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The Island

Why will you choose the island of Lampedusa for a holiday? From May to September, the island hosts tourists who seek a place that unites the sea, relaxation, respect for the environment and nature, and hospitality

Lampedusa is the island synonymous with hospitality and turtles; In the small town, where the two ports are present (the old and new ones), many hotels, supermarkets, and shops represent, with the famous via Rome, the center of the movement and the island's trade. Outside the city center, there are many beaches and bays (Cala Pulcino, Mare Morto that is the Dead Sea, Cala Creta), but the most famous is the Rabbit beach, not only because of its beauty but also because it is a place chosen by turtles to nest; the territory is protected by Legambiente which monitors access. the beach opens at 8.30 and closes at 7.30 p.m., no one is allowed to stay in the area at night. The marine turtles’ Recovery Center shall be visited free of charge and shall be an institution to be proud of thanks to the work of the volunteers.

The Sea of Lampedusa

If you choose boat excursions, you can admire the clearest waters of the island, such as Tabaccara, known as the natural swimming pool of the island, which lies next to the rabbit beach. Tabaccara is known, especially in Eastern countries, such as the Fly Boats Bay, in fact, seeing the bay from the cliff, from the top, it seems as if the water was gone and the boats anchored below were flying.

What to eat in Lampedusa


Every sunset in Lampedusa is breathtaking, and it is ideal to enjoy it drinking a cocktail and eating something.

Here we need to open a parenthesis on the cooking of Lampedusa, and in particular on the history and innovations of the Trattoria-Pescheria Azzurra. Born as a family fish farm, good fresh fish is always available, at zero miles production. Then there is the room for the restaurant, in a veranda with tables and music background, at street Rome. The cuisine is made of fish and offers dishes that are the fruit of the ancient Sicilian culinary tradition passed on from generation to generation. All products are carefully prepared according to their original home recipes to tasting fragrances and flavorings from past times. On the other hand, the innovation consists of the Fish Arancini, prepared in ten unique types and fried on the spot. The central location, the genuine cooking, the variety of the menu make the Trattoria-Pescheria Azzurra a great choice to savor Sicily's flavors both with family and friends at any time

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We recommend