From North to South, region by region, here are the romantic destinations in Italy to explore with the one you love.

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Italy is the country of love. Full of romantic views, ancient cities to discover, breathtaking landscapes, it is the ideal place to organize a couple’s holiday.

Whether you are thinking about the next Valentine’s Day, or simply a romantic getaway with your better half, there is no doubt that in Italy there is the right destination for you.

If you don’t know where to start to plan your next romantic trip, we have selected for you 20 (and more) romantic destinations in Italy, to explore with the person you love. We leave? 

20. Romantic destinations in Italy starting from Aosta Valley

Couples love to reach the Aosta Valley to gaze at an adventure divided equally between nature and gastronomy. In Courmayeur the festival is particularly heartfelt, since it coincides with the celebration of the patron saint of the city. On this occasion you can enjoy candlelit dinners and enjoy long and pleasant walks hand in hand, through the paths made for couples on holiday.

Another area that stands out for its romantic getaways is Gressoney-Saint-Jean where, in addition to sports, you can taste local dishes and get closer to the inhabitants, who always know how to give tourists valuable hiking tips. Finally, the region awaits lovers on February 14 to visit archaeological sites and castles owned by the region, with the price of half ticket. In practice, lovers will pay a single ticket for the couple.

19. Piedmont: one of the most popular romantic destinations in Italy

Valentine’s Day in Turin

Bardonecchia, the ski resort an hour away from Turin, awaits couples who want to have fun in the soft snow that this year has fallen in abundance. Excursions and life in the open air are intertwined with small tours in the city center - in particular in the central Via Medail - to meet artisans and restaurants decorated with parties.

Without forgetting a nice trip to Turin, valid for every occasion and especially for the Valentine’s Day. Together you can visit the historic buildings and drink a 'Bicerin' to celebrate the health of the couple. Nearby a climb to the Sacra di San Michele will be a kind of token of love so that the relationship continues to improve.

Visit Turin and Piedmont

18. Liguria looks out for love in its alleys

Alassio beach

The alleys of Alassio that slope down to the sea

Suspended between the mountains and the sea, Liguria boasts an assortment of enviable tourist destinations. The romantic and gastronomic week invades the city of Camogli to fill the heart with pampering and belly of culinary proposals. Impossible to forget the walk of lovers in the Cinque Terre area where the colors blend with the shades of the sky.

And how not to mention the only Italian city that can boast the title of City of Lovers? We are talking about Alassio, of course, which received the official recognition in 2007, immediately enticing those couples who love to spend the party in an original way.

17. In Lombardy: between mountains and spas of love

Bormio awaits couples with open arms with candlelit dinners and the spa ready to pamper guests. Vigevano has been preparing for a long time with calendar events designed specifically for Valentine’s Day. On the program there are not only romantic dinners but also shows, surprises and gifts for those who decide to spend the day in the ducal city.

If you are looking for the mountain, Valtellina is ready to welcome you with your partner. You should not miss the opportunity to take a ride in the snowmobile or to catch a glimpse of some wild animal trying to blend into the snow. 

16. Trentino Alto Adige for couples looking for intimacy

Valentine’s Day is celebrated at Passo San Valentino, above Lake Garda. This area, evocative of historical events of great importance has become over the years a place where you can devote yourself completely to nature. In summer you can take pleasant walks along the paths and reach the various refuges. Instead, in winter, the snow cloaks the paths allowing access to ski slopes or snowshoeing in total freedom.

Another popular destination for tourists is San Martino di Castrozza: a temple of winter walks with snowshoes and skis. Yet the couple’s tourism does not disdain even relax on the shores of Lake Caldonazzo or Lake Levico, as they can make the loop and enjoy the mountain reflections on the water. 

15. Castles by the sea in Friuli Venezia Giulia

Miramare Castle in Friuli Venezia Giulia

Trieste is romantic at any time of the year but you want to cross the misty streets hand in hand? You can head to the Miramare Castle and admire the boats that despite the cold continue undaunted to cross the waters. And finally you can taste the most famous Austrian cake with the opening of the Café Sacher scheduled for Valentine’s Day.

Visit Miramare Castle

14. The Veneto Region selected not only by tourists but also by lovers

Cortina d'Ampezzo covered with snow

Sirmione del Garda is fascinating at any time of year. Its cobbled streets, the streets hidden by tourists in order to reserve a quiet trail, and the arrival at the picturesque Terme di Catullo are all worth the travel ticket. In addition,  you could even treat yourself to a private speedboat ride to view this magical location from the lake and experience a magical moment as a couple.

