Are you looking for a location for Valentine's Day with your soulmate? Let’s find out 10 of the most beautiful romantic places to visit in Italy!

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Here we go again: Valentine's Day is here and you still don't know where to spend a weekend or just a romantic night with your soulmate, right?

No fear! In this special Hidden Gems Love Edition we lead you to discover some of the most beautiful romantic places to visit in Italy - is there any other better occasion than Valentine's?

Romantic places to visit in Italy: the most beautiful burgs of love from North to South

Romantic places to visit in Italy

In this article we have collected for you 10 beautiful and evocative destinations throughout Italy, real burgs of love perfect to spend a magical Valentine's Day with the person you love.

Can't wait to find out which romantic places to visit in Italy have been selected for you? Here is our review from North to South crossing the Boot and its islands.

Which is going to be your love destination? Let's find out, enjoy reading!

Let's start our tour through the Hidden Gems of love with the wonderful Valeggio sul Mincio in the province of Verona, a town surrounded in green and full of charm on the border with Lombardy.

A magical place where, together with your sweetheart, you can explore the luxuriant nature of the area, visit the beautiful castle and enjoy excellent food and fine wines.

And as a final surprise? We suggest a romantic walk in the enchanting Borghetto, the most authentic of the whole district of Valeggio where the beauty of history, art and culture seem to have stopped in the distant past of this land: between ancient medieval walls, the gentle flow of the river and breathtaking landscapes, it is the perfect place to spend a Valentine's Day to remember.

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If you are looking for a truly 'wow' place to visit on Valentine's Day, we suggest Omegna, a beautiful and evocative village that stands on the northern shore of Lake Orta (non far from Lake Maggiore, in particular from the town of Stresa) which is ready to welcome soulmates willing to renew their love on this special day.

This lake, located in Piedmont, gives an extremely romantic setting to spend Valentine's Day with the person you love. What could be better than a stroll nestled along the Nigoglia canal or on the Buozzi lakefront? That's simple: a selfie taken with your sweetheart on the suggestive background of the lake in a heart-shaped frame!

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Would you dream walking hand in hand with your flame in one of the most romantic places in Italy? So don't miss the opportunity to visit the beautiful and colorful coast side burg of Manarola in the Cinque Terre and walk on the Via dell'Amore (The Love Path)!

What’s that? A pedestrian path with an amazing view over the sea: a highly evocative place to declare yourself, or renew your love, and give a kiss in the background of one of the most iconic panoramas in the world.

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If the heart is the symbol of love, then…a heart-shaped town can only be one of the burgs of love! We are talking about Montemerano, on the Maremma hills in Tuscany: a place that has kept its deep historical roots perfectly solid, providing tourists with unique glimpses to take a picture at natural and architectural beauties.

Moving just a few kilometers around, it is also possible to reach the famous Saturnia and benefit from the best relaxation ever in a truly fantastic couple experience.

No doubt the Marche Riviera is full of charm and amazing places to visit. Among these, Gradara cannot be missing, a true gem of medieval origin and the main scene of Dante's love between Paolo and Francesca.

Do you want to spend Valentine's Day in an atmosphere from old times? In Gradara you can walk inside the medieval walls, visit the historic center and the castle and find out about the beauty of the culture of a land that knows what love is!

In Abruzzo there is a magical place, between the small towns of Scanno and Villalago, which rightfully enters the list of the most beautiful romantic places to visit in Italy. What are we talking about? Of course it’s Lake Scanno, the heart-shaped lake of love!

To fully enjoy this wonderful and captivating view, we suggest you to cross the Sentiero del Cuore (Path of the Heart) with your soulmate: a path to walk on foot that climbs upwards through the surrounding woods , giving visitors spectacular views of the village of Scanno and over the lake. The ideal place for a romantic picnic, don't you think?

On Valentine's Day there are those who dream of finding her prince charming or his sleeping beauty to save... Well, if you enjoy fairy tales too, then you absolutely must visit the Sasseto wood, located in Torre Alfina of Acquapendente in Lazio.

This forest, also known as the fairy tale forest or Snow White's wood, develops right from the foot of the castle of this majestic medieval burg and represents a large one of a kind green area, full of colours, scents and sounds capable of transport the couples who venture inside into a fairy-tale atmosphere set above all by many gothic elements. For nature and fantasy lovers, no doubt it is a unique place for a special day, even in the name of love!

When we talk about Valentine's Day, for the wonderful burg of Vico del Gargano it’s not just limited to the popular lovers celebration: it is also a local Saint festival!

Any other better occasion to visit this Apulian gem than February 14th? A truly magical place where you can discover the history and culture of a territory with a strong identity, but also an important 'testing ground' for the strongest couples.

Why? In fact, in Vico there is the Via del Bacio (The Kiss Alley), one of the most romantic alley in Italy, counting only about 50 cm width and actually forcing the couples who cross it to remain very close to each other, with a promise for the gift of everlasting fidelity: don’t you think a kiss would happen there?

2. A waterfall of love set in the middle of a medieval burg

Even in Sadali, in the middle of beautiful Sardinia, Valentine is the patron Saint of the whole town and not just of couples of tourists who are curious to visit this wonderful village.

In fact, the streets of its historic center show real magic: the natural waterfall of St. Valentine, a real pearl and a pole of attraction for many visitors who can't wait to take a selfie as a memory of the trip. How about a kiss by the waterfall?

The amazing village of Cefalù in Sicily is undoubtedly one of the diamonds of the Mediterranean and among the most beautiful and romantic burgs in Italy. But who says that a seaside town can only be good in summer?

On the occasion of Valentine's Day, Cefalù opens its welcoming arms to all the couples who want to enjoy the wonderful beauty of experiencing love with a view over the sea - even in winter! - in the warm atmosphere of the lights and spots in the city to take the most romantic selfie ever.

Romantic places to visit in Italy: ready for your romantic getaway?

Romantic getaway in Italy

Here we are at the end of this review of the 10 most beautiful romantic places to visit in Italy! From North to South, our fantastic country offers many possibilities to spend the most passionate day of the year as a couple: whether it is by the sea or on the lake, immersed in greenery or in the wonder of Italian villages, these destinations are truly the most beautiful of the other!

We find it hard to choose our favorite…and you? Have you already chosen the destination for your romantic getaway? Think about it and Happy Valentine's Day!

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