Harvest time in Sardinia: join an amazing wine itinerary discovering the region's finest productions, a journey to enjoy stop by stop, sip by sip.

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All roads lead to Rome” they say, in memory of the imperial lustrums of the Eternal City. In Sardinia, instead, all roads seem to lead…to wine! The Sardinian folkloric and gastronomic tradition, valorised at its best by the program of Salude & Trigu promoted by Sassari's Chamber of Commerce, is particularly linked to wine, a symbol of cumbidu (invitation) and conviviality between sacred and profane. Just think that around 28,000 hectares of the island are now destined to viticulture.

It seems that the generous sun and the scented sea wind give Sardinian wines a particular magic, and each production area has different alchemies. So why not leaving together discovering Sardinia through a wine itinerary based on the best wine-themed dedicated events? Here are for you some ideas for a sommelier's journey in 5 stages discovering the best Sardinian wines. Let's start!

Sardinia wine itinerary, first stop: Vermentino di Gallura in Olbia

Sardinia wine itinerary: Vermentino

The Sardinia wine itinerary begins with it, the prince of the sea, an iconic excellence produced only in the Northern area of the region: numerous times awarded Vermentino di Gallura DOCG, an ideal wine for summer. What's better than a glass of fresh white wine at sunset, sided by some nice fish delicacies?

Choose it especially for the happy-hour. With its greenish and golden reflections and the intense floral scent, it is an amazing white wine to be paired with fish based dishes, such as seafood first courses, baked fish and citrus carpaccios; but trust us, it will amaze you even with sweet and delicate cheeses.

The best occasion to taste this authentic wine symbol of Sardinia? Our suggestion is to get a quikc trip to the splendid Olbia over the first week of October 2023 for two unmissbale themed-events: Benvenuto Vermentino, a real festival dedicated to tasting and music from 2 to 8 October, and the Vermentino Literary Prize, with the award ceremony (7 October) of an Italian narrative work dedicated to the wine-making activity and rural life among the vineyards.

Second stop: Monica di Sardegna from Sassari to Cagliari

Strolling from North to South around the villages and the wonderful landscapes of Sardinia, between food and wine festivals and tourist experiences capable of satisfying each tourist's wish, eventually will come the perfect time will for a carefree and tasty break. What could be better that toasting with a cheerful and undemanding wine? We're talking about Monica di Sardegna, a Sardinian wine less famous than the ones covered in this article, but surely noteworthy.

The Monica vines seem to be found only in Sardinia and nowhere else around Italy, but...did you know that it came from Spain? I's not a case if it's also known with the nickname Monica di Spagna. Colored in purplish red, delicate and soft, it has scents of the undergrowth and some aftertaste like blackberry and cherry, with a slight hint of almond. It almost looks like a perfume to wear, so be careful with this sweetness: it could go to one's head!

The perfect companion for relaxing moments, sitting and chatting with friends on summer evenings, it's the ultimate wine to drink at fresh temperature for a special happy hour having pecorino cheese and salami, Sardinian fresh caciotta, or to match with a tasteful sausage sauce-based pasta or pork meat.

From the Festival of Zichi in Bonorva, a summer event that celebrates this extraordinary baked product typical of Sardinia perfect for serving in broth or as an accompaniment, to the Festival of Su Trinta ‘e Sant’Andria in Ozieri which instead celebrates new wine at the gates of winter and the Christmas holidays, you will have more than one good chance to taste this unique wine. And if you want an effervescent twist, try the sparkling version too: Monica di Sardegna Frizzante DOC.

Third stop: Cagnulari in Alghero

While waiting for a nice quality music concert of JazzAlguer, or while walking around the wonderful town of Alghero during the Saint Miquel celebrations, there's nothing better than a glass of Cagnulari for a divine pre-dinner in front of a tagliere of cold cuts, cheeses, jams and carasau bread.

We're talking about an exceptionally pleasant wine, one of the most popular in North Sardinia with Vermentino that was already mentioned earlier, as it involves multiple sensations in its experiencing: for the taste it is well structured and balsamic, for the sight its bright red ruby ​​color stands out, while for the smell it provides elegant sensations with its scent of wild berries.

Cagnulari is a gourmet wine perfect to match with traditional dishes, aged cheeses, red meats, but also snails based dishes - speaking about this, do you know Ciogghitta d'Oro? - and other Sardinian delicacies.

Fourth stop: Cannonau of North Sardinia in Usini, a chent'annos!

Probably the most famous of Sardinian wines, a must to be included in an travel itinerary discovering the finest wine in Sardinia. It is an ancient endemic vineyard of the island, of which grape seeds even dating back over 3200 years ago were found!

Characterized by its deep red color with violet reflections and its intense and full-bodied taste, this wine was popularly acknowledged as a real elixir of long life that's always there (in moderate doses) in the diet of centenarians. Cannonau wine is changeable, depending on the production area: it varies from floral to liqueur, from hot to spicy…it is worth it tasting all its varities and we can tell you that there will be many opportunities to do it with the abundance of events dedicate to wine in the program of Salude & Trigu, in North Sardinia.

In particular, the perfect meeting point for lovers of this extraordinary wine in Northe Sardinia is Usini, a fascinating hidden gem just South of Sassari which has become famous for its wine production: in fact, between November and December the streets of the town are lit up with the magic and tradition of Ajò a Ippuntare, an event that best celebrates country life and the goodness of its products such as oil, bread, cheese, and obviously its majesty, the wine, where the Cannonau certainly acts as the protagonist. Let's toast with you too as Sardinians: a chent'annos!

Sardinia wine itinerary, fifth stop: Moscato of Romangia in Sorso and Sennori

If at the end of a rich lunch in a farmhouse you handled to find space for the delicious Sardinian desserts, for sure you will remember their flavor accompanied by that of a nice sip of Moscato. This passito wine, with a floral and sweetish aroma, blends perfectly with the confectionery tradition of Sardinia, rich in dried fruit, raisins and candied fruit.

This is a vine that loves the sunny hills kissed by the sea wind, such as those of Romangia or Gallura. In fact, the most famous varieties of Moscato are the ones produced in Tempio Pausania and especially in Sorso and Sennori ones: the latter, two splendid towns further North of Sassari, are the place where in 2022 was held the Moscato DOC50 conference and tasting kermesse dedicated to the celebrations for the fiftieth anniversary of the acknowledgement of this wine as a local excellence produced in these two municipalities.

We are at the end of this itinerary to discover the finest wine in Sardinia, exploring some of the key locations for winemaking from North to South across the island, and... yes, the wine routes are truly endless! Join a trip to Sardinia this autumn and don't miss the most beautiful autumnal events promoted by Salude & Trigu dedicated to wine, gastronomy and folklore of North Sardinia.

Throughout the season, the Island of the Four Moors will be celebrating the grape harvest, but we especially suggest you visit Sassari for a truly fantastic Sardinian food and wine experience: from 17 to 20 November 2023 will be time for Wine and Life, an event inspired by the great national and international wine festivals promoting the wine produced in Sardinia through tastings, fairs and conferences; while from 23 November to 3 December 2023 Weekend dei Gusti (Weekend of Tastes) returns, the appointment with the flavors of the city's street food perhaps in the company of a nice glass of wine. Choose your favorite one and enjoy the party (responsibly)!

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