Explore the 10 most beautiful beaches in Puglia: a journey through hidden coves and breathtaking views.

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Apulia's 10 most beautiful beaches, with their fascinating variety of landscapes ranging from fine sands to imposing cliffs, are a must-see destination for every type of traveller. These coastlines, lapped by crystal-clear waters, stretch over 800 kilometres, offering a unique experience that combines nature, history and culture in one magnificent setting.

Apulia's beaches, thanks to their exceptional beauty and quality services, attract visitors from all over the world every year, consolidating the region's role as one of the pillars of seaside tourism in Italy. Among the most famous destinations are the Two Sisters Beach in Torre dell'Orso and the Maldives of the Salento in Pescoluse, places where the transparent sea and golden sand create postcard-perfect scenery that remains etched in visitors' memories.

The 10 Most Beautiful Beaches in Apuglia

The most beautiful beaches in Apulia

Apulia offers an amazing variety of beaches, each with unique characteristics that enchant visitors. From white sandy stretches to sheer limestone cliffs, Apulia's beaches are a true paradise for sea lovers, who can enjoy both relaxing in the sun and admiring the coastline on a SUP tour. But all water activities such as snorkelling are also worthwhile. 

Among the most popular beaches are the famous Polignano a Mare, with its crystal-clear waters and sheer cliffs, and the renowned Pescoluse, often called the Maldives of Salento for its fine sand and turquoise sea. Let's take a detailed look at the 10 most beautiful beaches in Apulia.

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Cala Verde is one of the most enchanting beaches in Monopoli, perfectly set between two rocky walls that protect it from the winds, thus guaranteeing a generally calm sea. This little piece of paradise is particularly suitable for families thanks to its calm, shallow waters. The beach is accessible by following the signs to Camping Santo Stefano and offers a more intimate and private experience, with no sunbed or umbrella rental services, so it is ideal to bring along everything you need to enjoy a day at the beach.

16 minutes from Taranto, Porto Cupo Bay offers a unique experience for those seeking a more private and less crowded beach. This small pebble bay is known for its crystal-clear waters and for being an ideal place to relax away from the more touristy beaches. Despite its small size, Porto Cupo Bay is appreciated for its natural beauty and peaceful atmosphere.

After a day in this enchanting bay, also consider making a trip to Campomarino di Maruggio, a place known for its golden beaches and turquoise sea.

Located along the Taranto coastline, Porto Pirrone Beach is a favourite destination for its clear waters and relaxing atmosphere. This beach offers a stretch of fine sand but also stretches with rocks, both of which are pleasant. The steps to get there are a bit challenging, but the place is well worth it. Despite its popularity during the summer months, especially at weekends, Porto Pirrone remains a real gem to be discovered.

The Turks' Bay, located a few kilometres north of Otranto, is famous for its enchanting white sandy shoreline, surrounded by a thick pine forest and rocky cliffs that create a natural environment of rare beauty. This bay owes its name to the historical event of 1480, when Turkish troops landed here during the siege of Otranto. Today, the bay is a paradise for those seeking a seaside experience amid unspoilt nature.

6. Two Sisters Beach in Torre dell'Orso

The 10 most beautiful beaches in Apulia: Spiaggia delle Due Sorelle in Torre dell'Orso

The Two Sisters Beach in Torre dell'Orso is one of the pearls of Salento, famous for its fine sand and clear blue sea. This beach is nestled between high cliffs and a lush pine forest, creating a picture-postcard landscape that fascinates tourists and residents every year. Its crystal-clear waters are ideal for swimming and snorkelling, thanks also to the currents of the Otranto Canal that keep the sea clean.

5. Lama Monachile

Apulia's 10 most beautiful beaches: Lama Monachile in Polignano a Mare

Lama Monachile, also known as Cala Porto, is one of Polignano a Mare's most iconic beaches. This small inlet is famous for its Roman bridge above it and its crystal-clear waters, set between imposing limestone cliffs.

The pebble beach is popular with locals and tourists alike for its natural beauty and picturesque atmosphere. Despite its popularity, Lama Monachile retains a quiet charm, ideal for those seeking a corner of paradise where the sea merges with history.

For an even more unique experience, we recommend a boat tour with an experienced local skipper, who can show you hidden nooks and crannies, caves, and tell the story of the place from a completely different perspective.

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4. Sant'Isidoro beach in Marina di Nardò

The 10 most beautiful beaches in Apulia: Sant'Isidoro beach in Marina di Nardò

Sant'Isidoro Beach, located in the picturesque Marina di Nardò, is one of Salento's gems. The beach is perfect for families. Thanks to its fine, white sand and shallow, crystal-clear waters, children can play safely.

The beach stretches in a gentle curve along the coast, creating an ideal environment to relax and enjoy the seascape. The presence of the historic Sant'Isidoro Tower, erected in the 16th century to defend the coast from incursions, adds a touch of history and charm to the place. With well-equipped lidos and various services, Sant'Isidoro offers a comfortable and relaxing bathing experience for all visitors.

3. Torre Chianca beach in Porto Cesario

Torre Chianca in Porto Cesario

The Torre Chianca beach in Porto Cesareo is a little corner of paradise that stands out for its white sand and crystal-clear turquoise sea. Then, the presence of the historic watchtower, also erected in the 16th century by Charles V to protect the coast from Saracen raids, adds a unique historical charm to the place.

Despite being an idyllic spot, it can become very crowded during the summer months, attracting many visitors in search of relaxation and natural beauty. This makes it essential to arrive early in the morning to secure a good spot on the beach.

2. Baia delle Zagare in Mattinata

The 10 most beautiful beaches in Apulia: Baia delle Zagare

The Baia delle Zagare, located between Mattinata and Vieste, is one of the most evocative corners of the Gargano. This bay is renowned for its pale rock cliffs that plunge into a crystal-clear blue sea, creating a picture-postcard landscape that enchants every visitor.

Characterised by a beach of fine white pebbles, the bay is dominated by the presence of two imposing stacks, known as L'Arco di Diomede and Le Forbici, which contribute to making the landscape even more breathtaking. The natural beauty of Baia delle Zagare has also been praised by international publications such as the New York Times and National Geographic, recognising it as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. This location is particularly suitable for those seeking a relaxing day immersed in almost untouched nature.

1. Pescoluse, the Maldives of Salento

Pescoluse, the Maldives of Salento

Pescoluse, also known as the Maldives of Salento, is one of the most charming seaside resorts in Salento, famous for its fine, golden sandy beaches stretching along a crystal-clear sea. This destination is ideal for those seeking a tropical-like piece of paradise, thanks to its shallow waters and clear waters, and is ideal for families and water sports enthusiasts.

It is no coincidence that this location is often compared to the real Maldives for the quality of its beaches and the breathtaking landscape, characterised by sand dunes and lush vegetation that fades into the hues of the sea. Pescoluse is also a perfect starting point to explore other wonders of the Salento, such as Lecce. Thus creating the perfect combination of relaxation, culture and fun.

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