Go with the flow, sailing in Sardinia! A perfect experience for a trip to experience the sea in all its nuances.

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You cannot say that you have truly experienced the sea if you have never tried the experience of a sailing itinerary, sleeping below deck, or even better if looking at the stars!

What could be more poetic and revitalizing than relaxing lulled by the rocking of the sea, with the surf in the background, and waking up admiring the sun rising from the East, or enjoying the sun diving beyond the horizon to the West.

But also spotting a dolphin, or observing octopuses camouflaging themselves in the rocky seabed, or the slow wandering of purple and black sea urchins.

Living the day according to the rhythms of the wind, and having no other thought in the world than a long session of snorkeling and splashing in the morning, and a seafood spaghetti for lunch. Then a nice nap in the shade of the awning on the deck, and finally diving from the bow, or a nice ride in the warm afternoon sun, in a kayak or on a SUP.

Are you daydreaming?

Let's dream together: we'll tell you more about it in this article, with some ideas for a dreamy long itinerary for making the most while sailing in Sardinia!

Sailing in Sardinia: a unique experience, to be enjoyed with friends


If you have already tried a bathhouse holiday, and camping as a romantic getaway... all you have to do is try the sailing experience, to complete!

An adventure that is certainly different from the usual, perhaps to be accompanied by traditional festivals and events collected in the very rich Salude&Trigu calendar, which we recommend you keep just a click away before making plans on the Sardinian island!

The calendar summarizes all the unmissable events, tastings and initiatives of the area, a real journey into the tradition and beauty of the Sardinian land.

But let's get back to us and this very rich itinerary: sailing the sea of ​​the Sardinian island, exploring hidden coves unreachable by land, and experiencing the sea at 360 degrees, in all the nuances of the day, is a once in a lifetime experience.

Furthermore, it is a perfect option for group travel, a perfect way to share an adventure with friends and collect wonderful memories together, which will bond you even more.

It can also be interesting as a corporate team building experience, because there are routes for all needs!

Sailing is a lifestyle, made up of cooperation, patience and moments of waiting, of attention and moments of immense amazement... it takes a bit of skill, but any effort will be rewarded by splendid landscapes, sunbathing, and the sensation of salty skin that you won't forget simply with a shower when you get home. To not forget, you will learn much about your skills and limits.

Yes, because living the sea, and especially Sardinia on a sailing boat, is more precisely a way of living life: dancing with the wind, understanding it, teaching it and sometimes giving up, or learning to use it to your advantage; getting used to a different perspective on things, without seeing land for long periods and doing without many comforts, but with the reward of unrepeatable moments.

In short, as well as a travel experience, it is a philosophy, a different way of dealing with things.

Hoist the sails, let’s go!

We sail from Porto San Paolo with a nice welcome glass of an ice-cold Vermentino.

This itinerary will make you full of memories, heading towards the majestic Island of Tavolara, with its yellow flowers spots between the green shrubs and the granite. It is also worth making a short stop for a stroll on the island, in permitted areas.

Along the majestic cliffs, you arrive at the splendid Island of Molara, a jewel of turquoise waters, among the most beautiful on the north-eastern coast.

A splendid stopping point for swimming and enjoying the view, before sailing towards the promontory of Capo Coda Cavallo, a naturalistic area, and ending in style by passing through the spectacular Cala Brandinchi.

The photo says it all, what do you think?

The adventure continues, among the splendid crystal clear waters of the La Maddalena Islands archipelago.

A first stop in the quiet Bay of Cala Portese, with the possibility of various stops on the island to refresh at the restaurants, or walk on the beach.

We continue towards the splendid Giardinelli, and why not sleep under the stars, in the bay of Cala Garibaldi?

We definitely recommend this journey in the low season, to better immerse yourself in the nature of the archipelago.

The next day we sail towards Budelli, where you can admire the famous Spiaggia Rosa (pink shore), a true scenic spectacle; the beach is very fragile, after having been the subject of years of theft of the precious coral sand, so it can be admired from the boat.

These natural gems must be protected and respected, and access to the island of Budelli has long been permitted only to its custodian.

Fortunately, in recent years there have been many anonymous returns by repentant "sand thieves", a small gesture of apology towards the island of Budelli.

At the moment the legal fate of the island is unclear, but for a long time access, and above all trampling on the coast, was prohibited, with very severe penalties. Many tourists decide to ignore this ban to take photos, but the fines are very high so be careful.

In short, as a precaution, we recommend admiring it from on board, or turning to specialized guides who are up to date on regulations.

After a clams spaghetti dinner and dips in the natural pools around Budelli, we sail towards Spargi and Cala Corsara. The sunset reflected on the granite rocks will be the best scenario to greet the day with a cold Sardinian beer.

