What are the best restaurants in Verona not to be missed? We at Visit Italy have selected 10 that you absolutely must try in 2023!

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If you want to know the selection of the 10 best restaurants in Verona, you are in the right place, we at Visit italy have selected the ones not to be missed.

You are in the romantic city par excellence, home of the most famous lovers in historyRomeo and Juliet. A timeless place, a gem in the heart of the Veneto region, a popular destination for tourists from all over the world, not only for Shakespeare's tragedies, for the curiosity of climbing onto the young Capulet's balcony or for the famous Arena, but above all for the excellent culinary delights that can be enjoyed in Verona's best restaurants.

Its beauty, its alleys, its evocative atmospheres and, last but not least, its cuisine, made up of traditional dishes with a unique flavour that cannot be missed when visiting the city of love. The journey is not only about sights and visits, but also experiences. There is no better way to discover destinations through culinary traditions. We will not only enchant you with incredible and picturesque sights, but with recipes handed down from generation to generation.

Let's discover together where to eat, here are the 10 best restaurants you absolutely must try in Verona.

Casa Perbellini

Best restaurants in Verona Casa Perbellini

Casa Perbellini is an extraordinary challenge. A challenge that Michelin-starred chef Giancarlo Perbellini has staged in his restaurant, which from July 2023 will move from its historic location in Piazza San Zeno to vicolo Corticella San Marco. The kitchen is a place where chefs find their original stage. With the barriers disappearing, the chef and his work remain at the centre of the spectacular open kitchen where guests can admire the art of food preparation. In an intimate setting with fewer tables and seats, only 24 covers are available. In one of Verona's best restaurants there is a unique connection between the chef and the public, and in summer, an unmissable view of one of the historic squares frames the outdoor tables. Come and try this unique experience. The new headquarters of Casa Parbellini will have a larger location, specially chosen to best express the ambitions and needs of the chef.

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Ristorante il Desco

Best restaurant il Desco in Verona

Ristorante il Desco was founded in 1981, more than 40 years ago. Elia Rizzo felt the need to give a new impulse to the gastronomic traditions of Verona, from simple regional cuisine to a new concept of haute cuisine with rigour and elegance. The first recognitions came soon, he won a Michelin star in 1985 and was confirmed and reconfirmed year after year by the world's most famous gastronomic guide. On the strength of his experiences around the world that have confronted him with different realities, cultures and cuisines, Matteo is ready to take the reins of the family restaurant. To reflect in each dish his experiences, passions and travels, without forgetting the heritage, instructions and 'inheritance' of his father Elia. Today, more than 40 years after its birth, customers of the Il Desco restaurant are welcomed by the courtesy and professionalism of the young restaurateurs of the Rizzo family.

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Ziga Bistrò

Best restaurants in Verona Ziga Bistrò

Whether you follow a vegan, vegetarian or omnivorous diet Ziga Bistrò is absolutely among the best restaurants in Verona. Extremely rich menu to satisfy your tastes and needs at any time of the day: from lunch to dinner via aperitif to the super trendy brunch formula. The cuisine is vegetarian, creative and tasteful. The quality of ingredients is excellent, and the dishes are well cared for in taste and presentation. The beverage selection is varied: excellent wines, including by the glass, craft beers, and various cocktails are also on the menu. The delightful location is decorated in a style that mixes vintage and industrial. Intimate and cozy, Ziga Bistrot is a place that offers sought-after niche products and unusual combinations with dishes that are rich in taste and imagination and that vary often. Go back often to try the latest innovations.

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Special & Mr. Martini

Best restaurants Verona Special & Mr. Martini

Special & Mr. Martini was born in Verona in 2016 in an iconic service station of the 1950s, from the idea of the famous Veronese customizer Mr. Martini, active in the field of special motorbikes since 1994. Mr. Martini's proposal is based on a perfect balance between Italian tradition and international innovation. Combined with continuous research, all aspects of sustainability and the quality and genuineness of the selected raw materials. Full respect for the people who collaborate and contribute to the growth of this project, continuous research of selected raw materials and strategy. Special & Mr. Martini uses local producers for all fresh, seasonal ingredients and over the years it has built strong relationships with suppliers who share the same values. Finally, the restaurant features gourmet burgers, a selection of international dishes, and an outstanding cocktail bar.

