What are the best places to visit for singles in Italy? Here are 12 perfect destinations for a carefree, fun-filled summer.

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Whether you have just come out of a serious love affair or are a hardened single looking for new love, traveling and discovering new places is the answer! And what better time than summer to find your new soul mate or put love on standby

The Italian beaches have always been the scene of the hot season. Whether you are young students shaken by hot hormonal storms or maybe single parents over 50-60-70, it doesn't matter. You will enjoy an unforgettable summer in the best places to visit for singles in Italy!

12. Riviera Romagnola (Emilia Romagna)

Best places to visit for singles in Italy: Riviera Romagnola

It is the most popular summer resort for singles in northern and central Italy: we are talking about the Riviera Romagnola! Places like Rimini, Riccione and Ravenna are among the best places to visit for singles looking for fun in Italy.

Especially suitable for those who love the nightlife: the seafront is full of clubs and discos. Riccione alone is known to be the capital of fun in Italy! Get ready for a playful glance with your beach umbrella neighbour or during an aperitif on the beach, and afterwards, maybe exchange a warm kiss as you go wild on the dance floor.

Visit the beautiful Ravenna with the Ravenna Pass

11. Aeolian Islands (Sicily)

Best places to visit for singles in Italy, Aeolian Islands

Single men and women, don't miss the chance to visit Sicily and, in particular, the Aeolian Islands, which are beautiful and suitable for every budget. There is something for all budgets: from the VIP island of Panarea in the isle of Vulcano, which is popular with students. 

Take advantage of the boat cruises that organize to tour the islands and perhaps lay your eyes on what could be your new summer crush

Also, it is essential to know that according to a study carried out by a tour operator specialized in organizing trips for singles, Sicily results to be the Italian region where most people hook up in the summer. Because of their Mediterranean features, Sicilian women are among the most beautiful and men, perhaps because of their acceptance, convey an innate sense of security and great passion. 

Discover the history of the Aeolian Archaeological Museum

10. Gallura (Sardinia)

Best places to visit for singles in Italy, Santa Teresa di Gallura

Santa Teresa di Gallura

Here we are in Sardinia, a corner of paradise and the setting for glamorous Italian holidays, with its white sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters and summer nightlife. 

In the historical region of Gallura, much loved by young people for its nightlife and the many opportunities for singles, is San Teodoro, a tourist resort in the province of Sassari.

The golden sands of the beach, the magnificent sea and its bays surrounded by thick Mediterranean scrub and its village make it the ideal destination for those looking for a new love on holiday. Here there are villages equipped for every need and that will make you experience the emotion of a stay in close contact with wild nature

Still in Gallura, don't miss the chance to meet a new love in the enchanting coves of Santa Teresa di Gallura, one of the jewels of the Sardinian north coast. An enchanted pearl in a strip of land stretches as far as almost touching Corsica. The beauty of the places and the good company will give you unique emotions!

9. Gargano (Apulia)

Best places to visit for singles in Italy, Vieste


In recent years, singles tourism has become particularly popular in the beautiful Gargano area, where many villages offering this type of holiday package have sprung up.

 Among its unmissable resorts, Vieste is the most popular! Characterised by narrow alleys framed by delightful tiny white houses, small squares with belvederes offering a breathtaking view of the sea, coves and immense beaches, and many nightclubs where you can flirt and go wild. 

Apulia is also full of real singles' beaches, equipped and organised for you to socialise and meet your soul mate. Among the most famous in the area? Take a trip to the beach at Pugnochiuso!

Start from Vieste for a ferry tour of the Tremiti Islands

8. Cilento (Campania)

Best places to visit for singles in Italy, Paestum, Cilento


For the more "wild" and culture-loving singles, we highly recommend a summer holiday in the beautiful Cilento region, equipped with campsites where you can pitch your tent and meet a new love under the stars!

We particularly recommend the town of Paestum, in the Sele Valley, which is the perfect place for those who want to combine leisure and culture. Among its most popular destinations: are the 15 km long beach and the charming pine forest, where you can enjoy moments of pure relaxation in contact with nature. Not to be missed is a visit to the ancient city of Magna Graecia, with its three well-preserved temples overlooking the Paestum Archaeological Park, which has been on the UNESCO World Heritage list since 1998.

Skip the line and visit the Paestum and Velia Parks

7. Conero Riviera (Marche)

Conero Riviera

The pearl of the Adriatic in the Marche is the Conero Riviera! More than 200 km of coastline, dreamy beaches and crystal-clear waters, breathtaking views, a promontory overlooking the sea with caves, coves and inlets scattered among the white rock and green Conero Regional Park.

The Conero Riviera is the perfect setting for those who want to spend a fun-filled holiday. Many holiday villages for singles are in a magnificent natural environment. In a place like this, you can't help but feel the sparkle in your eyes and your heart beating fast.

But if you thought it was love, but it was a barouche...don't worry! You won't be bored: with lots of sporting and outdoor activities, evenings under the stars and events of all kinds, you'll have a great time here!

