Would you like to spend the cold season in a seaside resort? Discover the best 5 Italian islands to visit in autumn and winter.

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You can think that it is a heresy from "eccentric travel". Anyway, it is possible to visit the Italian sea and islands in autumn and winter. Also, just for a weekend, it is a perfect choice for eco-friendly tourism. You will have many surprises, save up and spend a zero-waste holiday. Here are 5 Italian islands to visit in autumn and winter for a wonderful holiday during the "coldest" period of the year.

Would you like to admire the extraordinary artistic masterpieces preserved in prestigious museums and magnificent archaeological sites during your engaging tour of beautiful Italian islands to visit in autumn and winter? If you are planning a wonderful autumn or winter holiday and you'll be in Central Italy, you could add a trip to Campania to your island itinerary. By purchasing the Naples Pass, you can also benefit from fantastic discounts at e-bike rental services and other affiliated activities.

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The most beautiful Italian islands to visit in autumn and winter

The most beautiful Italian islands to visit in autumn and winter

During autumn and winter, for travelers looking for adventures other than the usual, it's possible to search for the best Italian islands suitable for making the most of the cold season.

Visit Italy takes you on a journey to discover the 5 best Italian islands to visit in autumn and winter for your next travel destination. Let's discover them together! 

5. Ponza (Latium) among the best Italian islands to visit in autumn and winter

Ponza among the best Italian islands to visit in autumn and winter

Ponza is a small island in the province of Latina. The largest island of the Pontine Islands. It consists of 41 km of coasts riches in inlets, bays and cliffs, hidden by the typical Mediterranean vegetation, such as agave, cactus and brooms. It is a perfect choice if you want to get away from every day and enjoy some days of well-deserved relaxation.

In Autumn and Winter, you can enjoy its magnificent, empty beaches. However, stay for a few days. It will be possible to visit its most beautiful spots, such as Cala Felci, Chiaia di Luna, and Frontone

Fun fact: On the island have shoot 15 movies, among these Satyricon by Federico Fellini

Ponza is easily reachable by ferryboat from the seaports in Anzio, Terracina and Formia. In addition, considering the off-season, the ticket is lower than in Summer. 

4. Lampedusa (Sicily)

Lampedusa (Sicily): Italian islands to visit in autumn and winter

Lampedusa is the most oversized island of the Pelagie Islands. It is beloved for its white and sandy beaches (don't lose its Beach of Rabbits) and blue pool floor of the sea. The island, during its off-season, becomes the perfect destination for those who love nature and trekking, so it can be considered as a good choice among the Italian islands to visit during fall and winter. 

During Autumn and Winter, the weather is mild. So, you can enjoy long walks among the paths of its Area Marina Protetta, especially after you have eaten its delicious local culinary specialities. Into the park, the animals' lovers can meet and greet the Caretta Caretta turtles

The most popular path for trekking's lovers arrives in Cala Pulcino, into the Vallone della Forbice. It is one of the most fascinated and rich in flora. For those who love mountain bikes, instead, you can have fun racing on the circuitous Tabaccara's roads. 

Lampedusa is reachable by plane from the main Sicilian cities, like Palermo and Catania, by an hour flight. Or by boat ferry, travelling from Porto Empedocle for about 8 hours. To admire the enchanting landscapes of this island, you could embark on a marvelous boat tour along the coasts and cliffs of Lampedusa, snorkel, and try the thrilling stand-up paddleboard with a Visit Italy ticket.

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3. Asinara (Sardinia) among the best Italian islands to visit in autumn and winter

Asinara (Sardinia) among the best Italian islands to visit in autumn and winter

Asinara or Devil's Island is much more than a sea paradise, with cliffs, white sandy bays and crystal-blue water. In the past, the island was:

headquarters of a maximum-security prison during the years of lead,   a lazaret during the plague,a prison camp during the First World War. 

Nowadays, it houses a magnificent National Park, a reserve of local flora and fauna. Here, you must see the ex prisons' gardens, made by the prisoners between 1980 and 1981, with flowerbeds shaped like stars, birds and anchors decorated with red roses and geraniums. In particular, in Autumn and Winter, considering the pleasant weather, it is the perfect place and time for trekking. 

The island is reachable by boat ferry from Porto Torres or Stintino

Would you like to learn about the history, folklore, prehistoric environments, ancient traditions, and ancestral myths of the Sardinian people? Visit Italy ticket gives you access to the splendid park Sardinia in miniature.

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2. Ischia (Campania)

Ischia (Campania): Italian islands to visit in autumn and winter

Ischia is one of the islands of the Archipelago of Campania. You can enjoy it throughout the year because it offers not only a wonderful sea, but it is also famous for its thermal springs.

For example, in the area of Casamicciola, there is the oldest thermal centre in Italy. But also the Ischia Porto's themes are among the most equipped, comfortable and healthy, also during Autumn and Winter. Also many natural thermal springs of hot water, perfect for the coldest months. 

Autumn and Winter are also the best periods to do trekking on the island. Among the most favourite hikes the Mount Epomeo climbing: 790 meters above sea level, easy hiking and a breathtaking must-see landscape. 

Moreover, enjoying the quiet of the off-season, you can fully live the island. Visit its most beautiful spots, such as Aragon Castle, Guevara Tower, Forio, Sant'Angelo, etc. Also, in Autumn and Winter, the daily life of Ischia is very active and busy: bars and restaurants are open, and there is the cinema as well. 

Easily reachable by boat ferry from Naples. In addition, in the off-season, the ticket is lower than in Summer. Then, once on the island, considering its size, you can move by its buses, which work very well and are ecological. Explore the beautiful natural sceneries of the island of Ischia, reaching the main tourist attractions and tasting local specialities on an enthralling tour by ferry or hydrofoil taking advantage of the exclusive ticket offered by Visit Italy.

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1. Elba Island (Tuscany) among the best Italian islands to visit in autumn and winter

Elba Island (Tuscany) among the best Italian islands to visit in autumn and winter

Elba Island is the largest one of the seven islands of the Tuscany Archipelago, rich in natural and landscaped treasures. It is one of the most wished Summer destinations, but it gives the best of itself, especially in the off-season. 

Its warm Autumn offers still the possibility to swim on its coast and to have boat trips for reaching its mysterious bays. While during its might Winter, you can enjoy long walks into nature, admiring closely the wonderful Mount Capanne covered by the snow and the panorama of whitewashed Corsica on the horizon. 

In particular, Autumn and Winter are the perfect seasons to know the local history. You can go on the traces of Napoleon, discovering the places where he spent his last days of life in isolation. Or discover its Etruscan past by the ruins of their hovers for iron reduction. Moreover, don't forget its wine tradition, which has roots in the Roman Empire and goes on till nowadays. Many hotels on the island propose to their guests Elba's wine tours. 

Are you passionate about nature, ecosystem conservation, and tropical species? Add a stage in Livorno to your exciting tour. Visit Italy has reserved an exclusive ticket for readers of its articles and columns to explore the wonders of marine and oceanic habitats in its magnificent aquarium with the option called Skip the Queue.

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