A beloved and sought-after destination especially by families for its long beaches and shallow waters. This summer the Riviera Romagnola needs you.

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We are below the Po River, more than 90 km of long sandy beaches bathed by the shallow waters of the Adriatic Sea, ideal for the little ones. Are you looking for relaxation, fun and nature, this year the Riviera Romagnola is for you.

The seaside resorts famous throughout the world follow each other without interruption from north to south up to the beginning of the province of Pesaro-Urbino, but not only, in this article we have chosen a tailor-made holiday for families, which in addition to the sea, are looking for nature and fun.

Riviera Romagnola: a guide

Riviera Romagnola

Incomparable hospitality with the most famous beaches in Europe. After the tragedy of the flood, the Riviera Romagnola is once again ready to welcome you. Also known as the "Riviera of entertainment", this part of Italy will also be able to offer you natural attractions that you may not have imagined. A very long coast that goes from Lidi di Comacchio to Gabicce mare, crossing the famous beaches of Rimini and Riccione. We have found a couple that are ideal for a family trip, crossed by pleasant pine forests and suggestive fishing villages, not far from the beautiful art city of Ravenna, to add a pinch of culture.

Don't want to spend all day at the beach? then here are cycle tourism itineraries for you, walks and excursions in the calm of nature. To finish with the guaranteed fun of one of the theme and water parks that it is, as its name says, land of wonders, Mirabilandia, a park that will be able to amuse and refresh you at the same time.

The Riviera Romagnola will also be able to offer you excellent food and your long summer days, caressed by the sun and the coolness of the waves, will suddenly become tastier with a practical piadina in your hands, also ideal for a lunch on the beach. To leave more elaborate dishes in the evening. How to give up the famous tortellini perhaps accompanied by the Bolognese sauce, to then move on to meat or fish, on the Riviera they will be able to satisfy you.

Having fun in Riviera Romagnola

riviera romagnola

Mirabilandia park is located between Ravenna and Cervia, covering an area of 850,000 m2, most of which is dedicated to the theme park and a portion dedicated to the water park, which can be accessed separately by purchasing a ticket only for this area. For those coming by car, a convenient car park will welcome all visitors, while those who decide to take the train, the closest railway station is Lido di Classe or Lido di Savio, once you arrive, there are free shuttle buses that reach the park.

The attractions are divided into two groups: extreme, for those who love strong emotions and thrills on the skin, they are generally popular among young people, here we find Columbia discovery crazy speed diving from 60 meters high and Divertical the highest water coaster in the world.

Among the attractions dedicated to families, the aquatic ones and Eurowheel stand out, the Ferris wheel from where you can admire a splendid panorama over the entire Riviera Romagnola. For the very young there are also the classic horse rides.

When the days get too hot there is Mirabeach, the aquatic part of Mirabilandia, two distinct artificial lagoons on which all the aquatic attractions are concentrated. Slides for the little ones as well as for the brave, including Rio Diablo 170 meters of thrilling slide.

In Mirabilandia and Mirabeach there is no shortage of refreshment services and a nice shaw programming.

Lido di Classe


To decompress the emotions of the Mirabilandia park and find some relaxation, dotted with enchanting pine forests, you will find the Lido di Classe, also close to the city of Ravenna, where you could eventually continue your journey. Lido di Classe is a small seaside resort with beautiful and unspoiled beaches, the right counterweight to find calm again. The tranquility of this place, the pleasant shade of the pine forests, right next to the sea, makes it an ideal place for families.

Not to be missed nearby is the mouth of the Bevano stream, one of the many treasures of the Po Delta park. Woods, still intact sand dunes, marshy environments, brackish ponds and even marine environments populated by organisms of scientific interest. The area is protected because it is of inestimable geomorphological and biological value and can only be visited at certain times of the year.

Cesenatico beach


Going south, if you still want the sea, between Rimini and Ravenna you will find Cesenatico. Shallow water for the safety of the little ones and fine golden sand. Cesenatico has a wonderful seaside village. The historic center develops starting from the Porto Canale where many lights come on in the evening and it is possible to stop for a pleasant aperitif or for a dinner, here restaurants and trattorias are found at every corner. Here you can still breathe the atmosphere of the ancient fishing village. A curiosity, two illustrious characters stopped in this small city: Leonardo Da Vinci and Giuseppe Garibaldi.

Val Marecchia cycle path


Val Marecchia is a beautiful valley with particular natural characteristics and a long history, here we can recognize the landscapes of Piero della Francesca. The Marecchia river cycle path is 40 km long and is suitable for everyone because it has very little slope, it follows the course of the river from Rimini to Novafeltria. The route starts from the Tiberius Bridge in Rimini. Starting from Rimini and then gradually immersing yourself in nature will excite you, it will seem that you have gone back in time, perhaps not to that of the ancient Romans (even if Rimini is full of Roman traces), but probably to a more recent past, that of the great Italian director Federico Fellini, who was from Rimini and surely walked these country roads many times.

The cycle path is a simple path for everyone. The main beauty of the route lies precisely in the landscape, a naturalistic itinerary immersed in luxuriant nature. The cycle path is open all year round.

Natural Park Monte San Bartolo


Monte San Bartolo is just beyond Gabicce and before Pesaro, it is a surprising naturalistic area characterized by high cliffs overhanging the sea. It is one of the most beautiful observation points on the entire Romagna coast. The Monte San Bartolo Natural Park is a nice surprise, even for the people of Romagna themselves.

San Bartolo Park is mainly characterized by the stretch of high coast. The tops of the relief are almost 200 meters high and allow a broad view of the Adriatic, it is an unusual landscape, completely different from the long beaches of Romagna. One of the plateaus is called the roof of the world, which turns yellow in May from the broom. In the park, Villa Caprile is also worthy of interest, a splendid example of a villa with an Italian garden.

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