Which are the best restaurants in Verona not to be missed? We have selected for you the ones you absolutely must try in 2024!

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If you want to know the selection of the 10 best restaurants in Verona, you are in the right place, we at Visit italy have selected the ones not to be missed.

You are in the romantic city par excellence, home of the most famous lovers in historyRomeo and Juliet. A timeless place, a gem in the heart of the Veneto region, a popular destination for tourists from all over the world, not only for Shakespeare's tragedies, for the curiosity of climbing onto the young Capulet's balcony or for the famous Arena, but above all for the excellent culinary delights that can be enjoyed in Verona's best restaurants.

Its beauty, its alleys, its evocative atmospheres and, last but not least, its cuisine, made up of traditional dishes with a unique flavour that cannot be missed when visiting the city of love. The journey is not only about sights and visits, but also experiences. There is no better way to discover destinations through culinary traditions. We will not only enchant you with incredible and picturesque sights, but with recipes handed down from generation to generation.

Let's discover together where to eat, here are the 10 best restaurants you absolutely must try in Verona.

Famiglia Rana

Ristorante Famiglia Rana among the best in Verona

The Famiglia Rana Restaurant offers a unique culinary experience that combines Veneto tradition with innovation. The restaurant's philosophy is based on the use of fresh, seasonal ingredients from the local area, enhanced by bold and creative combinations. This is why we recommend it among the best restaurants in Verona. The menu offers dishes that surprise the palate and excite the curiosity. The wine cellar boasts a selection of fine wines, both local and national, that perfectly accompany each dish. The atmosphere in the restaurant is cosy and familiar, the service attentive and professional. The ambience reflects the perfect combination of the Rana Family's ideas and those of chef Francesco Sodano, both of which aim to create a hospitable place that is both visually and gastronomically special. The result is a gourmet experience that combines a love for tradition and territory with contemporary contaminations, in a culinary journey of excellence, also recognised in the Michelin Guide 2024.

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Casa Perbellini 12 apostoli

Best restaurants in Verona: Casa Perbellini 12 apostoli

Casa Perbellini 12 apostoli is an extraordinary challenge that star chef Giancarlo Perbellini has staged in his restaurant. The kitchen becomes the place where chefs find their original stage and deserves to be considered among the best restaurants in Verona. With the barriers disappearing, the chef and his work remain at the centre of the spectacular open kitchen, where guests can admire the art of preparing the various courses. The cuisine is creative and innovative and heralds a unique and refined experience. The presentation is meticulous in every detail and each dish is presented with elegance, recalling and demonstrating a passion for gastronomy and constant research. The Casa Perbellini 12 apostoli tasting courses mirror the chef's evolution, while the variety of desserts is a further demonstration of culinary flair, in the unusual combination of excellent products that create sweet gourmet nuances.

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Il Desco

Best restaurant il Desco in Verona

Ristorante il Desco was founded in 1981, more than 40 years ago. Elia Rizzo felt the need to give a new impulse to the gastronomic traditions of Verona, from simple regional cuisine to a new concept of haute cuisine with rigour and elegance. The first recognitions came soon, he won a Michelin star in 1985 and was confirmed and reconfirmed year after year by the world's most famous gastronomic guide. On the strength of his experiences around the world that have confronted him with different realities, cultures and cuisines, Matteo is ready to take the reins of the family restaurant. To reflect in each dish his experiences, passions and travels, without forgetting the heritage, instructions and 'inheritance' of his father Elia. Today, more than 40 years after its birth, customers of the Il Desco restaurant are welcomed by the courtesy and professionalism of the young restaurateurs of the Rizzo family.

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Vecio Macello

Ristorante Vecio Macello among the best in Verona

Vecio Macello presents an evocative location in the heart of Verona: once used for meat processing, today it offers a high level culinary experience in an elegant setting. The menu, tasting or à la carte, emphasises typical products from the Verona area, revisited with creativity and skill by the chef. The dishes on offer use fresh fish and meat, presented in a modern and refined style. The modern décor blends perfectly with traces of the industrial past, creating a cosy atmosphere that favours unforgettable moments. Ristorante Vecio Macello is the ideal place to eat in Verona, for a special dinner, a business lunch or an occasion to celebrate. The Lunch menu is an opportunity to relax during your lunch break with some special pampering. The wine cellar boasts a wide selection of fine wines, local, national and international, to accompany each tasting and enhance the culinary proposal.