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La Chiusina

La Chiusina best restaurants Verona

Located in the centre of Borghetto, one of Italy's most beautiful villages, and directly overlooking the Mincio River, La Chiusina Restaurant offers seafood dishes, both seafood and freshwater. Here tradition and contemporaneity meet in a free and original way, resulting in sophisticated cuisine with attention to detail. The select wine list is interesting and not at all predictable. Try the tasting menu and be surprised by non-trivial pairings of dishes and wines. The staff, young and bright, will put you at ease with precise and dynamic service. At La Chiusina you will find the same fairy-tale atmosphere of Borghetto in the outdoor terrace, from which to enjoy, especially in summer, an enchanting view of the river at sunset. If you are looking for a place where to eat in Verona, in an intimate, romantic and cozy setting, we can only recommend this restaurant among the best.

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Corte Scaligera

Corte Scaligera best restaurant Verona

One of the best restaurants in Verona is definitely the Corte Scaligera, an out-of-the-ordinary agritourism, with attention to every detail, in modern style. They have skilfully transformed agricultural environments into cooking and tasting spaces with ultra-modern architectural solutions, creating a masterpiece, with an adjoining meat shop. There is a choice of meat to be prepared, which is really well matured and melts in the mouth. The burgers are also exquisite, not to mention the desserts. Excellent wine cellar with an open window. This place must be frequented by beef lovers. They offer the best, cooked perfectly and served equally well. Top quality meat, from producer to consumer in the truest sense of the word, and excellent service. Last but not least, there are also two parking spaces for electric cars in the car park!

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Locanda 4 Ciacole

Locanda 4 Ciacole restaurant best Verona

At Locanda 4 Ciacole, in Roverchiara, the staff is very prompt and helpful, friendly and always smiling. Wonderful dishes to see and to taste, they are an explosion of flavors, never mundane and "already seen". Locanda 4 Ciacole is a truly inviting place with its rustic style and warm wall tones. The staff pays attention to detail and pampers customers in a pleasant way. You'll appreciate the friendly treatment: you'll feel at home, a guest rather than a customer. The menu has few dishes, but many spectacular details and pairings. A separate chapter deserves the wines, one of the best preserved cellars, one of the most select we have ever visited. Suggesting the wines is the owner's son, Marco, described as the best sommelier in the Veneto. We think that's enough of a guarantee. You just have to try it!

Locanda 4 Ciacole

Osteria al Duomo

Osteria al Duomo the best restaurants in Verona

Looking for traditional flavours in one of Verona's best restaurants? Make a reservation at the Osteria al Duomo. This typical, cosy restaurant offers a menu with a few traditional dishes from the Veronese culinary tradition, carefully prepared and with some daily specials. The bigoli with donkey ragout are truly excellent, as are the homemade desserts. The attention of the staff, very kind and thoughtful in their presentation, will make you feel pampered. The price is definitely honest considering the high quality of the dishes. If you want to try typical Veronese dishes, this is the right place. Ideal for tasting high quality products. Friendly and precise service. The place is as an inn should be, so modest but clean and cosy. Throw yourself into this taste experience and try the bigoli con ragù d'asino, for second course the pastissada di cavallo con polenta and wash it all down with a glass of good wine.

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Osteria Osei

Best restaurants Verona Osteria Osei

Have you ever been to the Osteria Osei? Selected by us among the best restaurants in Verona. The ambience is pleasant and the service attentive. The menu offers traditional dishes prepared and presented with care, try the pumpkin tortelli and the Angus tagliata. Let yourself be delighted by the baccalà mantecato with polenta chips as an antipasto, passing by the bigoli al ragù di capriolo and ending with the delicious pastisada de caval con polenta. Above all, the salami and cheese board, gnocchi with Lessinia truffles, and a richly cooked side dish of mixed vegetables. The desserts are also exquisite and well presented. The service, courtesy and helpfulness are the masters, the staff is smiling and friendly. Bright and cosy ambience, informal but not banal with beautiful pictures on the walls of Porta vescovo and its surroundings. All the dishes are excellent, both first and second courses, and the desserts are fantastic. The tiramisu: fabulous. Excellent value for money. Have you ever eaten boiled meat with pear? Do it is the right place!

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L'Evangelista Ristorante & Enoteca

L'Evangelista Ristorante & Enoteca

At L'Evangelista Ristorante & Enoteca you will soon realise that the food and ambience are worthy of a starred restaurant. The wait staff is young and dynamic, friendly and knowledgeable. Try the tasting menu, we can tell you that every course is worth it. All the dishes are incredibly good and perfectly presented, a real explosion of flavours. The starter of slow-boiled egg with pan brioche, truffle, parmesan mousse and foie gras is an highlight at L'Evangelista Ristorante & Enoteca. But also fregola with duck ragout and Amarone reduction, crispy suckling pig and house tiramisu is a must-taste. Lovingly decorated restaurant, intimate and suitable for everyone. Options based on meat, fish or vegetarian are equally offered. Definitely one of the best restaurants in Verona

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