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Art and culture of Veneto

Art and culture in Veneto have been affected by the historical and morphological nature of the region, which offers evidence of various eras that, however, differ from area to area. Medieval Venetian art, for example, tends towards the Romanesque in the expressions of Vicenza and Verona, while it shows strong contaminations in those of Venice because of its nature as a maritime republic. Famous character of those years is, not by chance, the traveler and writer Marco Polo. Of great importance is also the Veneto Renaissance, inspired by Giorgione and passed through the hands of artists such as Titian, Andrea Mantegna and Tintoretto. But the artistic fervour did not end in those years, on the contrary, it proliferated over the centuries to follow in the work of the famous sculptor Canova and the painter Hayez, reaching contemporary art, which found in the Venice Biennale one of its major events in the world.

Food and flavours of Veneto

Food and flavours of the Veneto region are characterized by the great diversification of crops and production made possible by the great variety of landscapes in the Veneto region and the influence of foreign cultures that passed through Venice and spread throughout the region.

Among the main dishes of Venetian cuisine, we must mention Pearà, sardines in Saor, Vicenza-style cod and also the mantecato, Risi and bisi, Venetian-style liver and Polenta, which accompanies many preparations.

The Veneto region has a great wine tradition. In Veneto, moreover, was born Spritz, the Venetian aperitif now widespread throughout the world.

Places and tours of Veneto

For years the Veneto has been one of the most visited Italian regions by tourists, who are enraptured by the places and tours of the Veneto. The first attraction is represented by the cities of art among which Venice stands out, with its lagoon that makes it among the most unique and famous cities in the world, but also Verona, Vicenza, Padua and all other provinces. Of great importance and historical importance are the famous walled cities, among which we remember, in addition to the provinces (the latter are almost all in the category), smaller towns such as Bassano del Grappa or Castelfranco Veneto.

Finally, there are also destinations for seaside tourism in Veneto. We remember, among others, Caorle and Jesolo.

Stories and traditions of Veneto

The history of Veneto is rich in events that have characterized habits and traditions of the Venetian population. Just think of the famous Carnival of Venice, one of the most famous and appreciated in the world: this festival dates back to the time of the Maritime Republic of Venice, also called "the Serenissima". The first evidence of this festival dates back to 1094 and the first document that declares it a public holiday is 1296. Even today, several centuries later, this festival is celebrated and appreciated by citizens and tourists from all over the world.