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Best restaurants in Verona: Amistà

Located inside the luxurious Byblos Art Hotel in Verona, the Amistà Restaurant offers a refined culinary experience that skilfully combines taste and art. Michelin-starred chef Mattia Bianchi offers a creative and innovative tasting menu that emphasises typical products from the Verona area, reinterpreted with flair and skill. Among the restaurants in Verona, it is the one that offers complete accommodation for a high-level international target. The refined ambience reflects a gastronomic proposal that is a sensorial journey to discover new and unexpected flavours. Each dish is a work of culinary art, carefully prepared down to the smallest detail and made with fresh, seasonal ingredients. The wine list includes a wide selection of fine labels that perfectly accompany each course. The refined atmosphere, excellent cuisine and impeccable service will make your experience unforgettable.

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Casin del Gamba

Casin del Gamba among the best restaurants in Verona

The Casin del Gamba Restaurant is immersed in nature, a few steps from Lake Garda, surrounded by a beautiful hillside setting. The cosy and familiar atmosphere offers a harmonious space with great attention to detail. A Michelin star since 1992, it is distinguished by a cuisine that changes with the rhythm of the seasons, offering creative and tasty dishes that surprise at every tasting. The Dal Lago family's passion is constantly evolving to offer menus that meet the highest expectations, accompanied by a selection of fine wines, perfect for every occasion. The experience on offer is capable of satisfying all the senses, to appreciate the nuances of a priceless culinary proposal that exalts a local cuisine revisited in a modern key.

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Regio Patio

Regio Patio among the best restaurants in Verona

If you want to experience the magic of gourmet cuisine in a spectacular location, we recommend you try the Regio Patio, a must-visit among the best restaurants in Verona. It offers contemporary cuisine based on authentic local flavours with innovative techniques and refinement. The menu, seasonal and constantly updated, exalts refined nuances of taste and is accompanied by a wine cellar full of national and international labels. The Regio Patio has been reviewed in the main Italian gastronomic guides and has received numerous awards, guaranteeing an unforgettable culinary experience on Lake Garda. The elegant and refined ambience, with large windows overlooking the garden, creates a charming and intimate atmosphere, perfect for a romantic dinner or special occasion. It is the perfect setting to enhance the dishes created by chef Andrea Costantini.

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Oste Scuro

Oste Scuro Restaurant in Verona

The Oste Scuro restaurant promises an unforgettable gastronomic experience, combining distinctive cuisine with authentic hospitality. Its philosophy focuses on the quality and freshness of lake fish and local produce, processed with great respect for the raw material. The creative and refined dishes also feature fine elements such as oysters, caviar, lobster and blue lobster. Each lunch or dinner can be enhanced by a wine cellar that boasts 700 labels. There is an informal and cosy air to make every guest feel at ease; the warm atmosphere is accompanied by attentive and friendly service, which frames tastings that satisfy the senses and delight the palate. It is listed in the Michelin Guide 2024 with 2 forks and boasts many other awards.

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Osteria dai Coghi

Restaurants in Verona: Osteria dai Coghi

The Osteria dai Coghi, listed in the Michelin Guide 2024, stands out for its cuisine based on fresh, seasonal ingredients from the surrounding area. It ranks among the places to eat in Verona that combine culinary tradition with warm hospitality to offer an unforgettable experience to all its guests. Its gastronomic proposal is a continuous research and experimentation, linked to the seasonality of the products used, which are combined with balance and harmony. The resulting awakening of the senses is able to satisfy even the most demanding palates, who will not be disappointed by the presentation of each course. In summer, the location is enriched with the charm of the outdoor dehor, offering unforgettable moments in total relaxation.

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Locanda Perbellini ai Beati

Locanda Perbellini ai Beati among the best restaurants in Verona

Locanda Perbellini ai Beati is located on the shores of Lake Garda: its elegant and refined atmosphere blends perfectly with the beauty of the surrounding landscape and the spectacular view it offers. It represents a gastronomic oasis that enchants the senses and satisfies the palate of its most demanding guests, with a gastronomic proposal that harmoniously blends traditional Italian cuisine with contemporary creativity. Only the best local and seasonal ingredients are used, reinterpreted with boldness and creativity, to discover new authentic flavours. The ambience is enchanting and romantic, with refined furnishings and soft lighting for intimate and unforgettable moments. The attentive and professional wait staff is always ready to pamper all guests, guaranteeing an unparalleled culinary experience from the first course to the last: every dish, in the best restaurants in Verona, tells a story and every moment is an experience to remember!

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