Rome is unique, limitless, welcoming, exciting. Here 10 things to do when you are in the Eternal City

1. Walking along the Tiber

1. The Tiber, the river that crosses Rome and flows to the sea, is the witness of many events that happened in Rome. Walking along the Tiber, where lights, buildings, bridges, and statues (it stands out Saint Angel Castel with the Angels’ bridge made by Bernini) reflect on its water, you will feel like singing or listening to a typical roman song.

2. Put your hand inside the Mouth of Truth


According to the legend, the Mouth of Truth could bite the hand of liars.

The ancient mask became famous all over the world thanks to the movie Roman Holyday (1953) with A. Hepburn and G. Peck, which is on the wall of the pronaos of Santa Maria in Cosmedin. 

3. Eating the Carbonara

3. If you are in Rome, you must eat the Carbonara! There are many restaurants and trattorias in every corner of the city where you can taste the real Carbonara (the ingredients are pecorino, cheek lard, pepper, and eggs).

4. Shopping time in via dei Condotti and Via del Corso


Via dei Condotti is the paradise of luxury shopping in Rome. From Spagna square, there is a succession of luxurious made in Italy shop windows and others.

Via del Corso, indeed, is always full of families and young people because the shops here are cheap.

5. The Campo de' Fiori open-air market


Here, every morning, there is the well-known open-air market of Rome where you can buy and taste fresh fruits, vegetables and much more. Its name would derive from Flora, the lover of Emperor Pompeo, or from flowers and plants that entirely covered the square in the 15th century. In the middle, there is the statue of Giordano Bruno. 

6. The nightlife in Trastevere


Trastevere is one of the most ancient districts of Rome. Indeed, there is a debate with the Rione Monti about the most ancient and authentic district of Rome.

Trastevere with its stony streets, the lit alleys, the squares, restaurants, and pubs, is the place to enjoy the roman nightlife.

7. Coming up the Pinco's Terrace

During sunset, coming up the Pincio’s Terrace (over Piazza del Popolo) and you enjoy an amazing view with Saint Peter’s dome, Mount Mario on the right, and the Quirinale Hill on left. You can access the Pincio from the ramps of Piazza del Popolo; from Viale di Villa Medici that connects the terrace to the Church and the steps of Trinità dei Monti.

8. Scenic tour on an open air bus

You can also visit Rome with a panoramic tour on an open-air bus. In this way, you will see the most important places and monuments of this city from the top!

9. Visit the museums, the churches and the archeological sites

Today it’s easy to arrive in Rome but it seems difficult to plan your roman tour because this city has so many things to see and to do. First, plan your stay day by day: if you visit The Saint Peter’s Church, then you must go to The Vatican Museums since they are close. 

10. Walking along the Appian Way

This is the most ancient and known roman way, the Regina Viarum: the Appian Way was born at the end of the 4th century. By foot or on the bike, traveling along the basolato (pavement slabs, consisting of huge blocks of volcanic basalt), you will breath fresh air and admire lots of trees, villas, catacombs, and a part of the Aurelian Walls.

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