To stay on the theme of spas we also recommend the charming Montegrotto Terme at the foot of the Euganean Hills, where you can take pleasant walks in contact with nature and end up soaking in the warm sulphurous waters. Or you can select one of the wonderful tourist resorts of the Dolomites and surprise your better half with a place of timeless charm, such as Cortina d'Ampezzo.

13. In Emilia Romagna to spend unforgettable moments

Rimini harbour

The walk from Viserba to Rimini with feet treading on the icy sand is a very special beauty treatment. When you reach the historic center of Rimini, it’s time to refresh yourself with a tasty piadina so as to enjoy all the nuances of local cuisine.

But if you want to reach the peak, know that many manors in Emilia Romagna have organized themselves to offer unforgettable experiences to couples. Alternatively, you can opt for a trip along the Po river with a candlelit dinner and a jazz background. Or admire the Castello Estense in Ferrara painted red as a tribute to all lovers.

12. Romantic Tuscany on the day of lovers and the rest of the year

Baths of San Filippo in Tuscany

It is not said that on Valentine’s Day we have to go to the mountains, especially if we do not love the winter season. We can opt for a spa town so as to relax and, at the same time, pamper ourselves. Tuscany is the favorite destination for Italian spas, thanks to the wide range of choice. In fact, in this region you can not only book your spa stays but you can also try the free spa access.

And if we really can not give up visiting the cities in Tuscany we are spoiled for choice both in terms of villages and larger agglomerations. Finally, let’s not forget Lucignano, considered the 'City of love' thanks to the tree that symbolizes this feeling. Lucignano is located in Valdichiana and couples come here to touch the tree with golden branches and coral because it brings luck and happiness to the relationship.

11. The Marche that you do not expect on Valentine’s Day

The echo of love in Gradara

Finally a Valentine’s Day away from the buzz of the city. In Torre di Palme, in the province of Fermo, there is a protected area that houses the 'Grotta degli amanti'. It is a natural cavity in which Antonio and Laurina love each other for eight days and eight nights in order to recover the time lost due to the war.

If the beginning of our relationship has been turbulent we can find some understanding from Giacomo Leopardi. Therefore, we can visit our Italian poet in Recanati and tell to the best of our hearts how beautiful our love cloaks! But if instead we are consuming a visceral and carnal love we must head to Gradara, a place of representation of the couple Paul and Francesca, praised by the great poet Dante.

10. The Umbria of villages and relaxing spas

Città della Pieve at San Valentino

In romantic Umbria we can access services created ad hoc by the spa resorts. Romantic dinners, personalised services and independent access to the spa, saunas and pools have been prepared for our guests. These solutions are perfect for couples looking for intimacy and isolation, despite staying in renowned facilities. Outside, couples can get distracted with excursions to the villages and visits to local historic buildings.

In Città della Pieve there is the alley Baciadonne, which fits perfectly for the Valentine’s Day. In fact, the alley is so narrow that if you want to pass you have to cling to the partner, otherwise you will be stuck for eternity. After crossing the famous alley unscathed you can go down for a walk in Lake Trasimeno and dine by candlelight with a traditional menu.

9. Abruzzo and its heart-shaped lake

The Lake of Scanno

Remaining on the theme of the saint’s name, we can venture to discover the village of San Valentino in Abruzzo Citeriore, which has become part of the authentic Italian villages. It is located at the gates of the Maiella National Park and offers several historic buildings organized in churches, palaces and museums. Of extreme charm is the paleontological section that boasts inside remains of animal and vegetable fossils.

Lake Scanno has a particular heart shape, which can be seen from the top of the hermitage of Sant'Egidio. While the Castle of Rocca Calascio is one of the 15 most beautiful castles in the world, as established by National Geographic magazine. Why? Because its fairy-tale walls soften a rough and wild landscape. And if you really want to exaggerate, choose to visit the castle with the sunset, when the sky is colored iridescent and soft.

8. The Lazio Region enchants couples with its charming and romantic villages

Civita di Bagnoregio at Valentine's Day

On Valentine’s Day you can not miss a visit to the fabulous Civita di Bagnoregio, with its picturesque bridge to divide modern civilization from ancient. The so-called 'Dying City' is located in the province of Viterbo and the tuff composition is undermining its structure. That is why we must not waste time and postpone the visit. The city represents the feeling of love, which if not taken care of and nourished, in time ends up crumbling.

The village of Torrefina seems to have fled from a fairy tale to settle in the town of Acquapendente on the border with Umbria. Ideal destination for romantics with heart-shaped eyes. As well as the village of Nemi, another gem nestled among the Castelli Romani and nestled sinuously on the lake. 

