Pristine beaches and unexplored paths characterise the Conero Riviera. Are you curious to know more about this destination?

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The Conero Rivera e Colli dell'Infinito is the ideal place if you are looking for an immersive experience among villages, sea and nature. The various resorts wind between the long coastline and the hinterland, revealing unique places to explore and experience in the round. The beaches, nature trails, and villages show the beauty of this vast territory little by little.

Ancona: one of the most fascinating cities in the Conero Riviera

Conero Riviera

Ancona is the Capital of the Marche Region, a seaside city with an important history behind it. The traces of its Greek origins and Roman domination are still visible in the Arch of Trajan, the walls, and the Roman amphitheatre. After a walk in the city centre to discover the beautiful medieval churches and their imposing cathedral, you can not miss a visit to the "fountain of 13 spouts" linked to the ancient legends of the city. The suggestive panoramas facing the sea surround the beauty of the historical centre.

Tour through the most charming villages in the Conero Riviera: Sirolo


The "Pearl of the Adriatic" looks like a lovely village with a wonderful terrace overlooking the sea. The romantic alleys, traces of the medieval town planning, lead to the main square, close to the large balcony overlooking the sea and dotted with bars and clubs. 



Not far from Sirolo, this ancient fishing village has become the ideal destination for lovers of the sea given its proximity to the most famous beaches of the Riviera. In the village there is also an Antiquarium where traces of the ancient civilization of the Piceni are preserved.

Porto Recanati

Porto Recanati

Ideal destination for lovers of nightlife, this town is famous for its well-equipped and well served beaches and for the clubs located two steps from the sea. In Porto Recanati there is also a Swabian Castle trace of the passage of Frederick II, born in the region of Marche.

Potenza Picena

Potenza Picena

Moving inland, this lovely village offers a view of the hills of the Riviera. The town is dotted with medieval churches and noble palaces that take us back in time.



In this town you can breathe air of art and spirituality. The sanctuary of the Holy House of Mary, located on a hill, is one of the main pilgrimage destinations in the world. The art and history of this village can be breathed step by step in the churches and streets.


Osimo The Conero Riviera

For history and archaeology lovers Osimo is the ideal destination. In addition to the Roman archaeological area of Montetorto, the city has a dense network of tunnels located underground that can be accessed from large and evocative caves. 



This village is famous for its good wine and for the products of the local gastronomy. Also here it is possible to admire the traces of its ancient past by visiting the underground galleries.


Montefano theater

Small village located on a hill, between two streams, is famous for its baroque churches and the beautiful theater that you can meet walking through the alleys.



Dominated by an imposing medieval fortress, this village perched on the hill makes us breathe the air of the Middle Ages. In July the revisitations of the medieval festival take us back in time for an entire week! 

Agugliano, Polverigi and Santa Maria Nuova

Santa Maria Nuova

All these villages, such as Offagna, witness the ancient medieval past of the region. Agugliano with the ruins of the ancient castle, Polverigi with its circular fortress and S. Maria Nuova with its calanchi (ancient furrows of natural origin), are small very suggestive villages that preserve the history of the Riviera del Conero.


Recanati, Giacomo Leopardi's munument

Città natale di uno dei poeti più celebri della letteratura italiana, Giacomo Leopardi, è, da lui stesso, stata definita “città dell’infinito”. Oltre alla bellezza della cittadina, qui si può godere del meraviglioso paesaggio circostante situato a metà fra soleggiate colline e mare azzurro. 



Ideal destination for music lovers, the city of the accordion fully represents the importance of local craftsmanship. To visit the church of S. Francesco, according to the legend, founded by the friar himself!



The city of tailoring allows you to combine a visit to the village, surrounded by picturesque hills, with shopping for fine weaving products created in local factories.

The coast, the beaches and the unexplored coves

Two sisters beach The Conero Riviera

The coastal strip south of Ancona is characterized by numerous beaches still uncontaminated. The Conero Riviera offers a great variety for sea lovers. From solitary coves to well served beaches. The most famous resorts are located between Sirolo and Numana but the entire coastline offers a variety of landscapes to satisfy all tastes.

The beach of the two Sisters, so named for the twin rocks that emerge from the sea, is a beach of stones and white pebbles. Completely devoid of services, its fame is linked to the legend of the young Miti, a girl transformed into a mermaid after having waited in vain for her lover on the shore of this beach. Among the most famous localities we have the beach of the "black stones" formed by stones and dark renella, beach "Urbani" to form of half moon, famous for an enormous visitable cave situated to the limits of the shore and the beach of Portonovo, to the slopes of the Conero mountain. And again the beach of Passetto, of Mezzavalle and that of Frati.

Noteworthy is also the area between the beaches of Numana alta - "la spiaggiola", Numana bassa and Marcelli: these are wide stretches of golden sand. They are well equipped beaches, dotted with services and bathing establishments. They are all reachable by car or by bus. The municipality of Numana provides a free shuttle bus that goes around the beaches accompanying visitors. These beaches are also suitable for lovers of water sports. Many establishments allow the rental of canoes and pedal boats, suitable for exploring the coast while burning the calories acquired thanks to the good food of the Marche region.

What to se see in Conero Riviera: immersed in unspoiled nature

Sport in the Park of the Conero Riviera

The Riviera del Conero is included in the Conero Regional Park. The mountain is a relief of the Umbria-Marche Apennines, 572 meters high above sea level. The park is dotted with paths of various types. A panacea for trekking lovers who do not want to give up a swim. The paths are very varied and with different levels of difficulty. Many of them are practicable on horseback or mountain bike. The duration ranges from 4 hours (one way) to just 30 minutes. Along the walks, you can encounter former monasteries, archaeological remains from Roman times and caves to explore.

From the villages to the cities, from the sea to the gentle hills, the Riviera del Conero e Colli dell'infinito bewitches the visitor with its history, its local products, with the blue of its sea and the green of its uncontaminated nature that together merge into an extraordinary landscape.

The tourist district of Riviera Conero and colli dell'infinito: reception and promotion

Vineyard in Conero

Getting to know these wonders without missing out on anything has become even easier since a true tourist district was established to manage the reception of visitors at 360 degrees. The Riviera del Conero e colli dell'infinito organizes experiences and itineraries suited to the variety of the place. Set up a few years ago, the district unites the entire Conero area, managing it in the best possible way and connecting the various territories. It provides accommodation in all 16 municipalities involved, which become a single destination. It also offers information on accommodation, activities and events, providing practical information for all needs, from transport to culinary advice. Lastly, the organisation is responsible for promoting the area, spreading the word about the quality of the beauty of this wonderful land: it produces and distributes tourist information material, manages social media, and organises fairs, tours and experiences. A real point of reference for the Adriatic Riviera!

These locations are increasingly enhanced by events and experiences that enhance the culture and authenticity. Among the most important folkloristic events of the Conero Riviera is the Feast of the Patron Saint Ciriaco in Ancona, the Festa del grappolo d'oro (Feast of the Golden Bunch) in Potenza Picena and the Race for the boot  in Filottrano. And again, for culture lovers, we have the Leopardi celebrations in Recanati and the accordion award in Castelfidardo. The celebration of the tasty enogastronomic products of the Region cannot be missed: the Red Wine Road allows us to follow the tracks of the best wines of Conero and everywhere it is possible to taste the specialties of sea and land of the area. 

Tourist district Riviera del Conero and colli dell’infinito

What is the most enchanting beach in the Conero Riviera?

The Conero Riviera

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