A trip to Sardinia? Find out what to see and to do in the wonderful Castelsardo, the tourist gem in the north of the world’s most magical island.

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How would you describe an emotion? Well, we picture it like this: the intense and deep blue of the sea, a cliff full of vitality and colors, the lightheartedness of the boats docked side by side in the port, all of this under the suggestive and majestic shadow of a promontory on which stands a magical village framed in the spectacular setting of the sky of Sardinia.

How beautiful, isn’t it? That's right, all this really exists: it's Castelsardo, the tourist pearl of the north of the most magical island in the world! If you want to experience a fantastic travel adventure in wonderful Sardinia, come with us to discover what to see and what to do in this charming seaside city.

Castelsardo: where it is and how to get there

Castelsardo: where it is and how to get there

The village of Castelsardo is located in the province of Sassari, in North Sardinia, perched on a panoramic cliff that directly overlooks the sea on the Gulf of Asinara. Its geographical position falls within the historic region of Anglona, that is in the central section of the northern coast of the island, between Gallura (to the east) and Romangia (to the west).

To reach Castelsardo starting from Sassari it is possible to travel by car driving on the SS 200 Anglona (about 45 minutes), by bus with direct lines that cross the Romangia with stops in the villages of Sorso and Sennori too, before reaching your destination (about 1 hour), or even by bicycle with a ride of about 2 hours through the provincial roads crossing the territory along the coast or next to the SS 200.

To reach Castelsardo starting from Olbia, instead, the only convenient alternative is to travel by car. The most intuitive route starts from the city by taking the SS 127, or Strada Settentrionale Sarda, then continuing on the SS 672 to Perfugas, on the SP 92 and SP 33 towards Valledoria and finally on the SP 90 to your destination.

The SP 90 is an important road to keep in mind, as it directly connects Castelsardo to Santa Teresa di Gallura, another wonderful pearl of North Sardinia almost face to face with Corsica. From here, it is also possible to reach other stupendous places such as Palau (continuing on the SS 133) and Arzachena (SS 125).

What to see in Castelsardo on your trip to Sardinia

What to see in Castelsardo

How beautiful is the coastline of North Sardinia, isn’t it? And what a view over the blue! As soon as we arrive in this earthly paradise, we’re ready to explore Casteddu together among its pretty uphill alleys, its most iconic attractions and above all its fantastic traditions.

Our journey discovering one of the historic cities of the Mediterranean is beginning. Find out with us what to see in Castelsardo on your next trip to Sardinia, and prepare to be amazed by the magic of places, stories and enchanting scenery resulting from the perfect weaving of nature and human activity!

Doria, Bellavista, or simply the Castle of Castelsardo

Castle of Castelsardo

The first stop to discover in the village, obviously, is its symbol par excellence, the undisputed protagonist of all the postcards from Casteddu, the place from which the very name of this wonderful gem comes from. Which one? We are talking about the Doria Castle, of course, also known as Bellavista, or even more simply the Castle of Castelsardo.

It is a fortress and residence built at the behest of the Doria family of Genoa in the middle of 1200s, the main military bastion in the territory of North Sardinia to defend from potential attacks coming from land, but above all from the sea. In fact, the Castle of Castelsardo was strategically built on the flat space at the top of the largest cliff dominating this stretch of coast, directly overlooking the marine horizon with a vast visual capacity over the entire Gulf of Asinara.

Conquered in the middle of 1400s by the Spanish and then passed under the control of the Savoy family in the middle of 1700s, nowadays fortunately the Castle of Castelsardo is no longer the scene of battles and clashes for power, but rather a place dedicated to tourism and the promotion of Sardinian culture.

In particular, inside the chambers of the fortress it is possible to visit interesting temporary artistic exhibitions and above all the Museum of Mediterranean Weaving: a truly evocative experience awaits you here, to discover one of the most beautiful and important arts of the whole panorama of Sardinian craftsmanship, namely the weaving of wicker for the production of those objects typical of the quiet rural life lived on the island, of which the ace is absolutely the colorful Sardinian basket.

The Co-Cathedral of Sant'Antonio Abate

The Co-Cathedral of Sant'Antonio Abate

The second stage of our tour in Castelsardo is the Co-Cathedral of Sant'Antonio Abate, the main church of the ace village of Anglona located in the most panoramic point of the historic centre, overlooking the immense blue landscape of the sea.

This important Christian place of worship, built according to a mixture of Renaissance and Gothic aesthetic styles, is characterized above all by its high bell tower surmounted by a small dome decorated with majolica, a beautiful example of religious art and architecture typical of Sardinia.

The interior of the Co-Cathedral is characterized by a single nave, with some side chapels and above all with some walls frescoed by Andrea Lusso, one of the most famous and appreciated historical Sardinian artists. And speaking of Sardinian sacred art, there is still so much to discover...you will find it out in the next paragraph!

The artistic magic of the Master of Castelsardo

Master of Castelsardo

Here we are! As promised, let's get ready for a true dive into the magic of art, and more specifically into painting, to discover the clear talent of the Master of Castelsardo, icon of the Sardinian Renaissance. In fact, the anonymous great artist of the city was the author of numerous masterpieces of sacred art which today are kept right here, at the Co-Cathedral of Sant'Antonio Abate, real attractions for the most curious and passionate tourists, beyond faith.

