Are you looking for the best Christmas markets in Veneto? From Lake Garda to the Adriatic sea, let’s visit together the most beautiful places!

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Year after year, between November and December, the tradition of Christmas markets in Veneto rekindles the magic of the holidays in this amazing region of northern Italy, decorating the cities with stands, shows, delicious food and typical products. For many people this is the perfect time to find the gift they were looking for, purchase unique handcrafted items and taste lovely food and wine. A real experience to live in the streets of the Christmas markets in Veneto between colors, sounds and scents.

Veneto is one of the most suggestive Italian regions in terms of Christmas markets, offering a variety of scenarios to satisfy all tastes. Whether it is in the old towns of main cities, on the shores of the wonderful Lake Garda, at the foot of the Alps or on the Adriatic coast, we will now accompany you in your journey to the most beautiful Christmas markets in Veneto worth visiting.

The most beautiful and wonderful Christmas markets in Veneto

The most beautiful and wonderful Christmas markets in Veneto

The rich tradition of the Christmas markets in Veneto represents one of the most interesting attractions for tourists, who in this region can make a choice on how to treat themselves to living such experiences during the Christmas holidays.

The capital of the Christmas markets in Veneto is Verona - also famous for being the home of Pandoro, one of the most popular Christmas sweets in Italy - which hosts numerous Christmas villages, stands and events in its streets and in the whole province. In particular, the towns of Bardolino, Bussolengo and Castel d'Azzano are worthy to be visited. Entering the hinterland of Veneto it’s possible to enjoy wonderful Christmas experiences in the Christmas markets of the towns of Asiago, Bassano del Grappa, Pedavena and Castelfranco Veneto, where you can get deeper and deeper in the cuisine, handicraft and folklore local culture.

And for all the sea breeze lovers? In Veneto, even the towns on the seaside coast can turn into destinations for tourism for the winter: for example Jesolo, with its evocative Christmas markets in the main squares close to the beaches.

Of course, Venice could not be missing, a pearl envied throughout the world and the capital of the region. During the Christmas holidays, the very beating heart of the city which floats on the sea lights up with the magic of one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Veneto, a must for the millions of tourists who visit Serenissima every year. Following, here’s our whole review of the most beautiful Christmas markets in the Veneto.

10. Christmas markets in Veneto: Christkindlmarkt in Verona

The Christmas star in Piazza Bra in Verona

Verona is the capital of the Christmas markets in Veneto and certainly one of the most interesting Christmas destinations in all of Italy. The city of Romeo and Juliet dresses up every year with the beauty of the Nuremberg-like Christmas village, where you can admire the traditional wooden houses and visit about 100 exhibition stands including lights, decorations, handicrafts, mulled wine and many other specialties.

The best way to experience the magic of the holidays in the streets of Verona is getting your own Christmas market passport, a ticket to get a pass for all the attractions (e.g. the nativity scene exhibition or the house of Santa Claus) which makes sure a beautiful surprise at the end of the tour, too.

Where: Piazza dei Signori, historic center of Verona

When: from November 17th 2023 to December 26th 2023

To explore the splendid tourist attractions of Verona, you can purchase the Verona Card and benefit from the exclusive advantages reserved for its holders. In addition to the many monuments and museums you can visit at a discounted rate, you will take advantage of public transport, depending on the available option, and explore the marvelous Arena with priority access.

9. Christmas market on the lakefront of Bardolino

Christmas market on the lakefront of Bardolino

Would you like to experience Christmas on the shores of Lake Garda? We suggest you visit one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Veneto on the lakefront of Bardolino, near Verona.

The Christmas village on the lakefront of the village hosts the traditional promenade of stalls and wooden houses where it is possible to find many gift ideas and taste the local food and wine. Among the attractions near the market, you should absolutely not miss the covered ice skating rink, Santa's sleigh and above all the 30-meter high ferris wheel with a view of the spectacular sunsets over the lake. One of the most curious appointments for the New Year is the traditional dive on January 1st in the icy waters of Garda on the Mirabello lakefront.

Where: Lenotti lakefront and historic center of Bardolino (VR)

When: from December 1st 2023 to January 7th 2024

Every year, for the holidays, the Christmas village returns at the Flover Garden in Bussolengo, near Verona. Inspired by the tradition of the typical Bavarian villages of Rothenburg Ob der Tauber and active for more than twenty-five years, the village in Bussolengo is one of the most important Christmas markets in the Veneto and the largest covered Christmas market in Italy with over 7,000 square meters of space entirely related to the sweetest and most magical festival of the year.

Inside it is possible to visit numerous attractions for young and old: the house of Santa Claus, the toy factory of the elves, the skating rink, the village restaurant and the beautiful handicraft shops where the arts of pyrography and glass-working stand out.

Where: Flover Garden, Bussolengo (VR)

When: from November 4th 2023 to January 7th 2024

If during the Christmas holidays you are near Verona and you want to visit one of the most evocative Christmas markets in Veneto, we suggest you to think about Castel d'Azzano.

This town in the Verona area does not host a simple market, but a real Christmas fable in the green setting of the Floricoltura Quaiato. An exhibition space of over 2000 square meters where it is possible to dive in the magic of the holidays in a forest of Christmas trees - including natural ones - nativity scenes, floral and wooden decorations, lights and fountains, but above all a vast range of fragrances and scented candles.

Where: Floricoltura Quaiato, Castel d'Azzano (VR)

When: from November 4th 2023 to January 7th 2024

6. Christmas Gardens in Asiago

Christmas Gardens in Asiago near Vicenza

In Asiago one of the most delicious Christmas markets in Veneto takes place in the Giardini di Natale in the main squares of the town.

