Alghero's beaches are among the most beautiful in Sardinia. It's the ideal destination to combine cultural and culinary experiences with explorations into the wilderness. Crystal-clear waters, secret coves and relaxing pine forests are just some of the features of the area. It would be best if you took the time to admire them all and take the memories with you.

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Imagine being immersed in crystal-clear waters surrounded by unspoilt nature and beautiful scenery. Imagine being in a place where history and nature come together to create an extraordinary place where you can lose yourself looking at the horizon: Alghero is all of this.

Located in the north-western part of Sardinia, on the Riviera del Corallo, Alghero offers all the emotions a traveller needs.

From archaeological to culinary itineraries, the experiences are truly varied, and in summer, it is almost impossible not to be attracted by the area's many seaside sites.
So let's explore the most beautiful beaches in and around Alghero.

Lazzaretto beach


Located in the northern part of Alghero in the direction of Porto Conte, Lazzaretto beach takes its bizarre name from the tower positioned on the rock behind it. The beauty of this bathing site lies in the unspoilt nature that surrounds it: sandstone rocks and unspoilt greenery frame the clear, fresh sea. In the surrounding area, following the paths of the Mediterranean maquis, it is possible to reach the numerous coves where you can relax far from the crowds.

Bombarde beach

20210703184711bombarde beach.jpg

Not far from Lazzaretto beach is Bombarde beach, with its fine white sand that makes the cool sea a transparent turquoise colour.

The sea is also surrounded by thick Mediterranean scrub, ideal for those seeking shade after a long day in the sun. The beach is just under a kilometre long, so it is best to go there in the early morning hours to find a place and enjoy nature to the full.

The place is also ideal for water sports such as scuba diving or kite surfing. As in the Lazzaretto beach, there are kiosks, bars and restaurants where you can enjoy local fish specialities.

As in the Lazzaretto beach, there are kiosks, bars and restaurants where you can enjoy local fish specialities.

Mugoni beach


The ideal place for families with children, Mugoni beach (and the nearby Stalla beach) has long stretches of fine sand and shallow waters suitable for enjoying the sea with children.

One of its strong points is the large pine forest in front of it, where you can enjoy the shade and quietness typical of green areas.

Mugoni beach is also ideal for evening life, as it has kiosks and grills where you can dine overlooking the sea, with an exceptional romantic view.

Punta Negra beach

20210703185047punta negra fertilia.jpg

This beach Puntanegra is located in a small bay near Fertilia. The area also has historical importance as it became home to Istrian-Dalmatian refugees after the Second World War. It is well sheltered from the wind and characterised by flat rocks and the Arenosu pine forest that offers peace and serenity. Therefore, the area is not very busy and is the perfect place for those looking for a quiet place to relax.

Porto Ferro Beach

20210703185602porto ferro beach.jpg

Porto Ferro beach

20210703185326porto ferro beach sardegna.jpg

The characteristic of this beach is its reddish sand. It is located in the Municipality of Sassari but is also very close to Alghero, not far from Lake Barratz. The beach, Blue Flag (best Italian beaches), is ideal for surfers as it is subject to the currents caused by the Mistral. For this reason, it is a beach that should be explored with caution and only if you are an experienced swimmer.

Porto Ferro has also been included among the 10 most beautiful nudist beaches in Europe.

Dragunara beach


Dragunara Beach is located in the Porto Conte area at Capo Caccia to the north of Alghero: this is a cove with a small beach covered in fine golden sand. It is cut in half by a pier and therefore has a little capacity (it holds a maximum of 20 umbrellas). Still, the race to get a spot in this paradise is worth it: the sea with its shades from turquoise to emerald is home to a beautiful fauna of fish, so don't forget to bring your mask and snorkel!

Porticciolo beach


Porticciolo Beach is located inside a small bay dominated by the Aragonese tower of Porticciolo, a trace of Spanish domination on the island.Access to the water is a little tricky because of the rocks, but you only need to wear sea shoes to enjoy the wonderful colours of the clear water surrounded by barren vegetation.

San Giovanni beach

20210703190015lido san giovanni alghero.jpg

It is the beach in the town centre and can be reached on foot. It is 3 kilometres long and quite broad and has many facilities and accommodation. It is undoubtedly a trendy beach as it is easily accessible, so it is worth going there early in the morning!

Piccolo Catalunya Hostel

The Piccolo Catalunya Hostel is the headquarters from which to move to Alghero's various seaside destinations. Situated in a strategic position between the sea and the historic city centre, Catalunya offers the possibility of choosing a private room with a bathroom or a dormitory in a quiet, clean and affordable environment. You can organise your tours of the city and archaeological and naturalistic itineraries.

This hostel is the ideal place to relax and meet tourists from all over the world in the perfect Sardinian holiday style.


These are just some of the many attractions in Alghero. The Catalan city deserves more than a visit to immerse yourself in the culture of the place entirely, so what are you waiting for? Pack your swimming costume. Sardinia is waiting!

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