E se ti lascia lo sai che si fa Trovi un altro più bello Che problemi non ha (and if he/she leaves you you know what to do? find another more beautiful who doesn't have problems)

Tanti auguri - Raffaella Carrà

6. Monte Argentario (Tuscany)

Best places to visit for singles in Italy, Monte Argentario

A popular destination for tourists who want to enjoy the Tuscan sea, Monte Argentario is the ideal place to meet new friends and even find love. A characteristic promontory of the Maremma, it is a small diamond set on the coast that combines the charm of the island with the comfort of the mainland. 

It offers an unparalleled landscape: beaches and coves of rare beauty, footpaths and archaeological finds. Spending a summer without hours of pure relaxation and fun here is impossible!

Visit one of the best wineries in the Maremma region

5. Cinque Terre (Liguria)

Best places to visit for singles in Italy, Cinque Terre

The Cinque Terre are a magical place, an ideal destination for finding oneself and perhaps even new love. Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Monterosso and Vernazza: 5 authentic jewels suspended over the sea (we strongly recommend the first one for young people). 

Lovers of trekking and excursions should not miss the dense network of coastal and inland paths that connect the five characteristic villages, from where you can admire the most romantic views ever. 

Join a boat tour of the Cinque Terre

4. Costa Rei (Sardinia)

Best places to visit for singles in Italy, Costa Rei

Still, in Sardinia, a paradise for singles summer in Costa Rei. A landscape of evocative beauty made up of hills and mountains overlooking the sea and splendid bays: such as Cala Pira, a small bay framed by dunes covered in fragrant junipers.

One of the most beautiful beaches is Cannisoli, with its beautiful golden reflections. And what about the renowned beaches of Monte Turno, Sant'Elmo and Santa Giusta.

In the background is the mountainous profile of the Sette Fratelli Park, a valuable natural oasis and ideal place for relaxing walks. Well, the beaches and views are there, now it's up to you to find out who to drink a glass of bubbly with!

3. Elba Island (Tuscany)

Best places to visit for singles in Italy, Isola d'Elba

Again in Tuscany to offer you a singles' trip to a dream oasis in the waters of the Tuscan Archipelago. Elba's charming and fascinating island has golden beaches, crystal-clear waters, and dreamlike landscapes. 

Among the most beautiful places on the island there are the Medici fortresses: a complex of bastions and fortifications whose sole purpose was to protect the main town. Maybe someone will come along and save you!

Don't miss a dip in the magnificent waters of the Ghiaie beach, made up of white pebbles and famous for its seabed for unforgettable dives. The beach is very close to the historic centre of Portoferraio, full of palaces, churches and picturesque streets. 

The Rio Marina Mining Park is one of a kind: a complex of open-cast mines, where the work of nature and man have merged to create a unique spectacle. Also, do not miss Monte Capanne and Porto Azzurro

One of the most beautiful beaches is Padulella in Portoferraio, with white sand. But if you want to find love, you must go to the Innamorata beach, known as the most romantic beach on the island. 

2. Costa degli Dei (Calabria)

Best places to visit for singles in Italy, Tropea


Among the most popular destinations for singles is Calabria, particularly the Costa Degli Dei: a stretch of coastline formed by kilometers of unique beaches, interspersed with jagged rocks, spectacular bays and a dreamlike sea. Not to be missed is a visit to the very popular Tropea, characterized by white beaches overhung by rocky cliffs. 

A visit to Pizzo is also a must: a picturesque town of medieval origin, perched on the slope of a cliff overlooking the sea. Put your crush to the test and let him/her join you to wander the narrow streets of the typical fishing village. Will it be true love? Who knows!

Among the most beautiful and famous beaches of the Costa Degli Dei are the beaches of Briatico: Sant'Irene and Colamaio. Maybe on one of them, sitting under a bougainvillaea, you will share a slice of watermelon with a new, exciting acquaintance. 

1. Salento (Apulia)

Best places to visit for singles in Italy, Salento

Back to Puglia for the grand finale! Singles, come and discover Salento! One of the most beautiful places in Italy and a popular holiday destination. 

A must for a singles' holiday is the natural area of the Alimini Lakes, located north of Otranto. Alimini Grande and Alimini Piccolo: two lakes that once communicated with each other and are now divided. A truly fascinating place for those who love nature and the environment: here, you might meet someone who thinks like you, respects nature and animals, and is passionate about birdwatching

Once here, you cannot miss a visit to the splendid Otranto with its tiny houses and white stairways and its imposing Aragonese Castle. Among the most famous beaches, don't miss the Baia dei Turchi, its uncontaminated and priceless landscape. 

If you are a single fun-loving person, there is only one place to go: Gallipoli, now known as the Ibiza of southern Italy. Run to the Samsara Beach and participate in Italy's most exclusive beach party. Gallipoli is the seaside town that never sleeps and where "spicy encounters" are the order of the day. 

We have given you the destinations. Now it's up to you to unleash all your charm and have fun!

Travel by boat from Salento to the lovely Polignano a Mare

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