Taste the art of Italian wine: dive into 8 of the most unforgettable wine tours in Italy.

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Immerse yourself in an unforgettable culinary adventure among the most enchanting vineyards and wineries of Italy, where wine becomes art, history, and passion.

First, explore every corner of these generous lands, rich in traditions and hidden secrets. Then, let yourself be enveloped by the harmony of flavours and the intoxicating scents of the landscapes awaiting you. And finally, savour to the last drop the essence of the vineyards you will encounter.

You will discover that some wines, like some trips, fill the soul with beauty and taste. Let's discover the best wine tours in Italy. 

8 Wine Tours in Italy

Wine Tours in Italy

Italy is full of areas famous for the excellence of its wines. What better way to get to know them then with a tasting tour

Tasting delicious wines, distinguishing their specific characteristics while admiring wonderful landscapes, among vineyards and villages. Here's what to expect from a Wine Tour in Italy

We have selected for you 8 experiences not to be missed if you want to love Italian wines, or want to learn more about them. Here are 8 Wine Tours in Italy that we recommend.

8. The Elegance of Amarone in Verona

Amarone tour

Amarone della Valpolicella is one of the most appreciated Italian wines  for its rich and full-bodied taste. A tour through the enchanting hills of Verona will lead you to historic wineries where, among Montagues and Capulets, you can savour this noble nectar and uncover the secrets of its production. All this, accompanied by expert sommeliers, will teach you to distinguish all the nuances that make Amarone unique, starting from the traditional grape drying process, which gives Amarone its intense aromas of ripe fruit and spices.

7. The Sparkling Charm of Prosecco in Venice


Prosecco, with its light and refreshing bubbles, is now a symbolic wine of Veneto. Wandering through the lush vineyards and wineries in the north of La Serenissima, you will have the opportunity to taste the different varieties of this sparkling wine that has already conquered millions of hearts and palates worldwide. What is the best way to savour it? Let each bubble tell its ancient story.

6. History and Tastings at the Scaliger Castles

Scaligeri Castle

The Scaliger Castles, historic fortified residences of the Scaliger family, are among the fascinating attractions of the Veneto region. A tour combining history and taste will take you through these majestic manors, allowing you to taste fine local wines such as Soave, Lugana, and Valpolicella Ripasso within frescoed halls and enchanting gardens. Pair your tasting with small bites from the local tradition, like Tastasal risotto, and immerse yourself in local culture and legends that hover along all the walls.

5. The Prestige of Vino Nobile di Montepulciano


Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, produced in the Tuscan hills, is a highly prized red wine, famous for its robust character and intense aromas of red fruits, plums, and spices. Visiting these heights, you will experience a wine with deep roots, born from a land that has remained almost unchanged since 1580. It is no coincidence that Nobile was the first Italian wine to boast the DOCG (Denomination of Controlled and Guaranteed Origin) label.

4. The Magic of Barolo in the Piedmont Langhe

 Langhe Piemontesi

The Langhe, lands of hills and vineyards, are the cradle of the famous Barolo, the "king of wines" or "wine of kings." Here, you must try Barolo in its different vintages and culinary pairings: arm yourself with a glass and fork and prepare for brasato al Barolo and agnolotti del plin with wine. As you savour this extraordinary mix, let yourself be captivated by the breathtaking landscape of the Langhe, a UNESCO World Heritage site of invaluable beauty and value. Remember also to explore the particular ageing technique in oak barrels, which gives Barolo its unmistakable rose and spice scent. The same aroma won over Camillo Benso, Count of Cavour, a great Barolo enthusiast.

3. The Authenticity of Primitivo di Manduria in Puglia


Primitivo di Manduria, known for its strength and fruity aromas of plum and cherry, is one of the most appreciated red wines in the Puglia region. Let yourself be won over by the generosity of this wine, an expression of the warmth and passion of Southern Italy, and discover the legend that links it to the wine of Falerno, loved by ancient Romans and celebrated by immortal poets such as Ovid and Horace.

2. The Exuberance of Nero d'Avola in Sicily

Nero D'Avola

Nero d'Avola, the pride of Sicilian winemaking, is a bold red wine with enveloping aromas of ripe fruit, spices, and chocolate. Its black berries are hypnotic, just like the energy and passion Nero d'Avola can convey. While you're here, among its vineyards, you must also hear the story that connects this native wine to the mythical figure of Dionysus, the god of wine and intoxication.

Franciacorta is one of the most prestigious Italian sparkling wines, appreciated for its elegance and fine, persistent bubbles. Delight your palate with delicate tastings of the different types of Franciacorta, such as Satèn, characterized by a smoother and creamier texture, and Pas Dosé, with a drier and more intense taste. Then, explore the centuries-old tradition of Lombard winemaking and let yourself be captivated by the brilliant colours of the vineyards and the beauty of the historic villas that dot the territory.

Wine tours in Italy, shall we go?


Listen to the whisper of the wind through the vineyards, the tale of a thousand harvests, and let the wine carry you to new corners of paradise through experiences that warm the soul and awaken the senses. In other words: enjoy a journey in wine marked by art, taste, and beauty that only Italy can offer. Cheers!

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