Choosing a holiday in Porto Recanati, a sea town in the Marche, means diving into a colorful seaside town that offers relaxation and leisure, art and culture, and interesting nightlife in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

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Porto Recanati is a centrally located tourist destination along the coast of the Marche region in central Italy, and it is a location for every style of holiday at the foot of the Conero Park: from the Colli dell'Infinito to the blue sea with over 20 km of coastline and numerous blue flags. 

Porto Recanati: the History

The coastal center, a former fishing village, was founded in the late Middle Ages (13th century) when Frederick II of Swabia donated to the municipality the land where the first town center was built around the Swabian Castle (Castrum Maris). The Romans founded the first colony, the city of Potentia, in 184 B.C in this same stretch of land. It was then destroyed by the Lombards in the 6th century and later resurrected on the high ground that is now Potenza Picena. The castle played a key role from the 15th century onwards since in the absence of a real port, the unloading and loading of vessels took place from there. The seaport was fortified between 1505-1510 also thanks to the contribution of Pope Julius II della Rovere but almost destroyed thirteen years later by a horde of Muslim pirates. Memorable but disastrous, in the second half of the 16th century, the community took part in the battle of Lepanto, following Captain Paolo Gigli. Porto Recanati fought for the Unity of Italy (remember the Battle of Castelfidardo in 1869) and obtained its independence from the city of Recanati on 15th January 1893.

One place, a thousand chances: a holiday among beaches, culture and archeology in Porto Recanati

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The town of Porto Recanati, although it has a strong seaside vocation, enjoys great artistic and cultural wealth. The first place to visit is undoubtedly the Swabian Castle, built as a defense against pirate attacks and the first nucleus of the town; the inner courtyard of the castle housed the community that grew up around the port activities at least until the late 16th century. Later, the settlement expanded outside the castle along the coastal strip and took on the appearance it retains today. The castle courtyard houses the Beniamino Gigli arena, named after the Recanati tenor, which in summer is the setting for shows and cultural events. Not far from the town center is the archaeological area of Potentia, where you can admire the forum with the remains of a temple and a 1st-century Domus. Among the religious buildings, the Chiesetta della Banderuola stands out. It is in the countryside of Scossicci, a few kilometers north of the town center, where, according to a legend, the Holy House of Loreto stopped to rest before reaching its current location. For those who are looking for relaxation and fun, Porto Recanati's beaches are full of beach resorts and the accommodation facilities satisfy all tourist needs: luxury hotels, bed & breakfasts, family-run hotels to savor local authenticity, and campsites and tourist villages equipped for a fun-filled holiday. The town is characterized by narrow streets and alleyways with typical restaurants where you can sample fresh local products. The seafront, closed to traffic, is the ideal place to stroll from morning to night, the main street is the shopping street and during the weekends Porto Recanati comes alive with markets, music from pubs and restaurants and don't miss the popular festivals, such as the Palio di San Giovanni, where the local population tells its story. The Porto Recanati website is the right portal for tourists who want to find the best way to spend a holiday in Porto Recanati.

A holiday amidst poetry, sea and hinterland: the Riviera del Conero and I Colli dell'Infinito

Porto Recanati's excellent location means that it is also possible to visit nearby places. Firstly Recanati, the birthplace of the poet Giacomo Leopardi, with the family palace used as a house-museum and Leopardi's places, uncontaminated and always suggestive. Then Ancona, the country seat, Fermo, Macerata. You can also choose to follow a specific itinerary such as the naturalistic one, to discover the Monte Conero Park of the Sibillini National Park, the Frasassi Caves, or the one based on faith and history, on the tracks of the pilgrims who have been going to the Sanctuary of the Holy House of Loreto for over 700 years.

Conero Riviera

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Porto Recanati on bike

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Porto Recanati and the active holiday

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Porto Recanati is the classic small town where you can easily practice many sports. We recommend canoeing, surfing and cycling. Canoeing and sup can be used for excursions on the Conero Riviera, and bicycles can be used to visit all the neighbouring areas, as well as to explore the town. Porto Recanati can be a destination for an active holiday

Food and Wine Holiday in Porto Recanati

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Porto Recanati offers the best of Marche cuisine: brodetto, a speciality of the area. It is a special fish soup with mixed fish (scorpionfish, monkfish, mackerel, mullet), mantis shrimp, small cuttlefish, mussels and clams. All combined with cherry tomatoes, green peppers, onions and chilli peppers. Then you can enjoy vincisgrassi, a kind of cannelloni, and many other specialities of the Marche combined with excellent cold meats and cheeses. Lunch or dinner can be accompanied by excellent local wines such as Rosso Conero, Verdicchio or Lacrima di Morro d'Alba. 
You can have lunch and dinner on the beach by moonlight or choose the inland area. 


Brodetto and Vincisgrassi

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Why is Porto Recanati a renowned seaside resort?

Porto Recanati

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