Does anyone know the 10 most beautiful beaches in Tropea? Spectacular natural landscapes of cliffs, Mediterranean maquis and white sand await you.

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Do you know the most beautiful beaches in Tropea? You can find them on the Costa degli Dei in Calabria. The coast is a good 55 kilometres long with white beaches, scattered rocks and crystal clear water. Have you ever seen them? The stretch of coastline between Pizzo and Ricadi rises above the sea, forming a promontory that gives rise to an extraordinary succession of splendid beaches of fine white sand, cliffs and reefs, evocative corners, grottoes, solitary coves, ancient watchtowers and sandy shores large and small. In some places, the coastline seems to narrow due to the coastal chain that seems to plunge straight into the sea. State Road 18 Tirrena Inferiore, turns into a kind of uninterrupted belvedere over the sea and is, after the Salerno - Reggio Calabria motorway, the most important road connecting Campania and Calabria. Almost at the end of the Gulf of S. Eufemia, you can see Pizzo Calabro with its sheer tufa cliff that begins the wonderful rocky coastline of Capo Vaticano.

The most beautiful beaches of Tropea, the pearl of the Costa degli Dei, are the city's most important centre, heralded by the Faraglioni of Parghelia. In the high parts overlooking the sea, with heights exceeding 600-700 metres, you find a compact promontory. At sea level it is more animated and consists of a combination of beaches, rocky outcrops and shoals, making it one of the most famous and popular tourist resorts in the whole of Calabria. The seabed, which is protected within the Marine Park and lies off the Costa degli Dei, is extraordinary and represents one of the most beautiful examples of Mediterranean flora and fauna thanks to the extensive Posidonia meadows. They are a perfect place for snorkelling and water sports enthusiasts.

The 10 most beautiful beaches in and around Tropea: a seaside holiday paradise

The 10 most beautiful beaches in Tropea

Together we will discover the 10 most beautiful beaches in Tropea and some of its surroundings. The extraordinary natural beauty of this coast has led to the development of a wide range of first-class tourist, hotel and beach facilities. These facilities offer a holiday to suit all needs, from villages with their nightlife to quieter stays for those seeking relaxation and life in nature. Pizzo Marina, with its beautiful waterfront animated by bars and clubs, is a must for those who want to try the town's famous homemade ice creams. The old tonnara (tuna fishery) is located along the sea, a reminder of the importance of tuna fishing and processing, which has always been the nation's largest activity. The medieval centre of Pizzo stands on a tufa rock overlooking the water; some scholars think this is the reason for its name: in fact, the term 'pizzu' refers in dialect to the edge of a cliff. The Aragonese castle, also known as Murat Castle, is the symbol of the nation because Joachim Murat, King of Naples, was imprisoned and shot there in 1815.

For its spectacular natural scenery of cliffs, Mediterranean maquis and a fine, white sandy shore, Tropea is considered one of the most beautiful places on the coast. Ricadi, a lively agricultural centre at the foot of Mount Poro, is an ideal place for summer holidays. Besides the town, there are seven hamlets and two beautiful villages. From the terraces of Santa Domenica there is an impressive view of the Aeolian Islands. It is important to note the ancient town of Torre Marino and, in particular, the beautiful sea district of Capo Vaticano, whose cliffs represent Calabria. Here are the 10 most beautiful beaches in and around Tropea.

10. Tropea's beaches: Spiaggia della Rotonda or Le Roccette

Tropea's beaches: the Rotonda beach

The Rotonda beach in Tropea, Calabria, is among the most beautiful and popular. On the right is the San Leonardo rock, from which there is a beautiful view. The beach is both narrow and long and has facilities for relaxation such as deckchairs, parasols and sunbeds. The beach is located in front of Tropea Vecchia and to reach it you can do so via the Porta Nuova road or you can access it by descending the steps known as the 'carabibieri'. Definitely a must for the most beautiful beaches in Tropea.

9. The smallest beach in Tropea is the Cannone beach

Among the most beautiful beaches in Tropea, we must also include the Cannone beach. It is hidden by the San Leonardo rock and is located north of the tourist port of the seaside resort. Steps are the only way to get there from the tourist port's northern pier.

8. Convento beach: Tropea sea

Convento beach: Tropea sea

The Convento beach is undoubtedly the most famous beach in Tropea, named after an ancient convent above it. This is one of the largest and most popular beaches on the Tropean coast. It has a wonderful view that will leave you speechless and it has a free and private beach. Its seabed is deep and crystal clear, and its sand is fine and white. You can rent pedal boats or canoes on the Spiaggia del Convento to relax in the sea with your family or friends.

However, you should pay attention to the rocks that separate Spiaggia A Linguata from Spiaggia del Convento. These large stacks, called Message, are high and slowly dissolve into the turquoise sea water.

7. Isola Marina or Mare Piccolo Beach

The most beautiful beaches in Tropea: Marina dell'Isola beach

Named for the Church of Santa Maria dell'Isola that stands at the foot of the rock. From here you can also find the Palombaro cave, with a small beach inside with a unique atmosphere that you can reach by swimming from this very beach. The beach of 'Mari Picciulu', or Mare Piccolo, is located at the foot of the Santa Maria dell'Isola rock and the cliff of Tropea. It was named so to distinguish it from the western beach, known as Mare Grande, because it is wider and wider. Sandy deposits from the mouth of the Lumia stream and alluvial debris from the Tropean hills led to the formation of this beach in the second half of the 19th century. 

