Emerald Coast: from the Gulf of Arzachena to the Gulf of Cugnana in Sardinia, 55 kilometers between amazing landscapes and crystal clear sea.

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The Emerald Coast, jewel of Sardinia in Italy, is a stretch of coast in the north-east of the island, famous for its crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches.

Created in the 60s by Prince Karim Aga Khan, Emerald Coast Sardinia today is a symbol of luxury and one of the most exclusive destinations in Italy thanks to its entertainment venues, resorts, sumptuous villas high fashion boutiques, art studios and the liveliness of its nightlife. 

A real paradise for those are looking for natural beauty and breathtaking landscapes, but at the same time an exclusive atmosphere and luxury services.

It is no coincidence that the Smeralda Coast is one of the favorite destinations for celebrities from all over the world, which especially during the summer months choose it as a destination: in this period in fact the resorts of the coast are full of parties, events and dream yachts moored at the docks.

The most beautiful things to see in Emerald Coast

The most beautiful things to see in Emerald Coast: Porto Cervo

Among the most beautiful things to see in Northern Sardinia there is definitely the Smeralda Coast. Let’s start from Porto Cervo: considered the capital of the Emerald Coast, it is the most famous resort, frequented by billionaires and celebrities of the international jet-set.

Another very popular luxury resort is Porto Rotondo, if instead you are looking for more intimate and picturesque villages that retain the charm of the past, you should definitely visit San Pantaleo, Cannigione and Poltu Quatu.

Also worth a visit is Baia Sardinia, a seaside resort with lovely white beaches and a lively nightlife. Arzachena is the ideal destination if you want to know the culture and history, exploring archaeological sites and ancient nuraghi, the typical stone buildings of Sardinia.

But the real attraction of the Smeralda Coast are definitely the beaches: do not miss Capriccioli Beach, Principe Beach and Liscia Ruja. If you still have time to go hiking in the surrounding area you can plan a visit to the Maddalena Archipelago and Capo d'Orso.

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Emerald Coast: how a world famous brand is born

Emerald Coast: how a world famous brand is born

The Smeralda Coast, contrary to popular belief, is not the name of a geographical area but a trademark that was registered in 1963.

It corresponds to specific territorial areas and real estate properties that belong to the members of the Consortium, and extends along a stretch of coast located in the north-east of Sardinia, within the territory of the municipalities of Arzachena and Olbia

The Emerald Coast Sardinia is famous for its crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches, and it was originally a sparsely inhabited land of wild beauty.

An English financier, John Duncan Miller, was the first to glimpse the enormous potential of this stretch of coast: he involved Prince Karim Aga Khan and other foreign investors in a pioneering project for those years.

With significant investments they realized the first structures, like the village of Porto Cervo and the first prestigious hotels, giving the task of designing to the best architects of the moment.

Today the Emerald Coast has become a symbol of luxury and one of the most exclusive destinations in Italy: a real magnet for wealthy tourists and celebrities of the international jet-set.

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Ancient history in the north of Sardinia

Ancient history in the north of Sardinia: Nuraghe La Prisgiona

The first settlements in this area of Sardinia date back to prehistoric times: the numerous archaeological areas and the typical Sardinian buildings, the Nuraghi preserved until today are the precious testimony of the historical and cultural richness of this region.

The Nuraghe la Prisgiona, the Necropolis Li walls, the Nuraghe Albucciu, the tomb of the giants of Moru, the temple of Malchittu are the most important sites, and are located in the municipality of Arzachena, one of the two municipalities to which the Smeralda Coast belongs.

Most of these archaeological sites were built for the purpose of worship and have articulated and unusual structures, both from the point of view of the shape and the place where they were built: visiting them is a very impressive experience and not to be missed.

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Porto Cervo, the heart of the Emerald Coast

Porto Cervo, the heart of the Emerald Coast

The heart of the Smeralda Coast is Porto Cervo with its Stella Maris Church, built in 1968 by architect Michele Busiri Vici in Mediterranean style with a panoramic view of the entire bay. Inside there are valuable paintings, including a Madonna by El Greco.

Porto Cervo with its streets and squares has the size and atmosphere of a village with all the necessary services for holidaymakers.

Here you will find luxury boutiques, hotels, restaurants and a marina equipped for large yachts and sailing boats. The most luxurious pleasure boats in the Mediterranean dock in this bay.

The amazing beaches of the Emerald Coast

The amazing beaches of the Emerald Coast

There are many beautiful and famous beaches on the Smeralda Coast: Cala Petra Ruia, Mannena Beach, Liscia Ruia, Capriccioli, Piccola Romazzino, Il Pevero and Piccolo Pevero beaches, l'Ulticeddhu beach, Poltu di li Cogghj beach (also known as 'del principe'), which can only be reached on foot, to name but a few.

If you don't want to miss out on all the wonders of this coast, the ideal thing to do is to visit a different beach every day and then make your own personal list of favourites.

The beach of Liscia Ruja, for example, is the largest in the municipality of Arzachena and its size makes it unique in the coastal landscape of the Emerald Coast.

The Gulf of Arzachena in Smeralda Coast

The Gulf of Arzachena in Smeralda Coast

The sea of Arzachena in Emerald Coast Sardinia is in constant movement: favorable currents and winds regenerate it continuously creating shades that enchant anyone who arrives in this heavenly place.

The absolute protagonist is the sea that draws in an unmistakable way the coast, framed by fine sandy beaches with jagged cliffs and typical Mediterranean vegetation.

The village of Cannigione, on the western side of the coast, in recent decades has become an important holiday resort, abandoning the typical structure of the fishing village and developing mostly on the seafront with modern facilities and services for tourists.

Resort Cala di Falco, between relaxation and emerald sea

Resort Cala di Falco, between relaxation and emerald sea

In Cannigione, the Resort Cala di Falco of the Delphina collection is in a strategic position for anyone who wants to enjoy the wonders of the most famous coast of Sardinia.

The Resort is structured to meet every need of its guests, in fact it offers the possibility to choose not only between the classic hotel or residence formula, but also to stay in prestigious villas that guarantee privacy and luxury.

From the resort you can reach several beaches where you can enjoy hours of relaxation on fine sand and emerald sea, also the property offers the opportunity to organize tours to the nearby La Maddalena Coast or excursions and activities of all kinds.

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