The Marche region, albeit small in size, offers a wide range of attractions that make it an unmissable destination of your trip to Italy. Natural beauties, priceless artistic treasures and works of human ingenuity await only to be discovered, to be admired and contemplated. So we have prepared a valuable list that will accompany you on this extraordinary adventure. Have a good trip!

1 - Mount Conero: overlooking the sea

Your tour in the Marche region starts "from above": in fact, the first stop is Monte Conero, in the province of Ancona, which with its 572 m above sea level juts majestically over the Adriatic Sea. Monte Conero offers an extraordinary spectacle with its overhangs and its cliffs "built by nature" with a particular limestone rock.

2 - Gradara Castle: following Dante's footsteps

Your journey continues in the name of "courtly love". In fact we are headed to Gradara to admire the magnificent castle that dominates the ancient medieval village with its size. Here, according to the Supreme Dante, the tragic love story between Paolo Malatesta and Francesca da Rimini took place. Open your heart, then, and handkerchiefs in your hand ...

3 - The Fonte Avellana monastery: on the traces of the ancient scribes

Your tour in the Marche region, under the banner of Dante Alighieri, continues with the Fonte Avellana Monastery, mentioned by the great poet in his Paradise. The monastery is located at the foot of Monte Catria, surrounded by luxuriant vegetation, and offers the visitor the opportunity to get to know the ancient monastic habits: the medieval scriptorium used by the scribe monks for their literary labors is unmissable.

4 - Recanati: at the home of Giacomo Leopardi

Your journey in the Marche continues under the banner of poetry and literature. In fact, we are now headed to Recanati, in the province of Macerata, a town that gave birth to the great Giacomo Leopardi. Here an interesting tour awaits you in the footsteps of the great poet, through the places that characterized his existence: the Tower of the Lonely Sparrow, the Piazzetta del Sabato del Villaggio, the Colle dell'Infinito and Palazzo Leopardi.

5 - The Red Blades: "a trip to America"

We remain in the province of Macerata, precisely near the lake of Fiastra, where you can admire a singular and fascinating natural spectacle. These are the so-called Red Blades, a particular phenomenon of erosion of the rocks which allows us to glimpse the iron substrate. The effect is very similar to that of the US Canyons. So are you ready for a stop in the "Marche region of America"?

6 - Pesaro: city of sea and culture

One of the unmissable destinations of your trip to the Marche region is certainly the city of Pesaro which offers numerous attractions to its visitors. Among these, one of the masterpieces of Contemporary Art, the famous Palla di Pomodoro, made in bronze by the sculptor Arnaldo Pomodoro. Pesaro is famous, however, also for its well-equipped coastline, which you can reach by bike thanks to its ultra-modern cycle paths. The Rossini Conservatory is the icing on the cake, dedicated to the famous musician who was born here.

7 - The Sanctuary of the Holy House of Loreto: the triumph of Faith

Next station of your trip is a place of extraordinary mysticism: the Sanctuary of the Holy House of Loreto. Here, in fact, inside the imposing basilica-fortress, the relic of the Holy House of Nazareth is preserved, where the Madonna was born and lived. As a fence to the precious memory, the splendid marble fence built by the great architect from the Marche Donato Bramante.

8 - The Frasassi Caves: the creative action of Nature

The next stop on your tour is Genga, in the province of Ancona. Here you can admire a more unique than rare sight. We refer to the Frasassi Caves, discovered in 1971. Here the action of nature was truly extraordinary, worthy of the best sculptors. In fact, the stalactites and stalagmites, "natural statues" formed over millions of years of limestone concretions are not to be missed.

9 - Fabriano: the city of paper

The city of Fabriano, the city of paper, must not be missing from your travel notebook. Famous all over the world for its renowned paper mills, Fabriano now also houses an interesting Museum of Paper and Watermark, where it is possible to retrace all the historical stages of this noble manufacturing activity. Do not forget, however, during your cultural tour, to also taste the delicious Fabriano salami!

10 - Urbino: the cradle of the Renaissance

Your adventure in the Marche must necessarily end with a thorough visit to the city of Urbino, a UNESCO heritage site, the cradle of the Italian Renaissance. Here you can admire, in fact, in the National Gallery of the Marches housed in the Palazzo Ducale dei Montefeltro, the masterpieces of the greatest artists of the time. And not only. Not to be missed is the Birthplace of Raphael, who was born right here, in the shadow of the Montefeltro.

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