The island of Ischia, the largest island in the Gulf of Naples, has many hot springs of thermal and hyperthermal water and thanks to its fumaroles, it has always attracted not only tourists in the modern era but also the ancient world at the dawn of civilisation.

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ISCHIA, known for thousands of years for its natural phenomena

Ischia, an island of volcanic origin has been known for its hot springs since the dawn of civilisation: from Homer onwards, poets, geographers, historians, naturalists and doctors (Timaeus, Ephorus, Pliny the Elder, Strabo) often spoke of Ischia as having such interesting natural phenomena and at the same time frequent volcanic telluric manifestations.

Even today, due to the intense volcanic activity of the now extinct Epomeo (which, according to the most approximate estimates, is about 2.5 million years old) and submarine craters, the island now has about 103 hot springs and 69 fumaroles (cracks and holes in the craters that emit hot steam).

ISCHIA, an open-air spa


Ischia attracts millions of tourists from all over the world for its unique thermal baths. When we think of spas, we normally have the image of a closed building where you can have the so-called thermal treatments.

Ischia provides the classic thermal treatment service in the hundreds of hotels with ASL (Italian Health Service Association) conventions on the island. However, the great wealth of the island of Ischia are the thermal parks, where you can find thermal water pools surrounded by lush gardens.

Moreover, there are some beaches where you can find hot water in the sea such as Cartaromana, Sorgeto, Citara and San Montano. 

Particularly at Sorgeto, you can find hot water directly in the sea: you have to be careful because, on the shore, the water is so hot that you could get burned!

In many places of the island, it is possible to make a natural mud mask by rubbing volcanic stones and thermal water. If you don't like the idea of DIY, you can also buy creams based on thermal water. Visit Italy recommends Ischia Beauty, a company with over ten years of experience. 

ISCHIA, cosmetics with thermal waters

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In Ischia, thermal waters are not only used in the pools and establishments for mud and balneotherapy: they are the basic ingredient of Ischia's cosmetics. Visit Italy recommends an excellent company: Ischia Beauty. 

Ischia Beauty
is the result of decades of experience in the field of thermal cosmetics, a great asset for Ischia and for Italy.

Ischia Beauty has chosen to combine tradition with highly effective innovation. Thanks to its complex volcanic origin, the island of Ischia has one of the richest and most interesting hydrothermal heritage in the world. After careful study of the therapeutic properties of thermo-mineral waters, Ischia Beauty has chosen a hyperthermal (70°C) salt-sulphate-alkaline-earthy water for its products.

There are various mechanisms through which this water carries out its action. Heat, pH, radioactivity and chemical-physical composition: the company has improved the cosmetic treatment of this water, combining it with phytoextracts capable of attenuating or correcting the most profound imperfections, preventing skin ageing and ensuring the maintenance of shape and beauty.


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