Thanks to the unforgettable light sceneries that accompany each show, Venice makes every event an adventure full of emotions and discoveries.

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Venice in the spotlight of the world

Despite the health crisis and the repercussions in the tourism sector, Venice is still one of the must-see Italian destinations for young people and adults. As its name may suggest, the Water City does not intend to be submerged by the scarce lagoon waters of that peculiar gondolier flow of the past. Venice is ready to welcome tourism instead and patiently faces the future by showing the world its unique beauties and the overtime-cared splendour through several digital initiatives. Emotional events that have accompanied generations will not be suspended. Venice Carnival 2021 will be a whole new on-screen carnival, given the downsizing of the entire organizational structure, which does not limit its opulence but remains faithful to the same values.

Lights and Emotions


Venice has always enhanced the fame inherited from the history that characterizes it from the cultural and artistic viewpoint. It has always been able to take advantage of the territory that houses its foundations. Games and light-shows have always played a fundamental role in a charming and rich-in-history but fragile city. In a moment like this, visual-shows are the only ones capable to inspire the spectator. The city is determined to fill the silence caused by the lack of tourism. It manages to reach the spectator heart through the emotions visual-shows can transmit. Some of the most recent events confirm it.

- Last Christmas preparation in Piazza San Marco filled the Square with enthralling joy.

- The show broadcast on the Rialto Bridge for the city's 1600th birthday, on which image projections remembered why Venice is worthy of its fame.

- The light installations that announced the launch of the PlayStation 5 - the latest Sony-branded game console - in Piazza San Marco made it the protagonist of an event broadcast all over the world.

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Wedding in Venice


The Venetian lights history is a cultural custom reported in public events as well as private occasions. Imagine one of the most important days of your life walking around the Calli (city lanes) or sitting on a Venetian gondola that leads you through the canals that flow towards the Grand Canal. Then, imagine concluding a terrific day of celebration in one of the most exclusive locations in Venice. While the day fades into night, lighting installations play a fundamental role to make every event unrepeatable. In a place echoing magic, the lights games enhance the magnificence of the internal and external spaces. 


A keen eye for details


In every event, Venice has got a keen eye for details. Over time, the care for details has become a cultural custom linked to the Venetian people and their land. Like AFS - Sound and Lights Service that makes every single event unforgettable. With a philosophy based on customer appreciation through listening, dialogue and the exchange of ideas, AFS - Sound and Lights Service sets up its experience thanks to the services offered for public or private occasions at the most prestigious locations in the city, such as weddings, congresses, theatre and dance performances, shows and exhibitions, digital events or gala evenings, concerts and architectural lighting. Audio-visual rental services are associated with a wide range of lighting services. AFS - Sound and Lights Service offers powerful and compact amplification systems, which fit with the utmost discretion in all circumstances. AFS - Sound and Lights Service also provides all the tools necessary for a complete realization of the event, from setting up structures, stages and platforms to fabric and carpet coverings for perfect integration in elegant and refined environments. Digital events are 2021 news. AFS - Sound and Lights Services guarantees reliability and professionalism for audio-visual streaming, from the smallest meeting room to the largest auditorium. The mission is to make videoconferences and multimedia classrooms a place without any shortcomings for a worthwhile experience.

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