Venice is beautiful but also fragile. To be enhanced, but also protected. Venice introduces an entry fee from 2023: here's what changes.

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After many years in which the City of Venice has been debating about introducing an entry tourist fee, it seems that the measure is a reality.

Making the city a livable place even during peak season is a demand coming not only from Venetians, but also from visitors themselves. Indeed, in this period of relaxation of covid-related measures, more than 100,000 tourists per day have been recorded. In a city that, until a few years ago, had just over 50,000 inhabitants in its historic center.

For Venice and Venetians, tourism has a fundamental value and hospitality is a way of life. So, the measures we will see in a moment have precisely this function: to protect Venice, its inhabitants, but also its visitors themselves.

So that it will be possible for everyone to be able to enjoy the wonders of La Serenissima in the years to come.

Venice entry fee introduction process: the first step

venice entry fee, increase of transportation costs

Venice wants its visitors to be taken through this transition phase a little at a time. It will therefore take time for the whole process to be completed.

Among the ongoing changes, there is an increase in the cost of waterbuses, a measure that is expected to take effect from September 2023. In fact, the cost of the 75-minute ticket will increase from 7.5 euros per person to 9.5 euros per person and will include not only waterbuses (vaporetti), but also People Mover, streetcars, and city buses.

As for the Venezia Daily transportation Pass there will be an increase of 4 euros on the ticket valid for one day, and 5 euros on tickets valid for 2, 3 or 7 days. The cost of the municipal garage in Piazzale Roma will also increase, from 26-29 euros to 35 euros.

In conjunction with the introduction of the increases, discounts are also planned. Since there is an intention to make Venice closed-access, all those who reserve their access to the city, as well as purchase tickets in advance, will be able to avail themselves of these new rates. Discounted rates have not yet been officially announced, but it is believed they will be about 4 to 5 euros less on multi-day passes and 2 euros on single tickets. The cost of the municipal garage may also be reduced by 5 euros.

In the upcoming weeks, a new web platform will be set up and booking arrangements will be specified.

Venice entry fee introduction process: second step

venice entry fee with turnstiles

Before covid, there had been much discussion about the introduction of turnstiles into Venice. They were to serve mainly during peak seasons, such as Carnival and Redeemer, and make the city a serenely livable place for everyone.

From what the City of Venice has disclosed, there will be "no real limited access." The turnstiles will simply serve to count attendance and cannot be used to identify visitors.

Everyone will be able to access Venice, but only by booking in advance and paying the appropriate entry ticket. The amount of that ticket will vary according to seasonality. In fact, the goal is not to limit admissions, but to discourage tourist takeover.

Those who live or work or study in the lagoon, as well as visitors who stay overnight in Venice, will not have to pay this fee. The latter, in fact, already pay it through the tourist tax. In any case, it seems that all visitors to the lagoon city will be required to book an entrance ticket. It will probably be necessary for students and workers to show a simple pass.

Venice entrance fee: FAQs

venice entry fees

As we have seen, not all decisions have been made yet. Much about access costs or how to book in the city will only be made known in due course.

In any case, we find it useful to summarize here the questions we have been asked most frequently about this change that will soon affect the city of Venice.

1. Since when will it be necessary to book admission to Venice?

The city entrance booking system will go into operation starting August 2022. Details have yet to be released, but it appears that it will be a multilingual web platform where people can register their reservations.

2. How much is Venice charging tourists?

In the early stages of this process, Venice will be by reservation, but with free access. The entry fee will go into effect after the holiday season, starting January 16, 2023.

Those who book their access in advance will pay less than those who decide only at the last minute to visit the city. Those who catch on early will also enjoy discounts on transportation and, most likely, on tickets to museums and cultural initiatives.

In addition, the entrance fee to Venice will also vary according to seasonality: you will pay less on low season days and more on "red dot" days, such as holidays. The rates, however, have not yet been officially announced.

3. Do I need a pass to get into Venice?

Until January 15, 2023, one will enter Venice simply by making a reservation in the platform that will be released in the coming weeks.

From January 16, 2023, however, in addition to booking, payment of the entrance fee will be required.

Please elaborate on point 2 of the article for more details.

4. Who will be waived from paying the entrance fee to Venice?

Again, the information is not yet official.

Those who live in the city will of course be exempt, but also those who work or study there. There are discussions about making access free for all residents of the Veneto Region as well.

At the tourist level, on the other hand, those who stay in the city will be exempt, as they pay the tourist tax anyway.

5. What will change for visiting museums and attractions?

It is not yet clear how the policies of museums and attractions for visitors to Venice will change. What is certain is that it will become increasingly necessary to plan visits in detail and to book in advance for the major attractions.

To make organisation easier, tourist passes will be increasingly indispensable. With a pass you can quickly and easily access the major attractions in Venice and be sure not to miss out on any experience.

There are several passes for Venice on the market, but if you want to get to know the city through more authentic experiences, we recommend the Venice Pass.  

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These measures will serve to make the city a more livable and serene tourist place for all. A way to avoid crowds blocking passage through the city's narrow streets (calli) or to avoid long lines at the vaporetto stop. A way to appreciate that authentic and genuine Venice, its inhabitants and its slow and enjoyable lifestyle that have made it loved in every corner of the planet.

What do you think of this decision?

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