Red rocks and an emerald lake. No, we aren't in the heart of the USA, but we're in a small place near Otranto.

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The mine of Bauxite is a charming and amazing place

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This small Grand Canyon of Salento is located in the hinterland between Otranto and the area of ​​Punta Palascia (Punta Palascia is the easternmost point of Italy).  

The mine was born for extracting bauxite from the ground, because the entire area of ​​Otranto is rich in bauxite (mineral from which aluminum is obtained). Having abandoned the mine in the 70s, now nature has taken over and the place has become a little piece of paradise. However, the lake is stagnant water and owes its color to the presence of bauxite on its bottom.

The mine of Bauxite is really a charming and amazing place, it is worth visiting although the lake is not swimmable. The sunlight with the colors of the rocks make the lake emerald. The beauty of the colors and reflections make your experience unique and unforgettable there!  

The perfect time to go to the mine is at sunset, when the sunlight gives some truly magical and intense reflections to the place.

How to reach the Mine of bauxite

The mine of Bauxite is easy to reach. If you are in Otranto, you can reach it on foot from the city center, infact it's only 1.5 km from the harbour!  

If you don't want to get to the mine on foot but by car, you need to take the SP 369 road up to an exit on the left. Be careful at the junction, it should be the one following the signs for Santa Cesarea Terme.

Cava di bauxite

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