What are the best beaches in North Sardinia? Here is a selection of 10 most beautiful beaches from the famous Emerald Coast to the wildest ones.

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An island located in the center of the Mediterranean with truly important biodiversity that has always made it a destination for poets, writers, and artists who are moved to contemplate this immense beauty: we are talking about Sardinia, an Italian region very famous for its beaches.

The vision of its intense blue and emerald green sea is iconic and contrasts with the white soft sand. There is something for everyone: from the most sought-after facilities of the Emerald Coast to the wildest beaches surrounded by nature of the island, the best beaches in North Sardinia will give you emotions. The big challenge now is to combine this beauty with more sustainable tourism, with visitors and institutions united to defend this small piece of the planet. Be always careful to environmental protection and strictly follow the local rules.

Let's leave together right away to discover the 10 best beaches in North Sardinia!

10. Lazzaretto Beach, Alghero

best beaches North Sardinia: Lazzaretto Beach, Alghero

Lazzaretto beach is undoubtedly one of the best beaches in north Sardinia, more precisely in the island's northwest. It lies along the Riviera del Corallo, in the stretch of coast between the city of Alghero and the protected area of the Porto Conte park. It has a sandy shoreline just over 300 metres long, which is rather crowded in the central months of the summer season. Still, those who wish to find their secluded corner of paradise will easily find it on the rocks at the sides of the beach. Lazzaretto beach is like a brushstroke of blue amidst the colours and scents of the Mediterranean green landscape. The province of Sassari, and Alghero itself, host numerous events dedicated to culture, traditions and food and wine, all waiting to be discovered! The Sassari Chamber of Commerce has created the Salude & Trigu programme, including all the most fascinating events in northern Sardinia. So every visitor can experience this wonderful island in all that it has to offer.

9. La Pelosa Beach, Stintino

best beaches North Sardinia: La Pelosa

The La Pelosa beach in Stintino is not only one of the best beaches in North Sardinia but one of the most beautiful in the world. Certainly one of Sardinia's most famous attractions, it is a masterpiece of natural art, as perfect and beautiful as a painting. Its fine, white sand creates transparencies unique in the whole peninsula. In its many metres of shallow water, you will walk with the water at your ankles in a dazzling sea. The shades of colour are all kinds of blues and azure, practically like an island in the Caribbean Sea.

8. Cala Tinnari, Costa Paradiso

best beaches North Sardinia: Cala Tinnari, Costa Paradiso

Let's move on with our tour to discover the best beaches in North Sardinia with a wild beach out of the most traditional destinations, easily reachable from Costa Paradiso by sea. If you love trekking, you can use the natural path that connects the beach of Cala Li Cossi to Cala Tinnari. It is important, however, to wear comfortable shoes, suitable for outdoor summer outings, cover your head well and hydrate continuously. Taking the right precautions will allow you to fully enjoy the beauty of the place, the rugged coastline will do the rest.

7. Rena Majori Beach, Aglientu

best beaches North Sardinia: Rena Majori

The Rena Majori beach lies in the northwestern part of the regione and is a large beach of rare beauty, among the best beaches in North Sardinia. It is located beyond a shady pine forest, offering a unique environment. The sea, decidedly deeper than in other bays such as La Pelosa, is a snorkeling paradise: the flora and fauna of the sea in this part of the island are beautiful. The beach is not too many kilometres from Santa Teresa di Gallura, whose surroundings are also really rich in food and wine and cultural events

6. Cala Spinosa, Santa Teresa di Gallura

best beaches North Sardinia: Cala Spinosa

Cala Spinosa is one of the best beaches in North Sardinia, located not too far from Santa Teresa di Gallura. Here the water is always wonderful and has a transparency that fascinates every visitor. Compared to other beaches, this one is characterised by the presence of rocks, making it wilder and less 'practical'. A small paradise within reach of trekkers.

5. Porto Pollo Beach, Emerald Coast

best beaches North Sardinia: Porto Pollo beach

The large beach of Porto Pollo is a paradise for water sports, such as sailing, windsurfing, and kitesurfing. This small seaside resort belonging to the municipality of Palau, in the province of Sassari, is always windsept and is surrounded by lush nature: the perfect location to host one of the best beaches in North Sardinia. If you are a sports lover, this is the place for you.

4. Cala Coticcio, Caprera

best beaches North Sardinia: Cala Coticcio, Caprera

Cala Coticcio is one of the hidden jewels of the La Maddalena Archipelago and undoubtedly one of the best beaches in North Sardinia. This cove on the island of Caprera is called 'The Sardinian Tahiti' for the enchanting landscape it offers. It has fine white sand lapped by a crystal-clear sea, framed by pinkish rocks and Mediterranean trees.

3. Beach of Rena Bianca, Emerald Coast

best beaches North Sardinia: Rena Bianca

In Sardinia, there are two beaches called Rena Bianca (White Sand), one near Santa Teresa di Gallura and one in the seaside resort of Portisco, not too far from the famous Porto Rotondo. We are considering this one, although both would deserve a place in our list of the best beaches in North Sardinia. As the name suggests, this beach is characterized by its fine white sand. The landscape in the surrounding area is spectacular, from Marina di Portisco, with its island of the same name that is a synthesis of what you can find in Costa Smeralda: beautiful sea, breathtaking scenery, and hospitality typically Italian. In short, a beach not to be missed.

2. Poltu di li Cogghj beach, Emerald Coast

best beaches North Sardinia: Spiaggia del Principe

It is located in the northeastern part of Sardinia, not too far from Olbia. The Poltu di li Cogghj beach, known as the Spiaggia del Principe (Prince's beach), has a picturesque appearance and a blue/turquoise colour that generates beautiful streaks of light. Just the light is the great protagonist of this little paradise that can enjoy truly spectacular sunsets and sunrises. No wonder it's one of the best beaches in North Sardinia you absolutely should visit.

1. The White Beach, Golfo Aranci

best beaches North Sardinia: The White Beach, Golfo Aranci

We are talking about one of the best beaches in North Sardinia, specifically located on the beautiful Emerald Coast, extending for a few hundred metres and full of services such as bars, restaurants and a bathing establishment. Ideal for families with children but also windsurfing and snorkelling enthusiasts. Here the fine white sand gives way to a sea that is always a deep blue colour. The gulf is vast, and the seabed is shallow, a true paradise at its best at sunset. The White Beach is a must if you happen to be in the vicinity of Golfo Aranci.

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