A walk in a seaside village that gives emotions, known as the Venice of the South.

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A village nestled on the Costa Viola

Living the experience of a seafaring existence: waking up hearing the song of seagulls, the scent of salt, eating freshly caught fish, following the rhythms of the sea and its people, in Scilla it can be done. This small village on the Costa Viola, in the south of Calabria is a jewel to be experienced.

The Ruffo Castle

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One of the symbols of Scilla is the Ruffo Castle, a fortress located on the promontory, and reaching out towards the Strait of Messina. The castle is in excellent condition and inside it is possible to admire ancient fishing boats, once used by local fishermen. Here, between old walls and loopholes you can breathe the atmosphere of the past and from the panoramic points, through the telescopes, you can see the whole coast.

The swordfish king of the table

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Swordfish fishing is one of the main activities that takes place in Scilla. To celebrate this practice, a statue representing a fisherman embracing a swordfish was installed in one of the panoramic points of the town.Here it is possible to practice fishing tourism and taste the delicious sandwich stuffed with swordfish, by the sea, an experience not to be missed.

Chianalea, the Venice of the South

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The district of Chianalea, known as the Venice of the South, is characterized by houses lapped by sea water and by colorful gozzo boats parked between one house and another. The blue of the sea, the white of the houses and the colors of the small boats make the walk in Chianalea a journey full of nuances. Scaro Alaggio is a place where it is possible to chat with the locals, admiring the crystalline sea open on the horizon.

A dip at the Marina Grande beach

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To better enjoy the experience in Scilla, you cannot miss a dip in the clear waters in front of the village. The beach known as Marina Grande is very wide (in fact it is about 800 meters long) and is one of the most popular in all of Calabria.

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