Visit the Thermal Baths in Lombardy and start relaxing. Between soothing springs and scenic backdrops, you will discover a new dimension.

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The Thermal Baths in Lombardy are a resource that places the region among the leaders in Italy for thermal tourism and wellness. With 25 establishments and 15 springs it offers different varieties of thermal waters, suitable for use in balneotherapy, mud therapy or hydropinic therapies.

The locations of the Thermal Baths in Lombardy are also famous in terms of tourism, for the beauty of the surroundings and the attractions that guarantee a pleasant holiday combining relaxation, recreation and personal care.

The best Thermal Baths in Lombardy: relax, spa and complete wellness

Thermal Baths in Lombardy

A day or a holiday spent in one of the many Thermal Baths in Lombardy, or in the heart of the regional capital, is an experience that provides physical and mental wellbeing. In addition to treatments for various pathologies, it is possible to relax with massages and all kinds of personal care treatments. The environments are carefully designed and the facilities are organised to guarantee every comfort sought after in this type of experience. We have selected the best ones to facilitate your next sensory journey to the Thermal Baths in Lombardy.

In the heart of Bormio, a corner of tranquillity

Bormio hosts famous Thermal Baths in Lombardy

Bormio is a popular location for mountain lovers all year round. The high altitude walks suggest a stop at an alpine hut to taste typical dishes. MTB routes offer the backdrop of the Stelvio National Park. Town life has all the comforts one could wish for and the villages in the vicinity are pleasant to visit.

The Thermal Baths, very famous among those in Lombardy, add to the many activities that attract tourists on a regular basis. The sources of the thermal waters are the Bagni Vecchi and Cinglaccia, and the temperature ranges between 36 and 43 °C. They are indicated for treating rhinitis, pharyngitis, bronchitis and rheumatic diseases. The surrounding nature allows for unique experiences: a dip in the warm thermal waters, surrounded by snow and with a view of the glaciers, allows one to completely extricate oneself from everyday thoughts. Princess Sissi also loved this oasis of well-being and is remembered today with several baths dedicated to her.

The Bormio thermal baths are located in the centre of the town and have a view of the Stelvio Slope. In addition to proposals for adults, with indoor and outdoor pools, they have a water slide for the little ones. It has an agreement with the National Health System for treatments that cure various pathologies, such as inhalations and aerosols, physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

The Qc Terme Bagni Nuovi is the largest thermal centre in the Alps. It can be reached in five minutes by car from the centre of Bormio, as can the Qc Terme Bagni Vecchi.

The Free thermal baths of Bormio are located on the road to Livigno. They are also called Vasche di Leonardo because it was Leonardo da Vinci who first mentioned them in his Codex Atlanticus.

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Sirmione: relaxing by the lake

In Sirmione the Lakeside Thermal Baths

Sirmione overlooks Lake Garda and is one of the favourite destinations for tourists, including foreigners, both for its hospitality-oriented territorial organisation and for the numerous and varied accommodation facilities they present.

Thermal baths are part of the history of this location. They were already popular in Roman times and the villas built around the lake testify to the great interest in the area. The waters, rich in iodine, bromine, sulphur and sodium chloride, are recommended for the treatment of respiratory, osteoarticular, gynaecological, skin and rheumatic diseases. The water temperature at the Boiola spring is about 69°C.

The Terme di Catullo is located in the historic centre of Sirmione and offers classic spa treatments and rehabilitation cures.

The Aquaria Thermal SPA is a wellness centre of about 10,000 square metres with a large park. It offers whirlpool baths, sauna, steam baths and emotional showers.

The Terme di Virgilio is located on the shores of the lake and is oriented more towards thermal cures with special agreements.

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Darfo Boario Terme: nuances of a holiday in nature

Thermal Baths in Valcamonica, Lombardy

Darfo Boario Terme is located in a park of 130.000 square metres, a small oasis in the lower Valcamonica. It is 15 minutes from Lake Iseo and in a good hour you can reach Ponte di Legno. If you are in the vicinity, a trip to one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, Bienno, is a must. The village is located on a hill, dates back to medieval times and is known for its iron-built architecture.

The thermal centre is fed by four springs: Boario, Igea, Antica Fonte and Fausta. The thermal water has a temperature of 15°C and is indicated for hydropinic therapy, digestive and liver diseases. The thermal massages at Terme di Boario are renowned, as are the beauty treatments using mud.

In addition to the curative treatments offered in the thermal centres, it offers a spa and an adventure park for the more daring. It is the ideal place for families. Musical events and shows in the park enliven the days and evenings of guests of all ages.

How to reach Darfo Boario Terme

San Pellegrino Terme: escape at your fingertips

San Pellegrino Terme

The town of San Pellegrino Terme is located in the Valle Brembana, 25 km from Bergamo. It is the meeting point of many tourist attractions that enrich the entire area. A visit to Cornello dei Tasso, a medieval village that can only be reached on foot, is suggestive. From the top of the rock on which it stands, there is a wonderful view of the valley. Once an obligatory passage for trade going to Valtellina, today it has remained isolated and retains all the charm of its past. Dossena allows a visit to its mines, a mysterious place that fascinates every visitor, and a walk on a Tibetan bridge that will be another exciting experience. Bergamo is a lively city, rich in history: both the upper and lower parts, will take you more than one day to discover all its beauties.

The San Pellegrino Thermal Baths was renovated in 2014 and is a very popular and appreciated wellness and spa centre, especially at weekends. The activities on offer meet the needs of a sophisticated target group that seeks attention to detail.

The thermal waters have a temperature of 26 degrees at the source and are optimal for the treatment of calculi, liver and digestive system disorders. Treatments and massages are complementary offers to the classic baths and courses in a spa. They have a capacity of 500 people and during the week provide a space where one can relax and comfortably enjoy all the services and wellness paths.

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Trescore Balneario: find your inner balance

Lago d'Endine

It is the largest municipality in Val Cavallina, a few kilometres from Bergamo. The area offers many attractions: the medieval villages and the events organised throughout the year are an incentive to spend relaxing days that combine wellness and fun. Lorenzo Lotto's frescoes in the Suardi Chapel are highly appreciated, but you should also visit Villa Terzi and Villa Celati Mosconi. Nearby is Lake Endine, where you can take a pleasant walk along its perimeter, either on foot or by bicycle.

The thermal waters are classified as 'strong sulphurous water' and are suitable for the treatment of diseases of the respiratory tract, ear and skin. The mud baths, on the other hand, are suitable for treating forms of arthrosis. Theses Thermal Baths, among the various in Lombardy, are more oriented towards the medical than the aesthetic sector.

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