Among stands and shops dedicated to decorations and the rich local handicraft production, in fact, visitors can buy and consume the typical culinary delicacies of this mountain community such as cheeses, honey, fruit jams and of course the Vicenza grappa.

Where: Piazza Carli, Piazza II Risorgimento, Asiago (VI)

When: from November 11th 2023 to January 7th 2024 (not everyday)

In the tour of the Christmas markets in Veneto, Bassano del Grappa is worthy of a stop, a fascinating city crossed by Brenta river and rich in artistic and architectural heritage.

For Christmas holidays, the old town lights up with the joy of the market, with the inevitable and characteristic stands where you can discover many original gift ideas and try the typical specialties - of course, grappa cannot be missing. Among the main attractions are the Remondini nativity scene and the enchanted path of Santa Claus at the Ezzelini castle, a fairy-tale setting to amaze adults and children.

Where: Piazza Garibaldi, Piazza Libertà, Bassano del Grappa (VI)

When: from November 18th 2023 to December 26th 2023 (weekends and holidays)

With the initiative Natale sotto le Mura, Castelfranco, a town in the Treviso area, offers tourists the opportunity to dive in the magic of the Christmas markets in Veneto and discover the scenic beauty of this region as well.

The Christmas village of the town is made of stalls located at the foot of the castle walls, festively decorated and covered with lights to fascinate visitors and turn the imaginations of children on. In this market it is possible to find many specialties of the cuisine, in particular cured meats, cheeses and mulled wine, and fine handicraft production of jewelry, leather goods and accessories.

Where: Public Gardens, Castelfranco Veneto (TV)

When: from November 25th 2023 to January 7th 2024 (not everyday)

3. Christmas market in Pedavena

Christmas market in Pedavena

In the province of Belluno, precisely in the village of Pedavena, it is possible to visit one of the most curious and evocative Christmas markets in Veneto, especially for the location and for the experiences offered to visitors.

This market, where it is possible to buy beautiful decorations for the crib, the tree and the house, takes place in the park of the town's historic brewery and provides the possibility of reserving a place to taste the traditional locally produced Christmas beer and the Pedavena meal based on grilled meats, potatoes, beans and sauerkraut. The folkloristic beauty of the festival in Pedavena is also enriched by the traditional Santa Claus run: a marathon in two different routes of 10 and 4 kilometers, of course dressed in red and white.

Where: Parco della Birreria, Pedavena (BL)

When: from November 19th 2023 to December 24th 2023 (Sundays and holidays only)

Most likely you only knew Jesolo as a seaside tourist place for summers and you didn't imagine that it could host one of the most interesting and particular Christmas markets in Veneto.

The Christmas Village of Jesolo develops in two of the main squares of the Adriatic town, right next to the sea and the famous beaches, and includes many attractions to make all visitors happy: the traditional Christmas market with over 70 stands, two sumptuously decorated trees, the house of Santa Claus and a wonderful exhibition of nativity scenes made of ice, stones and sand. In particular, the latter, also known as Jesolo Sand Nativity, is a symbol of the city's tradition and covers an exhibition space of about 750 square meters.

Where: Piazza Mazzini, Piazza Aurora, Jesolo (VE)

When: from December 1st 2023 to January 7th 2024

1. Christmas market in Venice

Christmas market in Venice

Campo Santo Stefano is one of the Christmas markets in Veneto that mostly arouse the curiosity of tourists and represents the beating heart of the end of the year’s holidays in Venice.

At Christmas Serenissima discovers itself even more beautiful and magical than ever. Its market counts about 30 wooden houses where you'll fall in love with the beauty of local craftsmanship of decorations and objects in Murano glass and ceramics and the very classic Carnival masks. For those with a sweet tooth, the gastronomy stands shouldn’t be missed, as they’re full of amazing products such as panettone, torrone, biscuits, candied chestnuts, olive oils and balsamic vinegars.

Where: Campo Santo Stefano, historic center of Venice

When: from December 4th 2023 to January 6th 2024

Would you like to admire the picture-postcard scenery of the Venice lagoon and enjoy a magnificent cruise among its picturesque views? You could embark on an exciting tour of the admirable arts of glassmaking in Murano and the traditional lacework of Burano, taking advantage of the ticket offered by Visit Italy.

The best Christmas markets in Veneto

The best Christmas markets in Veneto

Christmas markets in Veneto: they are an important tradition for this region.

The most beautiful and wonderful Christmas markets in Veneto: come with us to discover the most beautiful markets in this region from the shores of Garda to the Adriatic coast, naturally passing through the mountain hinterland as well; we have chosen ten, find the one that's made for you.

Christkindlmarkt in Verona: we will accompany you to discover the beautiful Christmas market in the city of Romeo and Juliet.

Christmas market on the lakefront of Bardolino: a beautiful market with a view of Lake Garda from the top of the ferris wheel installed in the village.

Christmas village of Bussolengo: come and discover the wonders of the largest covered Christmas market in Italy.

Christmas Fable in Castel d'Azzano: a perfect Christmas market for lovers of nature and green products.

Christmas Gardens in Asiago: if you are looking for a Christmas market where you can taste amazing specialties, this is the right choice for you.

Christmas market in Bassano del Grappa: discover the artistic and cultural beauty of the city of origin of Vicenza grappa in a Christmas guise.

Christmas market in Castelfranco Veneto: immerse yourself in a fairytale atmosphere in the markets alongside the illuminated walls of the castle.

Christmas market in Pedavena: live a unique experience between excellent beer and lots of folklore in this village in the Belluno area.

Christmas market in Jesolo: let yourself be enchanted by the beautiful nativity scenes made of ice, stones and sand in the famous seaside location on the Adriatic coast.

Christmas market in Venice: experience a Christmas full of emotions, good food and top quality craftsmanship in the city that floats on the sea.

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