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If we could give everyone the right amount of nutrition and exercise we would have found the way to health.


Let's be honest, it is not always easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle especially in this particular historical moment, severe and unfortunately full of restrictions that serve to protect the health of each of us. Nevertheless it is important to take care of yourself, trying to adopt a healthy and balanced diet, maintain a discreet and constant physical activity while respecting your small desires. Follow our advice on the activities to be carried out in Venice, in harmony with what has been declared by the Italian Ministry of Health.

Physical activity at home or outdoors in Venice


Obviously, in addition to choosing a correct and balanced diet, it is really very important in a period like this to keep the body active, trying to remove sedentariness, keeping fit also from the mental point of view. In this regard, it is good to remember that it is always possible to carry out in a purely individual form of motor activity and outdoor sports, even running and cycling, maintaining at all times the individual distance. Here is, however, a series of good habits to maintain in this period: 

Always use the stairs instead of the elevator, both downhill and uphill Play, have fun and exercise with your children Dance at home or at least try to move with the music Practice jumping with the rope if you can Participate in webinars or online gymnastics classes Do some muscle strengthening activities and lift weights by replacing tools with what you have at home, such as bottles full of water If possible use exercise equipment such as exercise bikes, treadmills, rubber bands, barbells. Do weekly series of push-ups, push-ups and squats Do some "free body" exercises per week, walk, run or jump on the spot Try not to stay in the same position while you work but take several breaks to stretch your legs.

If you decide to go out to run in the open air, always remember to keep the right distances from other runners, to use the mask if you are walking (and not running) and always choose safe and not too crowded places.

And if you really don't know where to go, here are the parks and natural areas that we recommend you to know and explore:

Oasis of Martellago, the perfect place to train in nature in complete safety. It is a huge park, outside the city located between Maerne and Martellago, with large green lawns to find the contact with nature that in these times is always welcome.

Parco San Giuliano, near Mestre not too far from the bridge of freedom, overlooks the lagoon, and is one of the largest urban parks in the world, with its surface area that reaches 700 hectares. It is a truly important park for the study of the lagoon ecosystem, known not only for the interest of the landscape but also for the various individual sports activities that can be practiced.

Park Alfredo Albanese, also known as the park of Bissuola, so named for the police commissioner Alfredo Albanese, murdered in 1980 because of his struggle and his commitment against the Red Brigades. It is a very large green area, about 33 hectares, divided between large green meadows and structures usually used for group sports activities (currently not practicable).

Villa Belvedere Park, located outside the city in the municipality of Mirano, province of Venice, is a park of small size compared to the selected ones but still very suggestive; it is divided into two large areas, one characterized by a small lake, large green expanses and architecture of historical and artistic importance as Villa Giustinian Morosini, while the second, wilder, is characterized by thick vegetation, surrounded by a small stream. 

A correct diet in Venice: where to eat healthy food

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In order to brilliantly overcome this period in which mobility is reduced, it will also be necessary to follow some simple rules, especially in the food sector: 

Moisturize, and therefore drink at least a liter and a half of water every day Always have a good breakfast and avoid skipping meals Try to consume at least 5 portions per day between fruits and vegetables, reaching a total of 400 grams of this type of products, varying the colors as much as possible. It consumes cereals (bread, pasta, rice, etc.) daily, giving priority to wholemeal cereals. Eat fish at least 2-3 times a week, for the right amount of protein and omega 3. Prefer the consumption of white meat, limiting when possible that of red meat. Include a good amount of vegetable protein in your weekly diet, which you can find in all types of legumes Limits the consumption of foods rich in sugar, salt and fat as well as carbonated or sugary drinks. Privileges extra virgin olive oil to season your dishes, remembering not to exaggerate. Choose steam cooking, grill, baked goods. Avoid frying or using cooking in which you are going to add fat to your dishes.

Obviously it is more than possible to follow the above advice and at the same time choose your food in a tasty and rich taste. Always keep an eye on some personal physical factors such as weight helps to avoid various health problems, but not for this reason you should not indulge in a few whims or a few weekly outbursts. Among the new culinary trends we can not fail to mention the poke, a typical Hawaiian and Pacific dish obtained thanks to influences between East and West, especially between Japan and the United States. A bit like it happened in ancient times just in Venice when the capital of the Venetian Republic was one of the main meeting points with the neighbor and the Far East. This delicious dish is becoming more and more an international culinary phenomenon and since in its different variants it often contains fish, vegetables and cereals, it can be a possibility to choose to follow the advice explained above. A Venetian restaurant that can cook for you this goodness is definitely poke a poke a puà; it is located in calle fuseri, near St. Mark's Square and is a real Hawaiian experience, it also provides take-away and delivery services every day until 9 p.m. We recommend it, absolutely to try it!

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