Have you ever wanted to treat yourself to a relaxing holiday in this fascinating region? Discover the best thermal Baths in Veneto.

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The Thermal Baths in Veneto have ancient origins. Since Roman times, the beneficial and curative properties of the waters and mud used at Thermal Baths in Veneto were known and renowned.

Today the region has various thermal points, wellness centres and spas that meet the demands and needs of customers that take care of themselves at all levels.

Let's discover together which one best suits your needs and your idea of relaxation.

Thermal baths in Veneto: which are the most popular in Veneto

Thermal Baths in Veneto

The Thermal Baths in Veneto boast two large historical areas: the Euganean Thermal Baths and the Recoaro Thermal Baths. The first is a great area in which the towns of Abano Terme, Montegrotto, Galzignano, Battaglia and Teolo are located. The second is organised around the town of Recoaro. There are several accommodation facilities connected to the medical centres where it is possible to receive treatment. The Thermal Baths  in Veneto with hotels are also sought after, where you will find wellness centres and spas in-house.

4. Abano Terme: the Thermal Baths in Veneto famous in Europe

Abano Terme among Thermal Baths in Veneto

The city of Abano Terme is one of the best-known Thermal Baths in Veneto, but it is also appreciated in Europe. The area in which it is located is of volcanic origin and this has contributed to the formation of several thermal springs in the surroundings. As a result, many centres were built, where it is possible to enjoy therapeutic treatments using the thermal waters.

The waters used at Abano Terme originate in the Alps, travel a long way underground and have a temperature of 82 degrees. They are optimal for treating skin diseases, arthritis and rheumatism. When mixed with Monselice mud, they are used to treat skin blemishes and cervicals. The active ingredients in the mud have properties that can be compared to anti-inflammatory drugs, but have the advantage of having no side effects.

Among the Thermal Baths in Veneto, those of Abano allow for sports that can complete a stay for curative purposes, transforming it into a fulfilling holiday. The Euganean Hills area, in fact, allows for walking and trekking, climbing the hills that rise above the Veneto plain, contrasting the uniform landscape. The 65-km cycling ring will introduce you to all the hills, riding along the banks of the canals. Golf lovers will have the privilege of choosing from four courses that are internationally renowned.

How to go to Abano Terme

3. Montegrotto Terme

Montegrotto Terme

Montegrotto Terme is home to the largest thermal baths in Italy. It is also a city steeped in history, where one can combine a pleasant holiday with the treatments needed to restore one's wellbeing, both physical and mental. In addition to the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Elysium and the Oratory of the Black Madonna, you can stroll through the 32 hectares of the Villa Draghi Garden.

The thermal waters originate at a temperature ranging between 70 and 86 degrees and are used to treat rheumatic and respiratory diseases, such as bronchitis, rhinopathy and pharyngitis.

How to go to Montegrotto Terme

2. Historical Thermal Baths in Veneto

Recoaro Thermal Baths

At the foot of the Little Dolomites lies a thermal centre with nine different springs. Its waters are used for hydropinic cures, mainly to treat respiratory and joint disorders. It is a very well-kept and relaxing environment with numerous gardens.

The particular location, in the Emerald Basin, suggests excursions, walks and outdoor activities in the surroundings. The thermal baths themselves, a five-minute walk from the village, are set in a 22-hectare park.

Among the recommended routes to visit, the Sentiero dei Grandi Alberi  will fascinate you with its wonderful panorama and the majestic trees you will encounter along the way. The Sentiero delle Mole, on the other hand, will make you walk inside the forest. The Strada delle 52 Gallerie includes a section carved into the rock and is one of the many examples of the works built during World War II.

How to go to Recoaro Terme

1. Bibione: Thermal Baths in Veneto by the sea

Bibione Terme by the sea

You can find a recent thermal centre in a well-known seaside town. The waters flow from two wells at a depth of 500 metres with a temperature of 52 degrees. They are indicated for treating respiratory and vascular diseases. It is possible to take advantage of thermal cures affiliated with the National Health Service and to stay in hotels at special rates.

Bibione is a 'family-friendly' location. The organisation of the beaches and activities for tourists pleases the youngest and let their parents relax, while the older ones can enjoy the clubs and events designed for an adult audience. The entire resort is also built with accessibility for the disabled people, a great feather in the cap at national level. The pine forest makes it possible to stroll out of the sun. The famous lighthouse is now a tourist attraction where many couples decide to get married and is a destination for cyclists and joggers.

The Bibione Thermal Baths in Veneto are an excellent incentive to visit other locations in the surrounding area. Portogruaro, 30 km away, is characteristic for its historic centre. Of the five ancient towers, three remain and it is possible to walk among the Venetian-style palaces and under their arcades. It is also worth a boat trip, to have a different and more exciting view of the lagoon, to be combined with birdwatching or a quiet day of fishing.

How to go to Bibione Terme

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