In the province of Pescara, Italy, lies the fairy Caramanico Terme. Discover the amazing things you can do in this fascinating village. 

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Listed among the most beautiful Villages in Italy, Caramanico Terme, in the mountainous heart of Abruzzo, offers its guests magnificent opportunities to visit. A journey in contact with nature, rediscovering wonderful trails for trekking and hiking.

Yet, this Abruzzi village is also synonymous with history and fascinating architecture, as well as, just as the name itself would have us indicate, spas (in Italian "Terme" means "spa"). Well, yes, this small town on the Majella is known for the healing properties of its hot springs.

So, our invitation to you is soon revealed: find out in our article what you cannot miss in the charming Caramanico Terme!

Caramanico Terme in Italy: what to see in the fascinating Abruzzi village

caramanico terme italy

Nature is the undisputed queen of any stay exploring the Abruzzo village.

Situated at an altitude of about 613 meters, Caramanico Terme indeed offers enchanting scenery over the surrounding forests.

The town itself also holds many stories. It presents a small medieval center, with the Salle Castle watching over the village, the latter fortified by walls and towers.

You can stroll through the ancient cobblestone alleys, the so-called "ruelle," but also discover the Abbey of Santa Maria Maggiore, a kind of fortified church.

What left the greatest impression, however, was the discovery of the properties of the hot springs of Caramanico Terme. For this reason, the town became an increasingly attractive destination for spa tourism, which reached its peak in the 19th century. In this regard, you can visit the 20th-century Fonte delle Terme and approach the first spa, La Salute, opened in 1901 (now closed, but with some hope of opening, as you will find out at the end of this article).

What else to visit in Caramanico Terme?

The hikes and treks around Caramanico Terme

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It is impossible to leave the village without exploring, at least in part, its extraordinary surroundings.

It is nature itself that invites you to discover all its wonders, starting with the knowledge that the Majella forests have begun to repopulate with wolves, deer, roe deer and chamois. Moreover, it is not infrequent to be able to admire the majestic flight of beautiful eagles.

After all, we are in the heart of the Orfento Valley, a nature reserve since 1971. An unspoiled, lush and almost fairy-tale environment. Here, walking through the long gorge carved by the river, it is possible to engage in the most diverse hikes and literally be enchanted by the triumph of nature.

The best-known trails for your own excursions start right from Caramanico Terme: that of the Scalelle, almost 2 km long, and that of the Vallone Ring, about 10 km long.

We recommend that, before starting any trail, you contact the Orfento Valley Visitor Center (run by Majambiente). Here you can receive your authorization to access the Valley's trails.

The waterfalls of Caramanico

caramanico terme waterfalls

Speaking of this place and its wonders, we cannot fail to mention the small waterfalls of Caramanico Terme.

One of the best known trails is the San Giovanni Waterfall Ring, which begins and ends at Bocca di Valle. The trail is not the easiest and takes approximately 3 to 4 hours. Hiking it, however, introduces you to the fairy landscapes of the beech forests of the Vesola Valley and provides breathtaking views of the surrounding forests.

We certainly cannot overlook the many events that this small village organizes.

In fact, between July and August is the time of Caramachinestate, with events, festivals and music-themed contests.

At mid-August, on the other hand, is the time to stop and give thanks for the harvest. The festival is called Palmentieri and refers to wicker baskets closed by an inverted cone. They are then decorated with a local sweet, called pizzelle, which the girls lay at the feet of the statue of Our Lady of the Assumption.

And when does snow come to Caramanico Terme?

The month of December is the perfect time to organize the Caramanico Christmas Markets. This is a fairly recent initiative but is already attracting a lot of interest due to the quality of the organization.

Location and altitude of Caramanico Terme

caramanico terme pescara italy

As we have already mentioned, Caramanico Terme is a hidden gem of Abruzzo in Central Italy. It is located in the province of Pescara, within the Majella National Park. In particular, the territory of the village rests on the picturesque Orfento Valley, an impervious and fascinating place carved out over time by the river of the same name.

Moreover, Caramanico Terme is located at an altitude of 613 meters above sea level, at the first reliefs of the Majella massif.

How to get there

how to get to caramanico

Despite being in the heart of the Apennines, getting to Caramanico Terme is fairly easy.

Those arriving by plane can choose Pescara airport, located less than an hour's drive from the village.

Alternatively, by train, you can change at Pescara station and from there get off at Scafa. From there, public service will take you to Caramanico without delay.

Finally, if you are traveling by car, the highway exit to consider is Scafa-Alanno. From there, the journey is very short, and in about a quarter of an hour you will reach your destination.

When does the Caramanico spa reopen

caramanico terme italy

Caramanico's hot springs are one of the main reasons why this municipality is so well known in Abruzzo, and beyond.

The two thermal water springs, La Salute and Gisella, in fact, are known for their anti-inflammatory properties that bring their benefits to different areas of the body. The third source, Pisciarello, on the other hand, is an oligomineral water source with fabulous diuretic properties.

Thanks to these springs, not only a highly specialized spa was developed, but also a pediatric department.

Unfortunately, the spa is currently closed. What is the forecast? According to some estimates, it is thought that the Caramanico spa will be reopened during the summer of 2023.

We, of course, can only hope so!

On the other hand, however, you have discovered in this article how many things to visit this charming town in Abruzzo offers.

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