Cinque Terre, Liguria: a magical place between sea and mountains. Discover with us 5 unmissable, colorful villages that make this land iconic. 

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From the port of Vernazza the lights were sometimes broken from the growth of waves invisible to the depths of the night.

Eugenio Montale

Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore: the magic names of Ligurian town best known as Cinque Terre, placed on coastal tract of Levante in province of La Spezia, long ca 10 km, included in a National Park and Unesco Heritage since 1997.

Five little ancient fishing villages, characterized by colorful houses, clinging to the rocks, offering also beautiful little beaches and panoramic trails, unique in the world. Let's discover them. 

Cinque Terre in Liguria: what to see

Cinque Terre Liguria

Moving from Genoa, the first coming town is Monterosso al Mare, chanted by the poet Eugenio Montale, whom is dedicated a cultural park here. In Monterosso there is a castle, Aurora Tower on the sea cliffs, and San Giovanni Battista Church. From the top of the town you go down on the sea by “caruggi” (alleys), coming to Fegine beach, with sand and rocks.

Also Vernazza, the second town we find on our way, has got beautiful monuments like Santa Margherita of Antiochia Church (XII century) and, on the opposite side, Doria Castle and Belforte Bastion, overlooking the bay. 

Further ahead, you come to Corniglia, the only town not having direct access to the sea: to reach the town from rail station you have to deal with a hard staircase of 33 flights of steps with 377 steps. The labor will be rewarded with a wonderful overview, St. Peter’s Church, St. Katherine’s oratory of the Disciplinati, until a mouth-taking terrace on sea and Guvano beach.

Leaving Corniglia, you go on to Manarola, the most picturesque stage of the route, with its typical genovese “tower-houses”, pink and orange painted, terraced vineyards (here is produced the sweet Sciacchetrà wine), and the famous “Via dell’Amore” (Love’s way), a path that links Manarola to Riomaggiore. Unfortunately, a landslide in 2012 made it unfit for use; however, you can still travel about 200 mt from the rail station.

Last one, Riomaggiore, characterized by maze of medieval streets and a XIII th century castle built for defence against Saracen attack. Very beautiful also the little harbor and San Giovanni Battista’s Church.

Bonus track: Portovenere (The sixth land)


Unmissable after so much beauty is Portovenere, "the sixth land" as some call it, but which actually deserves a separate visit. The ancient seaside village, a destination for raids by Lombards, Saracens and Normans, is located on the tip of a strip of land that goes to form the Gulf of La Spezia, also known as the Gulf of Poets.

In fact, this is where the poet George Byron loved to reflect and admire nature; the Arpaia Cave (Byron's Cave) is dedicated to him, located near St. Peter's Church, set at the top of the rock accessible by a flight of steps. It is the most enchanting and breathtaking part of the whole town, especially if you admire it from the small portico adjacent to the church. Also don't miss the Doria Castle and the three islands of Palmaria, Tino and Tinetto.

How to reach Cinque Terre in Liguria

Cinque Terre

To reach Cinque Terre by train take “5 Terre Express”, a special service from March to November. Price: 4 euros for adults, 2 for children until 12 years old; purchasable online or directly at the station. A journey every 15 minutes every day.

For trekking lovers, from Monterosso you go on Sentiero Azzurro, 12 km to Riomaggiore, viable also by bike, even if difficult.

You can also reach Cinque Terre also by the sea, with a one-day ticket ship: it costs 27 Euros, 35 if you go to Portovenere too. 

Warning: Cinque Terre are very busy with tourists already from May. In Liguria, you know, there is little space. We suggest coming in quiet times, after summer, for example, there are such beautiful places that never lose their charm.

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We recommend