Are you a music lover? Would you like to visit Italy and be a spectator at the most famous Italian music events? 

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Italy is a country known and appreciated all over the world for its culture and music, which over the centuries have enchanted audiences of all ages and backgrounds.
Here is a selection of the 13 most famous and impressive music events that take place in Italy.

13. Sudtirol Jazz Festival

A music event founded in 1983, the Sudtirol Jazz Festival brings internationally renowned artists to perform on various South Tyrolean stages. It is one of Italy's most famous summer festivals and is held in several towns throughout the region. Italian, as well as international artists, perform on impressive stages such as lakes and castles.

From 24 June to 3 July 2022.

12. Cavart - Extrazioni Culturali

Cavart-Extrazioni Culturali 'Festival of Arts and Environmental Culture' is one of the fascinating musical events in North Sardinia, promoted by the Sassari Chamber of Commerce as part of the 'Salude & Trigu' project. 

The Municipality of Sennori in the north-west of the island, under the artistic direction of the Girovagando association, Theatre en vol and Officine Culturali association, proposes an event that aims to enhance and redevelop beautiful and unusual theatrical settings.

In the splendid and evocative setting of the former tuff quarry in Sennori, Cavart presents an experiential journey and reinterprets the old quarries as locations for cultural activities. The event will involve the three villages of Sennori, Ittireddu and Monteleone Rocca Doria in the province of Sassari, where music will be the great protagonist, together with art and tradition. 

Schedule 2022: June 19, July 3 and 17.

11. Festival Internazionale Isole che parlano

Isole che Parlano International Festival usually takes place in September in Palau and other beautiful places in Gallura such as Arzachena, La Maddalena and Luogosanto. 

Sardinia, with its deepest roots, confronts contemporary society by drawing an ideal bridge with the world.

Since 1996 the Festival has become a point of reference in the regional, national and international cultural scene, thanks to its acknowledged ability to combine tradition and innovation, which continues to be the backbone of the event, and to a theme or focus that changes every year. One of the fascinating summer festivals in Italy, it is included in the 'Salude & Trigu' calendar. 

Schedule 2022: 3 - 11 September. 

10. Ortigia Sound System

It is a summer electronic music festival linked to Mediterranean music mixed together with more contemporary experiments, accompanied by a series of artistic shows. The event takes place in Sicily, at Maniace Castle in Ortigia, which is the oldest part of the city of Syracuse, part of the Unesco Heritage. One of the most famous and electrifying music events in Italy! 

July 27 - July 31, 2022. 

9. Indiegeno Fest

Organised by Leave Music, it takes place at the Greek Theatre of Tindari. Although it has only been active since 2014, this festival is already considered one of the most famous summer music events on the island and in southern Italy. In 2020 he took part in the manifesto of the international organization Keychange, placing himself at the forefront of gender equality in the musical environment. On the website you will find a list of hospitality partners and all ticket information.

From 29 July to 4 August 2022. 

8. Fèŝta de ra Bàndes

It has been held in Cortina d’Ampezzo for over 150 years and it is organized by the Cortina d’Ampezzo Musical Body. The Fèŝta de ra Bàndes (festival of bands) takes place during the last week of August and consists of several musical performances that end with the big band parade on the last Sunday of the month. On this occasion, you can see the traditional local signs, typical floats and the clothes handed down from several generations worn by the members of the bands.

7. Jazz Alguer

JazzAlguer is the jazz and arts festival of the city of Alghero, in Northern Sardinia. Various musical evenings with different proposals will take place in Lo Quarter and other attractive locations: it is a review organised by the cultural association Bayou Club-Events

JazzAlguer continues along the route traced out in previous years, keeping quality Italian-made jazz as its guiding star.

2022 edition: 30 April - 25 November.

6. Auditorium Lo Squero

It was a former boat-repair-shop, currently the auditorium belongs to the Giorgio Cini Foundation, and since 2016 a season of concerts has been inaugurated every year on the Island of Saint George in Venice: from the windows of the auditorium it is possible to observe in the background Saint Marco Square and the Giudecca Canal.

2022 season: 27 May - 28 October.

5. Romaeuropa Festival

It is an event of art, performance art, contemporary dance, contemporary theater, contemporary music and cinema that takes place in the Italian capital since 1986, thanks to the Association of the Friends of Villa Medici, which later became the Romaeuropa Foundation in 1990. The festival takes place in 16 locations in the city of Rome, giving space to national and non-national artists.

From 8 September to 20 November 2022.

4. Rocce Rosse Blues Festival

It has been taking place in Sardinia for about 30 years and touches 20 locations distributed throughout the island, and it has involved more than 200 artists in its events. The festival is one of the most famous music events in Italy. Part of its appeal lies in its choice of evocative backdrops, such as ancient villages and towns surrounded by forests, streams, rocks, mountains and beaches. On the Rocce Rosse (red rocks) Blues Festival site there are also recommended places in the surrounding area where you can taste typical products and drinks of the island.

Scheduled from 22 July to 19 August 2022. 

3. PEM! Parole e Musica in Monferrato

PEM! Parole e Musica in Monferrato (words and music in Monferrato) counts more than 15 editions.  It takes place between the end of August and the end of September in Piedmont, against the backdrop of hills that are part of the Unesco World Heritage Site embellished with the gardens of period villas, farmhouse courtyards, parks and ancient squares. The festival has its origins in Saint Salvatore Monferrato but every year it involves different places in the region.

Schedule: 27 August 2022 to 25 September 2022.

2. Ferrara Sotto le Stelle

For more than 25 editions at Piazza Castello in Ferrara, Emilia, the Ferrara Sotto Le Stelle (Ferrara under the stars) festival has focused on a youth audience. It hosts genres such as indie rock, rock and Italian singer-songwriters, contemporary and avant-garde music and international guests from all musical and geographical backgrounds. Workshops for children and teenagers are also connected to this show, as well as meetings and collateral events.

Scheduled from 15 June to 15 July 2022. 

1. Beaches Brew Festival

The Bronson Cultural Association promotes the Beaches Brew Festival at the Hana Bi beach resort in Marina di Ravenna, Romagna. This summer festival is free and has been organised annually since 2012, and has already seen the participation of Italian and foreign artists of international renown who perform a few steps from the seashore. One of the Italian music events you absolutely must not miss. 

From 6 to 9 June 2022.

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