A boating holiday in Alghero is a full immersion in history and nature. The port of Alghero will provide you with numerous opportunities to visit and unique experiences to do for a truly unforgettable trip.

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Sardinia, Alghero: origins and history

The picturesque city of Alghero is located on the north-western coast of Sardinia and falls entirely within the province of Sassari. It is also known as the Sardinian Barceloneta, or little Barcelona, due to the Catalan influences that left their deep mark on many aspects. From the architecture to the traditions, to the typical cuisine and, last but not least, the Catalan language, a symbol of Alghero's belonging to this culture.

The name Alghero seems to derive from "aliga" (seaweed), later transformed by the locals into "S'Alighera" (place of the seaweed) due to the abundance of Posidonia Oceanica along the sandy coastline following the sea storms. Alghero is also the capital of the Riviera del Corallo (literally Coral Riviera), a coastal stretch of north-western Sardinia south of the Nurra plain that includes the neighbouring municipalities Olmedo, Villanova Monteleone and Bosa. This part of the coastline is a tourist region of considerable importance due to red coral fished here and transformed into jewels and ornaments since ancient Rome. The Alghero-Fertilia airport is located in this area and is a remarkable hub for tourists from Italy and abroad, who mainly come to Northern Sardinia. 

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Things to do in Alghero

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The city's historic centre is a riot of elegance, offering a wealth of opportunities for visits and discovery for lovers of art and Catalan architecture in particular. It bears witness to the succession of urban transformations and the different historical and cultural contexts experienced by the city, which we can still admire today, indelibly, in the streets and particularly evocative views.

The historic centre, as well as being the heart of Alghero, constitutes the most evocative part of the city. A labyrinth of paved alleys that wind their way into squares full of life and nightlife. In every corner, the history and identity of this unique Sardinian city are preserved. You can appreciate the fascinating sunsets over the sea and enjoy exciting walks along the ancient bastions. Several archaeological sites are to be visited, including the domus de Janas of Santu Perdu, the necropolis of Anghelu Ruju and the complexes of Palmavera and Sant'Imbenia.

Undoubtedly, among the traditions that have made Alghero one of Sardinia's main tourist destinations, the typical food and wine are noteworthy. You should try succulent dishes such as Catalan-style lobster accompanied by one of the excellent wines produced by the renowned local wineries. There is also the paella from Alghero, potato culurgiones (pasta stuffed with potatoes, garlic, mint and fresh pecorino cheese), copatza de peix (fish soup), sea urchins, mullet roe, the agliata (a poor man's fish dish seasoned with minced garlic, dried tomatoes and chilli pepper), the typical seadas (a kind of fried flatbread filled with soft sheep's cheese and covered with sugar, honey or salt), the Catalan cream and, to finish, an excellent myrtle (a typical liqueur made from the berries of the myrtle plant). The beaches are another attraction not to be missed. Just think that Alghero's coastline includes no less than 80 km of beaches, boasting one of the most extensive sandy coastlines in the whole of Sardinia, with the most beautiful and famous beaches on the island. A succession of white beaches and sheer cliffs overlooking the sea, covered in the characteristic Mediterranean maquis: Lido di San Giovanni, Lazzaretto, Le Bombarde, Cala Dragunara, Tramariglio beach, Porto Ferro and Mugoni... you will be spoilt for choice.

The Port of Alghero


The main port on the West coast of Sardinia, the port of Alghero has a total mooring capacity of around 2500 berths. It is incredible how the port and the urban centre blend into a single entity, providing a spectacular mooring experience in Alghero, at the foot of the city's ancient walls. The seabed is sometimes rocky and sometimes sandy.

The port has always represented travel par excellence, the meeting of cultures and is a metaphor for freedom. And this is precisely the atmosphere you will breathe onboard your yacht in Alghero, one of the pearls of the Mediterranean. It overlooks the famous Coral Riviera, in an evocative setting: a blend of history and nature. When you come in from the sea and see this city full of tradition and culture, the feeling you get is bewitching. It is safe to say that the port is the historical reason for the birth of Alghero. The Genoese founded it in the 12th century around 1102. They stopped at the natural harbour while the first nucleus of the city was being built. It was a landmark of considerable importance and a mooring point for the merchant routes of the entire Mediterranean basin. However, it came to prominence during Catalan and Spanish rule (from the middle of the 14th century onwards), when it became a city-fortress and took on a strategic military role. 