7. Molise in the feast of lovers puts the emphasis on the heart

Termoli and trabucchi

If we are looking for a fairytale place we can find it in Molise, visiting the village of Castelpetroso, which surrounded by snow looks like a fairy place. The neo-Gothic style accentuates the architectural lines so as to make them appear almost ethereal. Despite this, the most romantic village remains Bagnoli del Trigno erected between the spurs of rock and almost suspended in mid-air.

And if the weather allows you can make a stop in Termoli and from there take a boat to the Tremiti Islands. The center of Termoli, in any case, reserves the enchanted corners and offers a menu designed in a trabucco just for couples looking for a hearty meal.

6. Campania: land of sea, music and love

Naples and its neighborhoods

To look out on Valentine’s Day in one of the most suggestive natural balconies on the Gulf of Naples, means to visit the Municipality of Agerola. From here also starts the famous 'Sentiero degli dei' that reaches Positano. Before taking the itinerary suspended on the sea, however, we must stop to taste local products, especially those of dairy origin.

From 10 to 14 February returns the event 'Saint Valentine in Love' in Salerno and, more precisely to Valentine in Torio. The festival is associated with the festival offering food, music and many dances. In the districts of Vomero and Arenella in Naples, instead, for the same dates, the streets will be enriched with stands, workshops and chocolate stalls. A real Valentine’s gift for food lovers of the gods.

Visit Naples con Naples Pass

5. A fascinating tour in Basilicata

Romantic Matera

Matera is a must if we go to Basilicata. Getting lost in its alleys and experiencing the atmosphere that seems to have crystallized in the past is an experience with exciting tones. But also the surroundings offer sublime moments. Just think of the Pollino National Park that from its summit we can see the Ionian and Tyrrhenian coast.

Not to mention the villages, such as that of Valsinni, which is considered the 'Commune of love' to witness an idyllic relationship between a baron and a poet that could not take place because of the intervention of families.

4. The sea of Puglia at the free disposal of couples

Polignano a Mare

Vico del Gargano, in the province of Foggia, hides the 'Vicolo dei baci' and is perfect for Valentine’s Day. Among other things, the village has become part of the 'Most beautiful villages in Italy' circuit for its architecture and its legendary image. Only here can the couple share a paposcia. What is it? A focaccia stuffed and cooked with a hot flame.

To go in search of wonder in Puglia you do not need to move around much, but head towards Polignano a Mare. The destination is quite popular in summer but on Valentine’s Day it becomes a cradle for lovers. Taking refuge in one of its caves and admiring the sea will raise the thermometer of love to the maximum.

3. The Calabria of the children in arrival and of broken loves

Tropea in winter

A trip with religious reflections and theme with the holiday is organized to see the relics of the saint. Perhaps not everyone is aware that the remains of Saint Valentine are kept in the Convent of San Daniele in Belvedere Marittimo, Calabria. Immediately after we can go down to visit the Rock of the Queen of Acquappesa, about half an hour by car. It is a rock formation linked by a legend. Queen Isabella of France took a bath in the sulphurous waters of the Luigiane Baths, thus fulfilling her desire to become a mother.

What else in Calabria? Visiting Tropea, Scilla and meeting the Riace Bronzes is just one of the many ideas. Any choice will be the right one, because in Calabria is never wrong!

2. Romantic destinations in Italy on the islands: Sicily

The village of Cefalù

The Bedda Sicilia for Valentine’s Day could be crossed in search of the most characteristic villages. Since we can not yet take a bath in the sea, we can dedicate ourselves to the discovery of those corners that in summer become off limits due to high temperatures. So let’s dedicate ourselves to the discovery of Cefalù, close to the sea, with Arab Norman architecture and wait for sunset and then eat a hearty meal of fish.

Alternatively we can visit Marzamemi, between Pachino and Noto, so as to taste another typical local: the tuna caught. Finally, opt for Erice, which dominates the province of Trapani and taste the Genoese pastries made by Maria Grammatico.

1. Last romantic stop: Sardinia

Sardinia and the feast of lovers

Visiting Sardinia away from the crowds is almost a mystical experience. Barbagia di Seulo is the only church dedicated to Valentine’s Day. The village is located in Sadali and not the church is not the only exception since in this place there is also the only waterfall that flows in an urban center.

Getting off at the airport in Cagliari we can dedicate ourselves to discover the romantic views of the city. The Devil’s Saddle, despite its name, is one of the most evocative views as the promontory overlooks the Gulf of Angels, in an eternal ambivalence. Finally, if you really want to surprise your better half take it to Tortolì: the natural landscape will be enough to increase love and passion.

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