Live a memorable experience among the aromas and flavors of the historic Distilleria Nardini, discovering the secrets of Italy's first distillery.

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A historic venue for a product of excellence, which over the centuries has become an authentic icon of Italian tradition. Distilleria Nardini has been producing grappa since 1779, and it’s right here, in Bassano del Grappa, in the heart of the Veneto region, that today you can still immerse yourself in the intense aromas and flavors of a distillate unique in the world.

Raise your glass, and with each sip, grappa will reveal a new facet of its character. The character of a special distillery that will introduce you to its fascinating past and the places that have shaped its history, amidst high-quality products, guided tours and unmissable experiences, in an memorable journey into the world of grappa and its best-kept secrets.

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Tradition, passion and innovation: the unique story of Distilleria Nardini

Distilleria Nardini, grapperia

The history of Distilleria Nardini is a true journey through over two centuries of tradition, passion and innovation.

Founded in 1779 by Bortolo Nardini in Bassano del GrappaItaly's first distillery immediately became a symbol of regional and national tradition, synonymous with authenticity and quality in the world of grappa.

From its humble beginnings, Bortolo Nardini carefully nurtured the ancient traditions of distillation, transforming grape pomace into a unique and unmistakable liquor with the introduction of "Aquavite di vinaccia”, which was nothing but Italy's first grappa.

The Nardini family revolutionized the traditional method of distillation. On one hand, they brought farmers closer to the production process: for the first time, it wasn't the distiller with his mobile still visiting the farmers, but the farmers themselves bringing grape pomace for grappa production.

On the other hand, in 1860, they introduced the steam still, which improved the quality of grappa with a production method that is still widely used today.

Over the generations, the distillery has managed to keep its legacy alive, transmitting its enthusiasm and dedication to grappa production, preserving the memory of its origins while always following the path of innovation. This is how Nardini grappa has become a symbol of excellence, appreciated not only in Italy but throughout the world.

Today, led by the seventh generation of the Nardini family, the distillery continues to uphold its centuries-old tradition, offering extraordinary grappas and other products capable of providing unique and unforgettable sensory experiences.

You can immerse yourself in deep and generous aromas, savoring a full and decisive taste, yet at the same time balanced, to rediscover the authentic flavors of the territory and the Italian cultural and distillery heritage.

Grappas and other specialties: exploring the products and proposals of Distilleria Nardini

Distilleria Nardini, products

Distilleria Nardini offers a wide selection of grappas, each with special characteristics that make every product unique. You can find young or aged grappas, ranging from 42 to 50 degrees, with either intense or smoother flavors.

An ideal grappa for those who love intense flavors is the Grappa Riserva 7 anni Selezione Bortolo Nardini: with its hints of vanilla, marasca (dark red cherry) and forest fruits, it represents a true excellence achieved through over two centuries of experience in distillation.

Among the smoother options, it's certainly worth trying the Grappa Extrafina Selezione Bortolo Nardini. Elegant and persistent, with floral and fruity notes, it has been awarded the "outstanding" gold medal and the prestigious "Grappa Trophy" at the IWSC 2021.

In addition to grappas, Nardini offers a variety of liqueurs, bitters and specialities that reflect a long tradition based on ancient recipes, natural ingredients, and a passion that takes you into a world of timeless authenticity and quality.

In particular, you can't miss a taste of the classic Tagliatella (a registered Nardini trademark). It’s an extraordinary liqueur, born from a recipe closely guarded by the family and developed in the late 1700s, the result of a skillful combination of the "cuts" from the jars containing Nardini products, including grappa, cherry aquavit, orange, spices, and herbs.

With its ruby red color, aromas characterized by fruity, floral notes and hints of herbs and spices, and an alcohol content of 35% vol., Tagliatella is truly an experience to be savored at any time of the day.

Another product from Distilleria Nardini that is absolutely worth trying is the famous Mezzoemezzo, a liqueur with notes of rhubarb and citrusy and bitter hints, representing the typical aperitif of Bassano del Grappa.

And speaking of aperitif, a true Italian institution, the cocktail proposals with Nardini liqueurs and grappa in mixing will not fail to surprise you: you will discover many recipes created by the best international mixologists, such as the Cedro Spritz, the or the Americano Nardini.

Bassano del Grappa: the places of Distilleria Nardini

Distilleria Nardini, Bassano del Grappa

The history of the Nardini family clearly and evidently represents the passion and love for their own territory.

The focal point of Distilleria Nardini is Bassano del Grappa, a picturesque town in the Veneto region rich in history and traditions. Here, several essential structures are located for the production of an absolute excellence grappa.

First and foremost, Bassano is home to the Nardini headquarters in the historic Grapperia sul Ponte, on the charming Ponte Vecchio, or Ponte degli Alpini, which offers splendid views of the Brenta River and the surrounding mountains, serving as a gateway to the historic center (which in winter hosts one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Veneto and the entire Northern Italy).

Grappa is not just a local typical product but represents a standalone attraction, to the extent that the Grapperia Nardini has become a must-visit for those exploring the city.

Visitors indeed have the opportunity to participate in fascinating guided tours through the environments where the first distillery in Italy was born, embarking on a journey through the legends of these places steeped in history, allowing you to immerse yourself in the Nardini world.

Instead, on the outskirts of Bassano, the distillery, the aging cellars, the transformation center and the analysis laboratory are located. Here, at Via Madonna di Monte Berico 7, you'll also find Le Bolle, a splendid and innovative building situated within the company's park, which evokes the art of distillation and joins the Grapperia di Bassano in celebrating the territorial identity and its potentialities.

Le Bolle were unveiled to the public in 2004, on the occasion of the company's 225th anniversary, and serve as a center for research and promotion of grappa culture. Another way to blend expertise and passion, looking towards the future to create grappas and products capable of narrating not only the territory but an entire country and its traditions.

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