In addition to the sea, we recommend a visit to the Island of Caprera, and the Museum dedicated to national hero Giuseppe Garibaldi, who is buried here, in a very suggestive compendium to visit.

Third stop: your friendly neighborhood fishes, in the Asinara coves

A particularly loved destination, immersed in nature and capable of bewitching with its exclusive landscapes, is the Asinara National Park.

In addition to the sites of interest on the island, such as the former prison facility, now a museum, the ossuary and the Sea Turtle Recovery Centre, the true beauty of this harsh island full of inebriating scents are its coves and the blue sea, where it is not at all rare to encounter groups of dolphins and sea turtles.

If the encounter with the docile white donkeys, characteristic of the island, is always a welcome surprise, the sighting of groups of dolphins darting among the waves in search of play is truly exciting!

Not to mention the astonishing schools of silvery fish, which curiously come ashore; Be careful because they love to nibble ankles, they are absolutely comfortable with human presence.

The experience in a park is always, as well as interesting and satisfying for the landscapes and activities, also enriching from the point of view of knowledge and the sense of conscience and respect, which one cannot help but acquire when visiting these paradises.

After docking at Cala Reale, to visit the island or dive to discover the remains of a submerged wreck, you can continue the coastal exploration of the magical coves of Asinara, such as Cala Barche and Cala d'Oliva, and then sail at sunset towards the next stop.

You can relax and have a drink with the rest of your crew, because there's still half of this trip to go, and you won't be disappointed!

Fourth stop: a trick not to be missed when visiting Stintino

Sleeping under the stars and waking up at dawn with the spectacle of La Pelosa and La Pelosetta in front of you is truly a breathtaking start to the day!

That's right, good morning Stintino and welcome to its wonderful - and very crowded! - beaches.

The caribbean-looking beach of La Pelosa - printed on almost all sardinian postcards - is now a leading attraction in the Northern Sardinia area, and Stintino is literally invaded throughout the summer by those who are ready to make and spend any amount, including lido reservations and parking, just to take a bath in the characteristic turquoise water, with an unmistakable shallow and finely sandy seabed.

In this regard, sleeping on site will allow you to circumvent the difficulty of arriving on the beach at dawn, amidst long queues and crowds, and enjoying this spectacle from a safe distance on a sailing boat will offer you a completely different scenario.

In the town of Stintino it is also possible to walk along the port and visit the Tonnara Museum, a piece of history of this fishing settlement.

Furthermore, sailors are at home here, because a famous regatta, the Vela Latina regatta, has taken place in Stintino since 1983! In short, in addition to soaking in those splendid waters, if you want to touch land there is no shortage of entertainment and cultural options for the hottest hours of the afternoon.

Enjoy a day in the crystal clear waters of Stintino, with lunch on board (if you don't know Stintino-style octopus, you have to fix it!) and the excellent company of your friends, remembering to respect the extraordinary environment in which you find yourself!

Fifth and final stop to try while sailing in Sardinia: the gulf of Alghero and its surroundings

What better ending to this sailing in Sardinia itinerary than an aperitif in the setting of one of the most beautiful sunsets in Northern Sardinia?

You have reached your destination, the port of Alghero, an historic commercial and tourist approach to Northern Sardinia, and there various possibilities open up.

It will be possible to sail towards the Porto Conte Regional Park and the Capo Caccia Marine Protected Area, where between the Gulf of Pischina Salida and Capo Galera it will be possible to go on long dives, snorkeling among the vast Posidonia meadows and red coral settlements.
Posidonia, commonly called seaweed - in italian "alga" and hence Alghero - is a fundamental plant for the marine ecosystem, as well as an indicator of the healthiness of the water. So it's pretty common to see this plant on the shore, don't gross out.

Near this enchanting area, under the white overhanging cliffs - an area rich not only in fish but also in marine birds that nest here - dolphins can also be spotted chasing each other in the blue sea.

If the wind makes this route in open sea impracticable, there is the alternative of the Alghero south coast, towards the Alghero-Bosa coast road.

Saying goodbye to the castle villa of Las Tronas, an ancient and luxurious residence of nobles and prominent figures of the 20th century, you can relax in Cala Burantino, jewel of the coast inaccessible from land.

We continue towards the Poglina beach, and finally towards the lunar Le Croci cliff, where you can explore with a mask and take choreographed dives... paying attention to the jellyfish!

This zone is particularly rich in these animals, so always be careful before diving in.

Thus we conclude this special itinerary to experience Sardinia on a sailing boat, in a week or better ten days holiday. We wanted to include a few extra stops to give you many ideas and make you dream, but we are sure that with the right skipper and the right group of friends it will be easy to make this itinerary a reality and truly unforgettable experience!

See you soon, Sardinia!

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