A 7-stops itinerary to discover the most evocative Ligurian inland villages, and admire the sea and the coast from afar, surrounded by nature.

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Liguria is not only coast and sea, although from these points of view it offers wonderful landscapes in which to spend unforgettable moments. The villages of the Ligurian inland provide another perspective, one more reason to love and appreciate the region: mountains and natural parks reserve beautiful surprises for those who want to explore villages set in lush nature.

After visiting the best-known locations, not only Genoa, we recommend that you set out to explore the inland Ligurian villages to visit. These are small, mostly medieval locations, which retain all the charm they have conquered over time and are ready to amaze you with their beauty: the itinerary we have prepared begins with the villages of the western Ligurian inland and ends with those of the east, in a fascinating journey that spans the borders of the region.

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Ligurian inland villages, small paradises nestled between nature and the sea

Ligurian Inland Villages

The villages of the Ligurian inland are enchanting places to visit all year round; they preserve local traditions and culture, together with architecture and art that attract lovers and the curious, in search of new glimpses to capture the wonderful nature of this region.

In summer, they awaken for the arrival of holiday home owners, festivals and fairs enliven the streets and inhabitants: it is possible to taste local gastronomic dishes while spending pleasant moments in historic places.

Each village has its own identity and its history is told through the monuments present. You can combine a visit to the most beautiful villages of the Ligurian inland with various activities organised to make your stay unique: trekking, outdoor walks, and excursions to discover the landscape.

They are the ideal destination for a relaxing weekend away from hectic everyday life, or to plan a week's holiday and discover a different village every day. The proximity to the coast suggests every kind of pastime you could wish for: the villages of the Ligurian inland to visit are waiting for you with an exciting itinerary!

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7. Dolceacqua, the first inland Ligurian village to discover

Dolceacqua among the villages of the Ligurian inland

Let's start our journey from the villages of the western Ligurian inland: it' a medieval village that is characteristic both for its distinctive architecture and for the stone houses that make the landscape fascinating. The particularity of Dolceacqua is its Ponte Vecchio (Old Bridge), restored in the 19th century, from which there is a magnificent view of the surrounding area; it allows one to pass from the historic centre to the more recent village, divided by the Nervia torrent.

A visit to this town offers the opportunity to come into contact with the local culture, especially gastronomy, through the local festivals that are organised throughout the year. Craftsmen's workshops and shops brighten the ascent to the village, an enchanting place that was also loved by Claude Monet. From the castle, it is possible to admire the entire village from above.

6. The Principality of Seborga

Seborga among inland Ligurian villages

A village that proclaims itself an independent principality certainly has a strong identity and could not be missing from our list of inland Ligurian villages to visit. Its independence has never been recognised by any international government, but is very much felt by its proud citizens. It is also known for its production of fine olive oil.

Seborga is small but well-preserved and presents itself as a medieval town surrounded by nature. In the main square is the Prince's Palace, seat of the principality's government, as well as a small characteristic church. Strolling through the streets is charming and one breathes in an atmosphere rich in history and tranquillity.

5. Apricale, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy in the Ligurian hinterland

Apricale among inland Ligurian villages

The village of Apricale has been listed among the most beautiful villages in Italy; it is located in the hills, in the Nervia valley, and from its modest peaks you can admire the Ligurian Sea. You can breathe in an atmosphere of times gone by, strolling through narrow streets adorned with flowers.

Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II is the centre of the village and brings together locals and tourists intent on contemplating the old town. It is well exposed to the sun: strolling through the streets, admiring the murals that decorate the old walls and shopping for handmade items will be a real pleasure. It is considered the artists' village because it is home to numerous exhibitions that attract enthusiasts and the curious.

4. Bussana, the Ligurian inland village of artists

Bussana among the villages of the Ligurian inland

The village of Bussana was declared uninhabitable in 1887 due to an earthquake that destroyed most of the dwellings; following this event, it was left without inhabitants, was nicknamed the ghost village and its name gained an aura of mystery. We therefore suggest you visit the old part in your itinerary among the villages of the Ligurian inland.

In the last century, however, it intrigued some artists who moved into the abandoned houses and restored them to make them habitable. This brought the locality back to life, giving it a new cultural soul. It maintains a state of tranquillity from which you can admire a stupendous panorama.

3. Triora, the village of witches

Triora among the Ligurian inland villages

Fans of witchcraft, magic and the occult arts should not miss the hilltop village of Triora in the province of Imperia. In the 16th century, it was the scene of several witchcraft trials and was therefore nicknamed 'the village of witches'. The history is witnessed by a museum that recalls the events and an event that takes place every year in August.

It is possible to visit the village by choosing between three routes: the yellow one is for families with children and takes place in a short time; the blue one recalls the legends and includes the castle and museum; the red one is for art lovers and includes the museum and other historical buildings.

2. Brugnato, the spiritual centre

Among the villages of the eastern Ligurian inland, Brugnato is the one with a very peculiar, pincer-like shape. Composed of houses in soft pastel colours, it is close to the Cinque Terre and is located in the Montemarcello-Magra Park.

It is an important spiritual centre where you can visit places of worship such as historic convents, sanctuaries and the evocative Bishop's Palace. The panorama, between lush nature and the sea, makes its visit pleasant and exciting. Walking through the narrow streets you will reach the Cathedral of San Martino, a Romanesque building dating back to the 12th century: a must for art and nature lovers.

1. Montemarcello, on the border of the region

Montemarcello among the Ligurian inland villages

On the border with Tuscany is one of the villages in the eastern Ligurian inland that has been declared one of the most beautiful in Italy. Montemarcello offers a breathtaking panorama, ranging from the Gulf of La Spezia to the Apuan Alps, and is surrounded by nature. It is connected to other localities by paths immersed in nature.

You can choose whether to stop and visit the park's Botanical Garden or to reach the beach of Punta del Corvo by an 800-step stairway, reserved for the well-trained! Trekking enthusiasts will have many routes to choose from, while the numerous creeks are corners of peace and tranquillity for all.

The villages of the Ligurian inland are true oases where you can enjoy pleasant moments of relaxation, yet close to many attractions that make each stay unique and stimulating. Are you ready for this adventure?

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