Do you have a free weekend or little time on your hands? Spend 2 days in Rome with us, discovering the essentials of the eternal city.

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What to see in Rome in two days, you may think you can't grasp the secrets. Instead, you'll be thrilled with this guide on all the things to see in Rome in 2 days.

Famous for its history, monuments and great beauty, Rome in 48 hours has so many things to discover, from the Vatican Museums and Sistina Chapel to the Colosseum, the Imperial Forums and Villa Borghese Gallery, it offers a plenty of places to visit during a weekend in Rome. But having little time, you have to make choices. What should and can be seen in 2 days in Rome?

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What to visit in Rome in 2 days

2 days in Rome in 48 hours

What to see in two days in Rome? In a city with 28 centuries of history, it is difficult to choose the must see during a roman weekend, but with us you will discover Rome in 48 hours. Our itinerary is built to discover the most famous roman attractions using the opportunity given by Visit Rome Pass, a tool to carry with you to make the most of your two days trip in the Eternal City.

What to see in two days in Rome? Thanks to our guide, you can get an idea of what to visit in Rome in two days. With more than 50 top attractions and activities to do, including the entrance to the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel, and the unlimited use of all public transportation on Rome circuit to not waste time in the traffic, Rome Visit Pass is the best solution to visit Rome in 48 hours easily.

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Day 1: What to see in Rome in two days. Colosseum, Imperial Forum and Ancient Rome

What to see in Rome in two days: the Colosseum

9:00 am. We start with what to visit in Rome in two days from one of the new seven wonders of the world, the biggest ancient amphitheatre ever built and despiste the time it is still the biggest standing amphitheatre in the world, the Colosseum with more then 7 million visitors for year is a must to see during a trip in Rome n 48 hours. The Flavian Amphitheatre, better known as Colosseum, was built in traditional roman travertine limestone and is located in the old town of the eternal city, during the Roman era it was used as a stadium for the gladiators battles and as a theatre for drama shows ispired by the Roman Mythology. Symbol of the city of Rome in the world, Colosseum, even though partially damaged during the centuries by earthquakes and looting, is still an iconic monument of the Roman Empire, a legenday place celebrated in many movies over the years.

12:00 noon. We continue with what to see in Rome in two days by moving west of the Colosseum. For over a millennium, the Roman Forum was the centre of the world, the most famous place of power in history. Located in the valley between Palatine and Capitoline hills, the Forum is part of the archeological site of Colosseum and by visiting its ruins of religious temples, political palaces and economic buildings it is possible to admire the magnificient of Roman Empire history layered over the centuries.

18:00 hours. We end the first day of 2 days in Rome by leaving you the rest of the day can be spent to continue the discovery of ancient Rome exploring for exemple the Capitoline Museums, which collects the oldest archeological finds of roman era, or the baths of Caracalla, one of the most beautiful and well preserved example of roman thermal architecture. Otherwise the Ara Pacis Museum, made by the archistar Richard Meyer, which hosts one of the most precious archeological treasures, the altar of sacrifices for peace of Augustus era, or the Imperial Forum Museum located in the Markets of Trajan, an ancient roman building on the slopes of the Quirinal hill.

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Day 2: Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel and other museums to experience Rome in 2 days

Rome in 48 hours: St Peter's Basilica

9 a.m. The second day of Rome in 48 hours starting from the Vatican Museums. With over 5 million visitors in 2022, Vatican Museums is the second most visited museum in the world thanks to the wonderful masterpieces hosted in their 24 exhibition halls. By visiting their rooms and galleries it is possible to admire famous artworks made by Giotto, Leonardo da Vinci, Caravaggio and other iconic painters and sculptors.Vatican Museums are also famous all over the world to be the place where to see the Sistina Chapel, painted by Michelangelo with its decorated ceiling and the altar wall with the masterpiece The Last Judgment and the Stanze di Raffaello, decorated by Raphael, with the iconic The School of Athen.

12 noon. Also the Saint Peter’s Basilica deserves a visit with the great dome designed by Michelangelo, the Bernini's furnishings such as the Baldacchino, and the sculptures which decorated the aisles of the church, one of these is the famous the Pietà made by Michelangelo. Saint Peter square is the main entrance to the Vatican City, the papal enclave in Rome, with the Doric colonnades by Gian Lorenzo Bernini which adorn the square.

18:00 hours. In the late afternoon there are plenty of opportunities to continue to explore the artistic heritage of the city using Visit Rome Pass in one of the beautiful museums dedicated to the glorious era of roman baroque, such as the National Gallery of Ancient Art in Palazzo Barberini and Palazzo Corsini or the majestic Villa Giulia which hosted the National Etruscan Museum. Otherwise Villa Borghese, the biggest park of the city center, hosts one of the most popular italian museum, the Galleria Borghese, with the great masterpieces made by Caravaggio, Bernini and Canova.

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Rome in 48 hours: the essentials, things to see in Rome in 2 days

Rome in 2 days: the ancient ruins

In short, we have shown you that you can visit Rome in two days. Sure you'll have to make choices and you won't be able to capture the nuances of this incredible city, but you can get a taste that will make you want to return. 

To recap, here's what we think you can't miss in 2 days in Rome

- Colosseum
- Imperial Forums
- Ancient Rome
- Sistine Chapel
- Vatican Museums

Only have two days to visit Rome? Here is an exciting and memorable itinerary for those who want to explore the city's most important sights in a short time. Know that by purchasing the visit Rome Pass, you can enjoy unlimited use of urban transport and free tickets and discounts for museums.

The tour starts from the most famous and imposing monument of the ancient city, formerly known as the Flavian Amphitheatre, better known as the Colosseum, with a capacity equal to that of a modern football stadium (60-80 thousand seats) and about 50 metres high, used for more than four centuries for high-impact performances. For a more complete visit, you can also add the underground and the third circle, from which you can enjoy exceptional views. We continue into the archaeological area (entrances: Via di San Gregorio, Via Sacra and Largo della Salara Vecchia) of the Palatine Hill, where the ruined imperial residences are located and overlook the Circus Maximus, which then descends into the Forum Valley.

On the second day, you cannot miss a visit to the Sistine Chapel, the magnificent St Peter's Basilica and the Vatican Museums. All so you can visit Rome in 48 hours.

Remember that if you are short on time, the ideal way to save money and energy is to choose a city pass such as Visit Rome Pass 48h, that has everything included, including public transportation.

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