Are you planning a trip to Sardinia? Here are 5 reasons to visit Stintino, one of the amazing gems of the region between beaches and folk traditions.

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The fascinating Italian region in the heart of the Mediterranean sea strikes again. We are talking about Sardinia. In addition to its many places of entertainment, the hub of social life and nightlife, Sardinia is a destination for those who want to enjoy a quiet holiday in touch with nature too. Thus, in the extreme north-west point, the town of Stintino shines by its own light on one of the most beautiful coasts of the whole island.

Are you planning a trip to Sardinia? Do you want to know what to see in Stintino, the most delicious dishes of its typical cuisine and the entertainment this beautiful village and its surroundings offer? Then you're in the right place: here are for you 5 reasons to visit Stintino, the pearl of North Sardinia.

Visiting Stintino: a Sardinian paradise between sea and nature

Visit and get to know Stintino

Stintino is a beautiful tourist town located on the North-West coast of Sardinia that attracts visitors from all over the world. Trust us, there are many reasons to visit Stintino and experience an unforgettable holiday in Sardinia. Shall we discover them together?

On your trip to Stintino you will be able to immerse yourself in the relaxed and beneficial atmosphere that this coastal village is capable of giving to visitors, with a wonderful natural panorama dominated by the Asinara. The protagonists of the landscape are above all the heavenly beaches that can only be found in North Sardinia, where the contrast between the whiteness of the sand and the blue clear water of one of the most iconic seas of Italian tourism stands out.

Stintino is also a fantastic destination for lovers of fishing (and fresh fish-based cuisine!) and water sports such as snorkeling, scuba diving, windsurfing and sailing. Furthermore, the territory of Stintino and Northern Sardinia hosts numerous extremely fascinating folk events and activities throughout the year to discover the beauty of the local culture. Discover all the opportunities to enrich your holiday in the Salude & Trigu programme!

5. The sea of ​​Stintino in North Sardinia

Stintino in Sardinia: La Pelosa Beach

If you are a sea lover, the first reason to reach Stintino lies above all in the beauty of its sea. The sea of ​​Stintino is one of the most crystalline in the whole Mediterranean, and there are some of the most beautiful beaches in Italy. So if you plan a holiday in Sardinia, some of the beaches of Stintino are unmissable. 

Famous is the beach of La Pelosa, with clear, shallow waters for tens of metres. The other famous beach is the Pelosetta, closed by a characteristic Aragonese tower dating back to 1578. Stintino is also a meeting point between two different kinds of seas: the 'outside sea', with its characteristic high and jagged coast alternating with sandy and pebble coves, joins the 'sea inside', known for its low and sheltered coast that reaches the white and round pebbles of the coast of Le Saline and Ezzi Mannu beach from west to east.

4. The Stintino culinary tradition

Food Stintino Sardinia: culinary tradition

Gastronomy lovers will be delighted to try Stintino's culinary tradition. The country's cuisine is mainly based on the fresh fish of the day, such as octopus alla Stintinese or with garlic, lobster soup, tuna bottarga and seafood to be savoured in the characteristic restaurants located in the small streets of the village or along the coast. If you're looking for the authentic flavor of food in Sardinia, you'll have one more reason to discover the beauty of Stintino.

3. Fishing and the Tonnara Museum

You are in the right place if your passion is fishing! The history of Stintino in Sardinia is closely linked to this sport. Its wide and deep-rooted tradition is fed above all in the fishing and processing of tuna. For the latter speciality, you must know, that the Tonnara Museum (MuT) has been in Stintino for over 50 years. The museum tells about the way of life of the city: during the visit to the museum, you can follow a path along with the rooms, equipped with original tools and images. A true culturale treasure enhancing the value of the territory of North Sardinia and Stintino.

2. The Vela Latina Regatta

Stintino in Sardinia: Vela Latina Regatta

IAnother highlight of this beautiful location is the Vela Latina Regatta, which has been held here since 1983. The village is the "capital" and icon of wooden boats with Latin sail moored in the peninsula from the 'Old' to the 'New' port. The event was born to safeguard the Latin sailboats of Stintino. The last fleet in Italy to have preserved the original characteristics of this type of early medieval armament is located in this Sardinian village. It is a type of Mediterranean glazing, also used by Christopher Columbus and Vasco de Gama. The event lasts three days and is surrounded by events and manifestations that embellish the summer nights at the end of August in Stintino.

1. The Stintino natural oasis and the Asinara National Park

Visiting Stintino and Asinara

The natural oasis of Stintino is characterized by two ponds full of peculiar native flora and fauna that you will hardly be able to find elsewhere. This paradise is embellished by the glimpses placed at a height of two hundred meters from which you can enjoy the unique panorama that also embraces the Piana island and the Asinara National Park, an uncontaminated and wild place, but still a very popular tourist destination in North Sardinia. Stintino is the closest embarkation point to visit it and has a strong emotional bond with the island of Asinara.

Just think that the village was founded by some Asinara families forced to leave their homes. The village's patronal festival, held in September, is dedicated to the Beata Vergine della Difesa (Blessed Virgin of Defence) and recalls the crossing that the simulacrum of the Virgin made from Asinara to Stintino on the boats of some fishermen. The event is one of the most evocative in the entire area, we suggest you participate and take part in a local tradition.

Why visit Stintino on your trip to Sardinia

Discover why you must visit Stintino in Sardinia

You can't wait to leave for Stintino, can you? Our suggestions are just a starting point for venturing out to discover places to visit and experiences to do in Sardinia. Visiting Stintino means immersing yourself in a Sardinian paradise where sea, nature and culture come together in perfect harmony, offering unforgettable moments. Plan your next trip now!

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