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Riccione: a city for all tastes

Riccione, the city of Emilia-Romagna in the province of Rimini, is a symbol of the collective imagination of the Riviera Romagnola. Riccione is very lively in the summer months, and it's considered the ideal half for families looking for a quiet beach holiday for both young people looking for parties and nightlife. Hotels, equipped beaches, discos and amusement parks make the city a fixed stop on the holidays of many Italian and European tourists.
Here is the program of a perfect day to enjoy the essence of the city of Romagna.

One morning on the beach

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The day can only start with a morning at the beach. Seven kilometres of beach that skirt the city of Riccione, many beaches equipped ready to welcome you according to your particular needs. For the more sporty there is nothing better than a beach where you can practise Beach-Volleyball, Beach-Tennis or take part in gymnastics lessons, even water-based, group. For those who want to relax without tiring, we recommend moving towards those shores that offer services such as swimming pools, suitable for children, and hot tubs. Indeed, the typical hospitality of the owners of the lidos will conquer you making you fall in love immediately.

Lunch break: piadina time


Back from the beach for lunch we recommend to try the culinary specialties of the Riviera Romagnola: its excellence the piadina. The Piadina Romagnola, also known as Piada, is a food of ancient origins son of a simple peasant cuisine. Few ingredients that together give life to a unique product. A puff pastry and circular to use as an alternative to bread stuffing , generally, with the meats and cheeses that meet our taste. We advise you to try the Piadina Artigianale of the local "Il Vicolo" a few steps from Viale Ceccarini recognized for years for its quality with the certificate of excellence of Trip Advisor. From traditional tastes to more elaborate recipes, many variations are available to discover the best this product. You should also try the sliced pizza. We are sure that once you try the piadina you will not do less.

An afternoon of shopping

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After lunch a walk in the shopping street of the Riviera Romagnola, Viale Ceccarini. A pedestrian zone that connects the northern and southern parts of the city by connecting the train station to the beach. The good living room of Riccione, so called this avenue, is a historic street full of shops and boutiques. A reference point for shopping suitable for all portfolios, alternating boutiques of the most prestigious brands with shops of commercial fashion chains.

The night of party in the disco


The evening can only start with an aperitif in the streets of the center. Two areas of the city most recommended: one the aforementioned Viale Ceccarini, home as well as the fashion of renowned bars and clubs, the other the Marano area along the beach on the border with the nearby Rimini pulsating heart of nightlife. Together with Rimini, Riccione is in fact one of the most popular summer destinations among young people looking for fun in the night. Many discotheques where, always, it is possible to dance until dawn, many international Dj who over the years have chosen Riccione to play and perform. A perfect place to meet people and have fun, a real must for all fans of the genre.

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