The natural and artistic beauties of Trentino are unlimited. Discover with Visititaly ten unmissable places in this beautiful region

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Trentino is rich in history and culture, and to discover all its beauty we have selected for you ten unmissable places that you must visit. Through its hidden valleys and small Alpine villages, you will immerse yourself in a magical place where nature, culture and history come together to convey an unforgettable experience.

Visiting Trentino allows you to enjoy many activities, such as trekking, cycling, and walking. You can spend a pleasant holiday discovering historical and fascinating places, giving you moments of peace and relaxation. Let's start the journey to discover our ten unmissable places in Trentino!

Discover Trentino in ten unmissable places

Ten unmissable places in Trentino

Each region has its own special features and beauty. Trentino offers magnificent experiences for an unforgettable weekend or holiday that will make you discover an area rich in history, beauty and culture. The lakes, mountains and activities to be practised can satisfy families, young people and experienced sportsmen seeking new challenges. But don't forget the cuisine of Trentino: the Italian culinary art has a thousand facets and here too you will find one more reason to appreciate what nature has to offer. Here are ten unmissable places in Trentino that you must know!

10. The city of Trento

Trento unmissable place in Trentino

Trento has a special history, made up of clashes for its dominance. A city with Roman origins, today it is a city rich in historical evidence and, at the same time, guardian of breathtaking natural beauty. It is one of ten unmissable places in Trentino to visit, to understand the historicity of these places. The Cathedral of San Virgilio overlooks Trento's main square and is dedicated to the city's patron saint. Over the centuries, the structure has undergone numerous modifications and additions. Today, it is a building in which Gothic and Baroque elements harmonise perfectly. Buonconsiglio Castle, together with other buildings, constitutes one of the most important museum centres in the whole of Trentino Alto Adige. It houses rich collections of works of art that tell the story of Trento's culture and art.

9. Monte Bondone

Monte Bondone in Trentino

Monte Bondone, which can be easily reached from the city of Trento by skibus and public transport, is dotted with numerous beautiful trails immersed in alpine nature. From here, suggestive views can be admired, such as the three peaks Cornet, Dos d'Abramo and Cima Verde. This area is home to the Integral Nature Reserve and the Alpine Botanical Garden, which protect around two thousand varieties of plants and flowers. The mountain also has a rich offer of activities to do, both in winter and summer. Ski slopes, skating rinks, mountain biking and hiking, horse riding, paragliding, hang gliding: there is something for everyone! A true active holiday experience in Trentino, one of the ten places not to be missed in terms of nature.

8. The Brenta Dolomites

Brenta Dolomites

Included in the Adamello-Brenta Natural Park, the Brenta Dolomites are the only Dolomite group located west of the Adige River. Here you will find enchanted places, where silence becomes music. It is no coincidence that the Brenta Dolomites are often chosen as the backdrop for I Suoni delle Dolomiti (Sounds of the Dolomites), the high-altitude music festival that, every summer, features performances by musicians immersed in the majestic natural landscape. The echo of silence blends with the music, providing a highly evocative experience. We also recommend seeing the majestic Lake Tovel, where the crystal-clear water reflects the magnificent smooth dolomite walls, typical of the area. The lake is a popular destination for skiers, mountaineers and hikers. One of the main tourist resorts in the area, Madonna di Campiglio, has countless hiking trails. Among the most popular is the low-altitude itinerary, suitable for families and children, to the beautiful Vallesinella waterfalls, completely immersed in the deep green woods of the Adamello-Brenta Natural Park.

7. Val di Fassa, terrace of the Dolomites

Val di Fassa

The Val di Fassa is one of the most characteristic of the Dolomites. It contains numerous natural terraces from where it is possible to admire the spectacle of the enrosadira, a natural phenomenon due to the chemical constitution of the Dolomites (mainly magnesium and calcium carbonate) that makes the rocky walls particularly capable of reflecting sunlight. At every sunset and sunrise, in fact, the peaks of the Dolomites are tinged with a strong pink, orange and violet colour. The Punto Panoramico Sass Pordoi, at the Pordoi Pass, allows visitors to enjoy this wonderful colour spectacle. Here is the famous Terrace of the Dolomites, at an altitude of 2950 metres. You will feel as if you are one step away from heaven!

6. Moena and the green tourism

Moena and the green tourism

Moena is the largest town in the Val di Fassa and is known throughout the world as the Fairy of the Dolomites, underlining the attractiveness of its landscape. In recent years, Moena has become part of the Alpine Pearls, an association founded by Alpine tourist resorts to promote sustainable tourism. The village is very elegant and it is possible to do some classy shopping among the finest shops. In winter, Moena seems like an enchanted village: the snow-covered town centre transports you into a very captivating atmosphere. In summer, on the other hand, the village lends itself as a destination for long walks in nature, either on foot or by bicycle. It is the ideal destination for an ecological holiday, without the use of cars, in favour of sustainable mobility. In fact, the use of e-bikes and a small train that runs through all the village streets is encouraged.

5. The castles of Val di Non

Val di Non in Trentino

In Trentino you can find many castles, Val di Non has the most and is on our list of ten unmissable places. Visiting them is a great emotion, talking to the owners is an unforgettable experience. The first to open to the public was Thun Castle and this gave a hint to the others. Not all of them are in optimal condition for a tour, but in the inhabited ones you will be able to breathe in the air of nobility that characterises them and see with your own eyes some details of the era in which they were built.

4. Lake Molveno

Lake Molveno is an unmissable place in Trentino

It is difficult to recommend just one lake in Trentino, but Lake Molveno is certainly among the most popular. What tourists like about it is not only its physical beauty, but the services it offers and the efficient organisation that makes it possible to enjoy a wonderful holiday here. Families will find meadows and beaches, and sportsmen and women can enjoy a variety of activities that satisfy everyone in the various seasons of the year. Excellent reasons to organise a holiday at Lake Molveno.

3. Village of Rango

Village of Rango

It is considered one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. It still retains the charm of a mountain village, both in the architecture of things and in the layout of the streets. In the past, it was located on the imperial road that led from Lake Garda to Val di Sole. Strolling through the streets, you can admire numerous wooden statues.

2. The Peace Trail

Unmissable destinations in Trentino

The Sentiero della Pace (Peace Trail) is a route that connects several historical sites on the Italian-Austrian front relating to the First World War. It stretches from the Stelvio to the Marmolada and includes glaciated stretches, some snow-covered, and others at lower altitudes. In many sections it can be walked without being an experienced mountaineer, and the various trails are well signposted and constantly maintained. The spirituality of the route, combined with the mountain scenery, provides a great sense of peace and well-being.

1. Riva del Garda

Riva del Garda in Trentino

A small part of Lake Garda is part of Trentino and offers many possibilities for recreation. Trekking trails, cycling paths and beaches to enjoy a relaxing break. Riva del Garda is worth at least a walk, to visit the beautiful old town centre and a lakeside promenade that offers an atmospheric spectacle with the wonderful colour nuances of the water. A bicycle tour along Lake Garda will let you discover fascinating views!

Discover 10 unmissable places to fall in love with Trentino

Ten unmissable places in Trentino

The ten unmissable places we suggest to discover Trentino have an undeniable charm. This region leaves beautiful memories for people who decide to visit it. Each stay will give you new ideas to return and enjoy unforgettable moments.

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