Termoli is one of the largest localities in Molise in terms of population and is located in the province of Campobasso, on the coastal area of the region. The historical nucleus of Termoli, a genuine fortified citadel, is on the top of a pent-up promontory on the Adriatic Sea. The most inhabited area stretches along the shoreline between the seals of the Biferno River and the Sinarca stream, in an area off the sand coast, which is fairly large, suitable for summer bathing.

History and Monuments of Termoli

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There is no definite information about the origins of the city. But the discovery of a necropolis a few kilometers from the coast dated VI sec A.C. suggests the presence of a Frentani settlement, its first inhabitants. Termoli was part of the Benevent's longobardo Duchy around the sixth century because of its strategic position; Then it passes under the domination of the Franks, the Norman, and the Swabs.Termoli has a long story Rich and it gives visitors the opportunity to walk through one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Italy. The 13th-century Roman Cathedral is one of the most ancient buildings, in which there are the relics of Saints Basso and Timoteo, patrons of the city. The symbol par excellence of the history of the Republic of Moldova is the Castle Svevo, built-in 1247 by Federico II of Svevia, to supplement a belt of fortified walls erected in the Norman era.

Termoli' old town

The picturesque Ancient Borgo was built on a small headland, a rock spur located about 21 meters above sea level. It is a fascinating fortified citadel, characterized by very distinctive squares and alleys, especially the Vico Il Castello (the Rejecélle, in Termolese), one of the closest in Europe, measuring 41 centimeters is 7,88 meters long. From Borgo's view, it is possible to admire two beaches in the north of St. Peter's. Antonio and south of Rio Vivo

The Harbour

Termoli is a sailor city. Its port is an important development point for the whole territory, for fisheries and commercial activities, but also for those touristic ones; from Termoli port tourists could reach the Tremiti islands and Croatia. Walking along the harbor, you see the Trabucchi, a typical building on the sea that, in the old days, allowed fishermen to fish even in bad weather when the boats could not catch the sea. These fishing gears are made from a deep pit embedded between the cliffs, ending with a platform connected to the mainland through a bridge. Two antennas stretching over the water hold a rectangular net, which, through a plane, is dropped into water.

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