The Venetian art of Tiramisù in an elegant venue in the heart of Treviso: experience the traditional and innovative cuisine of Treviso Tiramisù.

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A cuisine that goes beyond the simple presentation of the most classic flavors of Venetian gastronomy. Instead, it aims for research and innovation, drawing inspiration from tradition while simultaneously seeking the right modern reinterpretation, with careful selection of local products according to seasonality.

Treviso Tiramisù is a venue that takes care of taste and elegance with passion, expertise and friendliness: a true gem in the historic center of Treviso where the world's most famous dessert, Tiramisù, represents the perfect example of celebrating local flavors.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg, n a multifunctional place where you can discover Venetian cuisine recipes, from sweet to savory, and take part in unique and unmissable culinary experiences.

Where Treviso Tiramisù is

Treviso Tiramisù: tradition and identity of the Masters of Tiramisù

Treviso >Tiramisù, the art of Tiramisù

Treviso Tiramisù, from its beautiful location in the heart of Treviso, aims to rediscover the ancient flavors of tradition, reclaiming the gastronomic roots of the territory and presenting them to new generations in a modern and creative fashion. And to achieve this aim, there is no better recipe than Tiramisù.

From the original version to its surprising and creative variations, featuring unusual ingredients such as "Il Nero", entirely chocolate-based, or "Lo sbagliato", slightly salty., this product undeniably takes center stage, conveying a message of beauty, sharing, participation and discovery, successfully transmitting the identity of the city and the entire region.

That's why, in this true home of Tiramisù, you'll not only have the opportunity to experience an outstanding taste sensation, but also to connect with the cultural aspect and the most authentic soul of the region, through an approach characterized by friendliness and love for food.

In this regard, sustainability is one of the hallmarks of Treviso Tiramisù, thanks to an innovative packaging made entirely from recycled materials and a menu that follows a circular approach, where the waste from one preparation becomes the ingredient for another.

Furthermore, the ingredients used in the dishes are also available for purchase, because they come from small local excellences, all to be discovered: this way, you can take home the flavors you've already enjoyed in this venue.

Treviso Tiramisù, a splendid venue in the heart of the historic center

Treviso Tiramisù, Treviso historic center

The historic center of Treviso will not fail to amaze you with the charm of its squares, the style of its buildings and the quiet atmosphere of the alleys that intersect Calmaggiore, the main street connecting Piazza del Duomo and Piazza dei Signori.

Piazza dei Signori is a true city lounge, topped by the picturesque Torre Civica and the suggestive architecture of the Palazzo dei Trecento, as well as an ideal place from which to embark on discovering Treviso's most beautiful attractions.

Entering the narrow alley of Calle della Podestà, for example, you can admire the iconic Fontana delle Tette (a reconstruction, the original is preserved inside the Palazzo dei Trecento), from which wine used to flow during celebrations for the election of the podestà.

Or, continuing along Calle della Podestà and passing Piazza San Vito, you can reach first the charming Buranelli canal and then the Pescheria Island, two of the most characteristic places in the center. A few steps away you will also see the Fountain of Piazza San Leonardo, while following Via Martiri della Libertà you’ll arrive near the ancient building of the Loggia dei Cavalieri (13th century).

In this charming and engaging setting, the culinary art of Venetian tradition is the perfect complement to getting to know the most authentic side of Treviso, a city that boasts excellent products, including Radicchio Rosso, and typical dishes known worldwide, such as the extraordinary Tiramisù with mascarpone cream.

To discover the most classic and true flavors, revisited with an innovative and modern twist, there’s no better place than Treviso Tiramisù: an elegant venue located in a historic four-story building from the 15th century, situated at 32 Barberia Street, just a short walk from the cultural attractions of Piazza dei Signori.

Among ancient frescoes, lights and splendid furnishings, Treviso Tiramisù embodies the ideal setting to celebrate a wonderful territory and indulge in a genuine and irresistible gastronomic experience.

The culinary offerings of Treviso Tiramisù

Treviso Tiramisù, the venue

The pride of Treviso Tiramisù's gastronomic offerings is the traditional recipe that, from the tables of the city of Treviso, delights the palates of dessert lovers worldwide: Tiramisù.

Here, you can taste it in both the classic version and through new, unique and seasonal proposals, from Tiramisù with Amaretto (available year-round) to Liquirizia and Mandarino or Pistachio flavors (available only seasonally to perfectly highlight the taste of seasonal fruit).

You can also choose between different formats: an elegant and refined jar (el vaseto) or a biodegradable cup perfect for a quick snack outdoors (a copeta), while the traditional recipe is served in the classic cake

On the ground floor of Treviso Tiramisù, you will find other traditional Venetian desserts, such as La Fregolotta or Ea Pinsa, which you can enjoy even while strolling through the city center thanks to the convenient Cake Away service. And, also on the ground floor, in the shop I Vojessi, you can discover local traditional products and choose selected gift boxes.

Instead, head to the first floor if, in addition to Tiramisù and typical desserts, you want to savor classic local recipes revisited in a modern and creative way. At the Barberia restaurant, you can taste innovative dishes that once again take advantage of the freshness of seasonal ingredients to offer Venetian specialties such as Risotto Barberia or Gnocchi di Pane con Crema di Radicchio di Treviso e Taleggio (Bread Gnocchi with Treviso Radicchio Cream and Taleggio).

An assortment of unique Tiramisù proposed by the chef, such as the original Pea and Gianduia Tiramisù, is also a must.

On the second floor, Treviso Tiramisù offers special gastronomic experiences including cooking classes, show cooking and tastings. It's a place suitable for discovering and showcasing, to narrate the culinary culture of Treviso and the excellence of its products.

On the attic floor, there’s a special room that utilizes immersive reality to host private, corporate or cultural events.

Finally, the venue also hosts dedicated events where you can meet local producers and learn about their products and how to use them, adding an extra touch of authenticity and connection to the local community.

Discover the true soul of Treviso Tiramisù

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