Discover where to find the best places to admire the most romantic sunsets in North Sardinia! Here are 10 of them, which one will be your favorite?

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In Sardinia it is possible to admire unique sunsets, from the heights immersed in pure nature to its wild beaches. The colors of the sunset reflected on the sea create awesome landscapes, when the sky gradually turns yellow, gold, pink and purple.

Want to know where to witness these wonders? Here is a selection of 10 places to admire the most romantic sunsets in North Sardinia. Enjoy the view and...don't forget to take a picture and kiss your soulmate!

10. Most romantic sunsets in North Sardinia: Porto Cervo

Most romantic sunsets in North Sardinia: Porto Cervo

A walk along the pier of Porto Cervo at sunset will give you unique emotions. The harbour lights reflected on the sea and the colours of the sky will create a wonderful landscape, to enjoy with your partner or friends. Here you can also admire the sunset from the terraces of the clubs, having a good time for a happy hour or a romantic dinner, all decorated in shades of pink and orange. An exclusive and magical mix of all-natural beauty which at dusk enhances the wonder of North Sardinia.

9. Sunset in Sennori

Most romantic sunsets in North Sardinia: Sennori

Sennori is a small village of Roman origins, located between Sassari and Sorso, in Romangia. From here there's a unique view over the Gulf of Asinara, a landscape that becomes even more spectacular when the sun slowly goes down to disappear into the sea beyond the horizon. Sennori is also famous for its agricultural productions, especially the Moscato di Romangia wine among the best ones in the region, and handicrafts, such as baskets made from Mediterranean palm leaves. Here take place also some of the most fascinating cultural events in North Sardinia.

8. Sunset in Vignola Mare

Most romantic sunsets in North Sardinia: Vignola Mare

From the beautiful beaches of crystal clear water of Vignola Mare you can enjoy a unique sunset. The tourist destination is located on the descending stretch of the Northern coast of Sardinia, between Santa Teresa di Gallura and Castelardo. From here you will see the sun setting behind the fortress of the village, the Tower of Vignola, creating a breathtaking scenery. On summer evenings, you can relax on this beach while waiting for the day to end to experience first-hand one of the most romantic sunsets in North Sardinia.

7. Sunset in Stintino

Most romantic sunsets in North Sardinia: Stintino

Stintino is located in the extreme northwestern corner of the island, stretching towards Asinara, almost touching it. From its white sandy beaches, among the most beautiful in Europe, the sunset appears as one of the most impressive sights for romantic sunsets in Sardinia. Further north of the famous beach La Pelosa, we find the beach of Pelosetta, closed by a small island dominated by an Aragonese tower dating back to 1578. Here the landscape is always unique, but at sunset it's even more: make yourself in awe for the blazing colours of the sun reflecting on the crystal-clear waters in an incomparable natural panorama resembling an artistic masterpiece.

The ideal time to watch the sunset in Stintino? We suggest you visit this pearl in September on the occasion of the Feast of the Blessed Virgin of Defense.

6. Sunset in Alghero

Most romantic sunsets in North Sardinia: Alghero

In the North of the West coast of Sardinia there's the fortress city of Alghero. From the height of its walls and bastions it's possible to witness an exciting and romantic sunset over the beautiful sea of North Sardinia, a stunning sight that dyes the port and the entire city red, orange and pink. But moving further out of the town you can see other beautiful landscapes, which become even more magical at sunset. One of the most beautiful and romantic viewpoints in the area is undoubtedly the panorama from the Capo Caccia cliff: from here you can watch the sun going down into the water in a wonderful natural setting created by the rocks.

The best time to watch the sunset in Alghero? We suggest you get to the heart of local folklore under the majestic twilight sky of North Sardinia in the evenings between late summer and early autumn with the magic of the Saint Miquel Festival - and for music lovers, don't miss the JazzAlguer concerts scheduled until November!

5. Sunset in Palau

Most romantic sunsets in North Sardinia: Palau

Palau is a famous tourist destination on the coast of Gallura, not far away from the Costa Smeralda. The village is set in an inlet, but from its heights it's possible to overlook the whole landscape turning pink and purple and enjoy one of most romantic sunsets in North Sardinia. The best place for a sunset watch is the natural monument Roccia dell'Orso (Bear Rock), reachable through a panoramic path of half a kilometer: a tiring but rewarding climb, which will reward you with a breathtaking view in one of the most evocative locations in the world.

The ideal time to watch the sunset in Palau? Visit this fantastic glimpse of Sardinia in September for the occasion of Festival Isole che Parlano (Talking Islands Festival).

4. Sunset in Santa Teresa di Gallura

Most romantic sunsets in North Sardinia: Santa Teresa di Gallura

Santa Teresa di Gallura is a beautiful village situated on a promontory in the Northern end of Sardinia, overlooking the Strait of Bonifacio. Moving from the center of the village towards Capo Testa, we can reach, towards the extreme North of the peninsula-promontory, the Belvedere from which you can see a spectacular sunset immersed in the wildest Sardinian nature. Another panoramic point is the Maritime Lighthouse of Capo Testa, further South of the Belvedere. Find out more about Gallure in this article.

3. Sunset in La Maddalena

Most romantic sunsets in North Sardinia: La Maddalena

Off the Costa Smeralda, in the North-Eastern Sardinia lies the La Maddalena Archipelago. La Maddalena is the largest island of this archipelago and a road runs along its entire perimeter of 45 kilometers, a truly beautiful journey made of breathtaking views. The beach from which you can observe the most beautiful sunset is the beach of Bassa Trinità, located in the North-Western part of the island: here you will be dazzled by the wonder of the colors and sensations of one of the most romantic sunsets in North Sardinia in a suggestive panorama dominating this splendid territory immersed in the blue of the sea.

In North-Eastern Sardinia there's the village of Luogosanto, rich in history, religion and culture, surrounded by beautiful landscapes, which with their beauty nourish the soul of those who observe, losing themselves with their gaze in this little corner of paradise. So called because with its 22 sanctuaries it represents a popular pilgrimage destination, from its 320 meters of altitude it is possible to have a view of the whole Gallura. Reaching the Hermitage of San Trano, an oasis of peace and tranquillity, you can enjoy a sunset over Luogosanto in a genuinely romantic landscape illuminated by the mix of lights of its houses with the amazing Sardinian sky color palette.

1. Most romantic sunsets in North Sardinia: Castelsardo

Most romantic sunsets in North Sardinia: Castelsardo

Castelsardo is an enchanting medieval village which stands on a promontory overlooking the center of the Gulf of Asinara. From the top of its castle, the Doria Castle, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the town and the sea. Here  you will witness one of the most unforgettable sights in North Sardinia, with the sun dipping into the water in an explosion of colors from orange to red, from pink to purple up to the intense blue of the night, as the village lights illuminate the panorama. 

The ideal time to watch the sunset in Castelsardo? We suggest you visit this wonderful village in August and admire the romantic beauty of the sunsets in Sardinia to the rhythm of music during the Musica sulle Bocche Festival.

The amazement that enchanting places like Castelsardo and other villages mentioned in this article can offer go far beyond the beauty of their romantic sunsets. The magic of local events and popular traditions, in fact, is on stage in many towns and cities of North Sardinia thanks to the events schedule 'Salude & Trigu': a true container of the most beautiful events in North Sardinia to turn this splendid region into an experience to enjoy everytime discovering its purest and deepest beauties.

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