Visits and excursions from Alghero Tourist Port

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From the tourist port of Alghero, it will be possible to make various excursions or visits to complete and fill the personal baggage that you will bring back after this trip. One of the stops you should not forget to include in your itinerary is the Caves of Neptune. An authentic treasure created by Mother Earth and characterised by an atmosphere that is enchanted and magical. Although there is no specific and certain information on who discovered this cavern, there is widespread agreement on the legend that it is the cave where Neptune or Poseidon, the god of the sea, took his shelter.

The cave can be reached by sea, with the Linea Grotte service departing from the tourist harbour, or by land along the "Escala del Cabirol" (literally "stairway of the roe deer"). The latter, which is undoubtedly suitable for the more sporty, is a staircase with approximately 660 steps built into the ridge of the promontory itself. A fairy-tale scenario that opens up in the heart of the Capo Caccia promontory listed among the geological wonders of the Mediterranean.

Experience a boat holiday in Costa Smeralda and Sardinia

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A boating holiday in Sardinia will be a truly unique experience, a memory that will remain indelible forever. You will immerse in a crystal-clear sea, surrounded by unspoilt nature offering fantastic views. Relaxation and tranquillity, in symbiosis with the surrounding environment, feasting on beauty and one of the most enchanting seas on the planet. Even if those who love adventure opt for a boat holiday, this type of trip is safe, risk-free, and suitable for everyone.

You will reach the most hidden places, which do not know the chaos and crowds of the most popular destinations. Ravines nestled between rocks and beaches that are impossible to reach without a boat. Whether you're in a group, with your family or as a couple, you'll be thrilled by a tour along Sardinia's 1,900 km of coastline, a succession of enchanting views and equally spectacular locations. The islands of Sant'Antioco, La Maddalena, Asinara or Sant'Elena or the Costa Smeralda or Chia, Carloforte, Sant'Antioco, Porto Pino and Pula in southern Sardinia. You will witness an incredible variety and morphological richness of postcard landscapes, masterpieces of nature. An intimate holiday, in direct contact with ourselves and with a unique and unrepeatable environment.

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Marina di Sant'Elmo

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In a privileged position in the Port of Alghero, Marina di S. Elmo Srl is easily accessible and situated in the port's southern part. Despite being close to the historic centre and its bars and shops, the area is silent and quiet. To get to the historic centre, you only need to go through the Porta Mare Carlos V gate at the back of the marina. Courtesy, efficiency, professionalism and hospitality are the keywords at guests' service, whose satisfaction is always the main objective. The wide range of services offered in a quiet and orderly setting provides high standards and exclusive treatment. Marina di S. Elmo represents the gateway to Alghero for a journey through history and nature. Disembarking at the foot of the ancient walls of Alghero and witnessing with your own eyes the wonders of the Coral Riviera is a truly unique experience. In an enchanting landscape setting, within a superior category harbour structure, the experience of living on your own boat will be enhanced by all the comforts and by a 5-star staff, always ready to fulfil guests' every wish. In addition, privacy, comfort and security are guaranteed to guests in summer and winter, day and night and seven days a week, thanks to the presence of permanent surveillance service. The dock allows 100 berths in the port of Alghero for yachts and superyachts up to 70 metres. Following a particular regional concession, since 2012, Marina di S. Elmo is the only marina in the port of Alghero officially authorised to moor boats up to 70 metres in total safety. Among the wide range of services and activities available, guests will be able to take advantage of specialised 24-hour assistance, winter and summer mooring, courtesy car, car rental with or without driver, dinghy, sailboat or motor yacht rental with or without skipper, booking service, transfers, visits and excursions, catering and galley services onboard, refuelling, technical assistance and maintenance. An all-around treatment will make your stay in Alghero unique and unforgettable!


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