The waters of this stretch of coastline have a variety of hues that change harmoniously with each season. From the clear shimmering transparencies of the morning to the soft cobalt blue of the seabed at midday, while the shadows of the patrician palaces linger on the trembling waves that lap the pristine sandy shore like a turquoise veil.

6. A Linguata Beach

'A Linguata' is one of the largest beaches in Tropea. You can find it near the beach of Marina dell'Isola and it extends to the rocks called 'I Missaggi'. It is easily reached from the seafront. This beach has a wide white sandy shore and a mainly rocky seabed with beautiful marine flora. Tropea's Linguata beach is popular for snorkelling and scuba diving enthusiasts. For summer holidays, many young people choose the Calabrian coast because it offers a wide range of activities and entertainment to relax by the sea with friends. You can play beach volleyball and rent canoes and pedal boats. Although the beach is almost completely free, there are still bathing establishments where you can rent your swimming equipment.

The beach is called A Linguata, or tongue, because of its particular shape, narrow and long sandy shore that ends with the famous Grotta della Linguata. It is connected to the Grotta del Palombaro in Tropea and is located exactly under the rock of the island's sanctuary. The place is very romantic and perfect for couples' photos.

5. Tropea's most beautiful beaches: Spiaggia Passo del Cavaliere

Tropea's most beautiful beaches: Spiaggia Passo del Cavaliere

Together with the Convent beach, the Passo del Cavaliere beach, also known as Passo Cavalieri, is the longest and widest beach on the Tropean coastline. It is the ideal beach for those who love to dive. Fine sand, pebbles and rocks characterize this beach. Among the most beautiful beaches in Tropea, Cavaliere beach is located just below the cliff. It is one of the widest beaches in the area. By the sea, the white sandy shore has pebbles of various sizes. If you want to enjoy this beach with the utmost comfort, you can land at the Lido Tropical Tropea, an enchanting lounge on the Costa degli Dei where you can get lost during the day among the scents and sounds of the sea and immerse yourself during the evening in an enchanting atmosphere, enjoying the flavors and aromas of unique dishes. At Lido Tropical the cocktails are also excellent (you can taste them in the prestigious bar!).

Find out more about the Lido Tropical Tropea

4. L'Occhiale Beach

The l'Occhiale beach is located after the Passo del Cavaliere beach, precisely to its right. Due to its special position and the considerable difficulty in reaching it, this beach is little frequented. From here you can access the wonderful Grotta Azzurra, which has a unique shape and is carved out of a rock with blue reflections. Definitely to be included among the most beautiful beaches in Tropea, you will not regret reaching it.

3. The most beautiful beaches in and around Tropea: Pizzo and Piedigrotta beach

Piedigrotta beach is located just before the village, in the direction of Pizzo Calabro. It is so called because of a unique little church carved out of the rock in the last inlet, because there are actually three semi-circular beaches, all connected but separated by breakwaters. The sand is finer and lighter than those near Tropea. The beaches are free and poorly equipped and, in September, are almost completely deserted. The most convenient way to reach this place is via a paved path to the small church of Piedigrotta, carved into the rock. You can access a large free car park, which you will find along the road, 400 metres further on. The three small beaches are all very beautiful, with boats pulled out of the water and a small church in the rock behind them, and they should be included in our list of the most beautiful beaches in and around Tropea.

2. White beaches in Calabria: Parghelia, the Michelino beach

White beaches in Calabria: Parghelia, the Michelino beach

This beautiful white sandy beach, located on the Tyrrhenian coast of Calabria, just 3 km north of Tropea, is a hidden natural treasure that offers a unique experience. Parghelia is a small village on Calabria's Tyrrhenian coast famous for its beautiful beaches and crystal-clear sea. Michelino beach is one of the most popular beaches for tourists on the Tropean coast to spend a quiet day by the sea. It is one of Parghelia's hidden treasures and is rightfully among the most beautiful beaches in and around Tropea. At the end of the long flight of steps, you begin to appreciate this wonderful corner: as you descend, the view that opens up is extraordinary. It is an easy flight of steps and when you get to the beach, it is a wonder to enjoy the unspoilt nature of this place. You can find free parking spaces near the steps about 200 metres away.

1. The most beautiful beaches in and around Tropea: Spiaggia del Tono, Capo Vaticano

The beaches of Tropea and its surroundings: Tono beach

Tono Beach in Ricadi, Capo Vaticano can be reached by first driving along provincial road 22 and then along the Gordorello-Tono municipal road. It borders the striking cliffs of Capo Vaticano. It is a wide, long beach with soft pale sand. The sea is turquoise and crystal clear and the seabed quickly becomes deep due to exposure to sea currents. To access this incredible beach via sea or through the private and exclusive access of Borgo Donna Canfora, an exclusive resort that is also a great base for exploring the surroundings of Tropea and enjoying a relaxing vacation in the meantime. 

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