The most representative work of the Master is certainly the Madonna in trono con Bambino, a painted panel placed behind the marble altar which inevitably captures the attention of visitors with its bright and brilliant colours, in general contrast with the internal environment of the church with a fairly clean aesthetic.

In the basement of the Co-Cathedral the artistic magic of the Master of Castelsardo continues: here you can visit a wonderful crypt which preserves other wonderful works of art by this artist, among which a refined picture of St. Michael the Archangel stands out, characterized by the predominance of the color gold.

Are you looking for other artistic beauties linked to the world of faith? We recommend you also visit the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie where the unusual and fascinating Black Christ is kept, a wooden sculpture of great artistic value.

The suggestive Elephant’s Rock

Elephant’s Rock

A few kilometers south of Castelsardo, immersed in the Mediterranean scrub along the SS 134, stands the majestic Elephant’s Rock. This suggestive attraction is "simply" an ancient trachytic boulder about 4 meters tall, shaped by atmospheric agents like the odd and characteristic shape resembling of a pachyderm.

Its singular conformation has fostered legends and popular folklore over the centuries, which make it almost a place of worship full of charm and mystery. There is also a dirt path, next to the road, which leads right to the foot of the rock to admire it up close and enjoy, in the company of this friendly local from Castelsardo, the spectacular panoramic view which from here extends over both the sea and the hinterland countryside.

Therefore, without a doubt an attraction with a strong folkloric and naturalistic flavou. But the Elephant’s Rock is also and above all an archaeological site of great value and interest, also connected to some domus de janas (namely prehistoric tombs probably dating back to the Neolithic). Near the rock there are also several nuraghi, the iconic stone houses and buildings that are the symbol of the island.

Do you want to find out more about the rich history of Sardinia? Explore its archaeological wonders with us for an adventure into the past of ancient Ichnos!

What to do in Castelsardo on your trip to Sardinia

What to do in Castelsardo

If you are arranging your trip to North Sardinia and want to include Castelsardo in your itinerary, you will surely be wondering what is the best time of year to leave and what are the most beautiful and memorable experiences to live in this wonderful gem of the Mediterranean.

Don't worry, we're here! We suggest this destination for a fantastic and regenerating trip to take in spring, the perfect season to enjoy the best that Sardinia has to offer, leaving the cold of winter behind and, above all, far from the hectic logic of summer tourism.

Try to imagine: fantastic villages and places to visit, the wonderful semi-deserted Sardinian beaches where maybe you can enjoy a walk barefoot on the shore, the colors and scents of the lush nature of the island awakened by the springtime sunshine, why not, perhaps to experience traveling in a sustainable way; of course, all of this accompanied to the rhythm of music. What do you think, awesome, huh?

Find out with us what to do in Castelsardo and its surrounding!

Easter in Castelsardo: a Holy Week between folklore and music

Easter in Castelsardo

Which holiday fully embodies the rebirth of light and beautiful spring weather more than Easter? And here, in the Casteddu of North Sardinia, the recurring festivals dedicated to the resurrection of Jesus is truly heartfelt: a whole week of events and celebrations awaits you between the solemnity of the religious functions and the liveliness of the popular festival!

Among the most peculiar moments of Easter in Castelsardo, the Lunissanti procession, that is Good Monday, certainly deserves a mention, a suggestive rite full of emotions which unfolds like a real pilgrimage over the entire day from dawn until evening, reaching in this long procession also the enchanting Abbey of Nostra Signora of Tergu.

On Good Thursday and Friday, the protagonist of the Easter events of Castelsardo is the Co-Cathedral of Sant'Antonio Abate, respectively with the Prucissioni in veneration of a 1300s wooden statue which represents the meeting between Madonna and the dying Christ, and the Ilcravamentu, or the representation of the deposition of Jesus from the cross.

The traditional night vigil on Saturday is obviously followed by the solemn Easter mass on Sunday, a suggestive celebration with the meeting of the simulacra of the Risen One with the Virgin Mother in the Cathedral square, a truly intense experience also due to the spectacular location overlooking the sea.

Clearly, Easter is also the right opportunity to taste many traditional delicacies, often reserved for these special events. Enjoy these festive days in Castelsardo to the fullest by trying the specialties of Sardinian cuisine, it will be a crazy experience for your palate!

And Easter Monday? Don't worry! The concert Pasquetta in Musica is a great classic in the Castelsardo holiday program by now, an event that brings the vibrations and emotions of music to the most beautiful stages in the town, to joyfully end one of the most interesting weeks of the year.

The tourist port of Castelsardo and the immensity of the blue

Tourist port of Castelsardo

One of the most fascinating, engaging and exciting ways to explore the coasts of Sardinia is certainly nautical tourism, a journey of rare beauty across the wonders of this splendid island in close touch with the sea.

In particular, Castelsardo is one of the most popular locations for people who love travel by boat discovering the Island of Four Moors, thanks to its suggestive tourist port with over 500 dockings located in a small sandy bay at the foot of the promontory on which the medieval village stands. The tourist port of Castelsardo is also characterized by a truly evocative setting, with an almost cinematic flavor, embellished by the iconic Frigiano Tower.

In addition to the enchanting Casteddu of Anglona, your boat trip in North Sardinia continues discovering other fantastic locations deeply related to the immensity of the blue. Which ones? We recommend especially the wonderful Costa Rossa (Red Coast), a fantastic stage halfway to the heart of Gallura, and of course the archipelago of La Maddalena, the most heavenly and famous destination in the whole region!

We recommend

We recommend