of many countries in Europe, North America and Latin America. She became the most famous Italian singer from the nineties onwards, also receiving the Europe Award as the best selling Italian artist globally.

Linked to the Sanremo Music Festival is also the beginning of the musical career of another beloved Italian artist: Tiziano Ferro. The young man, after some refusals from record labels, during his second participation in the Accademia della Canzone di Sanremo (Academy of Songs of Sanremo) in 2001, met the producers Alberto Salerno and Mara Maionchi, who convinced EMI to bet on him.

My dear friends near and far, good evening wherever you are

Nunzio Filogamo

The presenters who have made the history of the Sanremo Music Festival

On the Sanremo Music Festival stage, there have been many presenters over the years. Still, two more than all the others have made the event's history and have entered the hearts of Italians who identify them as an integral part of the festival: Pippo Baudo and Mike Buongiorno. Both are two of the most outstanding Italian anchormen of all time, two true lords of television. The former holds the record of 13 conduction of the event (between 1968 and 2008), the latter of 11 times (between 1963 and 1997). In third place was Nunzio Filogamo, conductor of the first four editions of the festival and the seventh (between 1951 and 1957).

Sanremo Music Festival is a complex and wonderful machine. It is not only a music competition, but it is also a little great Italian magic. What makes it possible is a delicate system based on many balances such as an admirable organizational structure, a fabulous location, presenters able to support such an important event, and music. Let's never forget that music is the absolute protagonist: even if many of life's memories fade away over the years, it will be enough to hear a few notes of a song to bring back to our minds many emotions that we thought we had lost over time.

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